The Ups and Downs of Life

raindrops on pink rose buds
Image by silviarita from Pixabay


Rain clouds

help flowers grow.

Why should life experiences be any different?


Learning through Grief
I began this post before the untimely loss of my best friend — Bess my beloved 14 1/3 year old border collie.  Acceptance soothes my broken heart when acknowledging this will happen to each and everyone of us and everyone we love, that this behest of time is a transformation of life. I continue learning through my loss of Bess…such as doing what I can then letting go, and the power of thought and perspective. I anticipate sharing more from time to time on insights gained through this experience…

“All of life’s experiences are to be either enjoyed or learned from.”

— Alan Cohen

Bess gave me both.

I am curious to know how you process grief. A sage shared this short (18 minute) video with me. Hopefully, you will benefit as well — not just in a time of need.

In Loving Memory of Bess-1

12 Replies to “The Ups and Downs of Life”

  1. I’ve shared my experience of losing a beloved furry family member. It still stings, but at least now we can remember and laugh about his quirky personality and funny things he did like sling water everywhere after a bath. Feel what you feel. 💚

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  2. Yes, I have come to understand over the years, and much through the Tao, that death is indeed just another part of the circle of life and, therefore, more of a transformation than finality. Still, I cannot say my heart does not ache as Bess and I shared so much together…but it eases with time and as I shift my focus from loss to the joy she gave me.


  3. Nothing about life is permanent. You must go through all the stages of grief. But knowing death is just a part of the circle of life, can help deal with death.

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