Good Morning Mother Nature

One of my favorite morning activities is walking through the garden discovering what’s bloomed then cutting a basket full of flowers to become a bouquet.  Focusing solely on colors, textures and scents quiets my mind while the warming sun and cooling breeze brushing my skin soothes my HSP spirit.

Mother Nature offers this gentle good morning to anyone taking time to appreciate her splendid gifts.  Try meditating while creating a morning bouquet and see how you feel.  Refreshed?  Focused?  Rewarded?  At peace?  Grateful?


A bit overly ambitious this morning, I now have three bouquets to grace my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.   How I love this time of year!



7 Replies to “Good Morning Mother Nature”

  1. Sadly, I’ve had less pleasant gardening days this season due to extreme temps, humidity and yes, mosquitoes, gnats, and black flies. But, I’d still take the sunshine over the cold any day.

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  2. Having colorful bouquets throughout my home and the garden alive in color always keeps my spirits high. Perhaps we should switch places at different times of the year so we could both enjoy more flowers year-round! 🙂

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