Spring, Life’s New Start!

yellow tulipMissed starting over for the New Year, like so many do?  Don’t feel bad.  It may have been Day 1 on the calendar, but Mother Nature begins anew with Spring.  You can too.

Becoming more aware of the paradoxes of life while studying the Tao, I suppose it’s not so unusual that I occasionally rant about technology addiction.  Afterall, it’s the antithesis of nature (and of growing concern to me).  So, if you’re among the trapped “millions” who bought into technology to have the latest and greatest, be like your friends, were attracted by “convenience,” or became hooked on virtual life rather than “living” your real one, you already know how crummy you feel.  Be honest.  (If you don’t know or believe that technology is addictive, ask your Smartphone for the answer.)

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I’m not completely kicking technology in the butt.  I admit, there are “some” conveniences and I realize even flowers need rain.  But, I also see how easily the technological scales tip to losing one’s self (not just through identity theft either), a sense of community, and an appreciation of nature while adding stresses like being hacked, internet bullying, lost privacy, constant interruption and distraction, unrefreshing sleep, increased onset of macular degeneration, mood impairment, etc., etc. purple tulip(Isn’t that enough?)

Yes, it takes courage to change, to not follow the crowd, and the only one who can do it is you.  If you want to de-stress and take back control of your life (and mind) this recent article will help.  Remember, only in the dark can you see the light.  It’s time to turn over a new leaf — it’s Spring!


March 20 Second Stage


Stop the technology virus from mutating the human brain and natural living.  In 2014, there were 420 million internet addicts.  In 2012, 84% of the population couldn’t go a day without their phone.  What do you think the numbers are now?


2 Replies to “Spring, Life’s New Start!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your personal experience — both of the wasted tech time, and how much less stressed you feel by making the effort to pull back. As you can guess, I still hand write personalized cards and notes to friends (e-mail is my sole tech tool) and read books by turning real pages. 🙂 As an avid gardener, you know full well the joys and peace nature provides. Hopefully others will be willing to trade some tech time for silence in nature.


  2. Wonderful, important post.
    You know this is on my mind a lot these days, too. I now have weekends, or Fri-Mon, free of social media. I’m posting a lot less on social media so that there’s not that addictive urge (shiny red notifications) to pull me back. I’m keeping up with friends more through text/emails—I know that’s not tech-free, but it’s more personal than social media. I have put more time into my blog, my writing (my work😃), reading, and nature. It’s amazing how much time gets frittered, or twittered! Plus I am much more at peace.


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