Nature Teacher: Hanging On…and Letting Go

This little guy was hanging on to my window for the last month. He didn’t want to let go. But I knew he would when the time was right.

window leaf 001BC

I didn’t want to post this photo right away. It made me think about my brother who, only days before, told me his quadruple heart bypass failed. With 30% heart function, I didn’t know how long he could hang on. Strange, the things we think about or tell ourselves when dealing with death and stressful events. Perhaps that fantasy thinking is part of bargaining — if I do this, then that will occur…or we’re fearful to do certain things as if it’s a bad omen.

The little leaf has left my window. And this week my brother left his life here on earth.

Autumn trees reflected in a pond with a memorial to my big brother





10 Replies to “Nature Teacher: Hanging On…and Letting Go”

  1. Thank you so much for your kindness. I’m a few pages into the Tibetan Book on Living and Dying — also recently recommended, but I welcome any and all sources of understanding and comfort. Intellectually, I do recognize death as transformation but my heart, well that’s another story.

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  2. My sincere condolences again. Joan Didion wrote a book after her husband died and while caring for her hospitalized daughter. The title is The Year of Magical Thinking. It’s a very good book on grief and death. I found it relatable and helpful after I experienced a series of close losses. If you haven’t read it, maybe at some point you may want to check it out. Holding you in my heart and thoughts. xx

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  3. Yes, I keep trying to focus on that. He’s suffered so much and for so long…I had been praying that he would not suffer unnecessarily and for peace. I was reminded my prayer was answered… If you do find something on the soul knowing when to go, I would still love to read it. Thank you, wholeheartedly.


  4. Thank you, Buddy. How do you know “The soul knows when to go?” Somewhere in my grief I found a similar sentiment on the internet but can’t seem to find it again. I would like to learn more about this as it helps me process the grief. Any more info/direction you can offer would be most appreciated.


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