Staying in the moment

is going back

September 2017 Mushrooms 006

and taking that photo

right then and there.

There’s lots of talk about “staying in the moment,” but for me and my busyness, it’s more a matter of returning to the moment.  I nearly missed this photo two weeks ago when a colorful mushroom caught my eye but I accidentally ran it over with the lawnmower before getting a photo.  I was given a second chance this week. 

Most of the photos I take are surprises from nature.  Too often I’ve regretted not having my camera in these exact moments.  Now, I always throw my camera in my bag before a drive.  And when I see something that speaks to me, I stop, pull over, or turn around if necessary and return to that moment.  The photo preserves the pleasure.


2 Replies to “Rewind”

  1. And what beautiful photos you share!

    Striving to keep my life more simple, and growing reliance on technology in check, I haven’t transitioned to putting my life on a phone. (I use only the most basic type and only for emergencies.) My life seemed less complicated before technology began to rule, however, I do see some of the benefits, though, as you have noted. 🙂


  2. Even though I may have my point and shoot camera with me in the car, it is my phone camera that gets the call (no pun intended) as it is at the ready much easier than a “real” camera to get the shot. And the reason why I bought the phone. 🙂


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