September tugs at August

October overshadows September.

Leaves falling in August

a premature ejaculation of autumn

leaves one unfulfilled

and looking to September

for more.

More warmth, more comfort,

a lingering embrace

to hold on

to the moments of bliss.

As an adult, I love September

and August too.

It’s just too soon

to feel this cool

like the afterglow

dissipating before daylight,

or a lover


closing the door.

September, where are you

in October’s shadow?

The tomatoes are as green

as my naiveté

the scarce flowers

say goodbye…

It’s too soon to feel this cool.

Sadness hangs in the air

like unripened fruit,

July leaves gyrating brown,

their youth lost

before prime.

 Not ready




Summer is over

before full bloom —

the whirlwind pursuit

with lackluster end.

Dramatic photo of imposing clouds at sunset over lonely landscape

10 Replies to “Anon”

  1. The essay is part of a larger WIP project that I’m hoping to get published. I’d be honored and happy to share it with you via email. I can send it out in a couple of days if you would like to read it. This essay is approximately 7-8 pages long.

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  2. Hmmm, no wonder Asheville has been calling me. Sounds soothing and regenerating. And the mountains seem to be in my genes — whether from Scotland or northern US. ‘Would love to read your essay…perhaps you’ll post it?

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  3. All of WNC is breathtakingly beautiful. I love the mountains. Love to hike. So peaceful and quiet. Wildflowers and trees and rivers. And THE WATERFALLS!! Blue Ridge Parkway. Mountains to Sea Trail. The vistas! The mountains ❤️.
    Asheville has great food (vegan and vegetarian everywhere) and coffeehouses. Street music; someone playing on every corner. Lots of used and Indy bookstores. Folks are more relaxed and move at a slower pace. The overall atmosphere, I guess. Both nature and man-made. I feel at peace in Asheville. It must be the call of the mountains. I wrote an essay about this for the Orion at Omega Workshop.

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  4. Are we ever ready to let go? I’ve rushed summer all summer, and now as we are nearing the end I realize how much I’ll miss real garden tomatoes and cucumbers. We just returned from Asheville today. It was already feeling like fall there. I love “sadness hangs in the air like unripened fruit.”

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