Collections of Recollections

Wrapping up porcelain plates in newspaper to protect for moving
Protecting porcelain plates in newspaper for moving


Boxes of newspaper wrapped dishes,

and shielded glass in picture frames

reminds me

I’ve resided here for half my life.


More frequent moving in more youthful days

not needed or necessarily desired —

right now.

Unless I could turn my back

and be there


without sorting through stuff.

Taking only recollections with me

in the boxes of my mind.

Woman's hand pulling back clothes on rack to see dress
Original photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Thumbing through stored clothes

my consciousness wanders

through seasons…styles…

Is this too vintage?

Is there vintage vintage — like my racy aunt’s 1940’s blazer that I’ve preserved for another 40 years…

…or my mother’s creepy high heels that mimicked the Wicked Witch of the West’s?

Time periods,


come running back

like a long ago lover

I’ve forgotten to miss.

Each dress recreates a juncture,

a feeling,

that I don’t want to discard…

doing so feels too dementia-like.

Protective plastic covers up

confectionery scenes —

that captured job interview,

unforgettable party,

spellbinding date…

Colored photographs hanging above colored clothes on a rack
Photo by Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash


a lifetime of memories


in the closet

of my mind.


2 Replies to “Collections of Recollections”

  1. Yes, those shoes use to scare my brother and me, taking us right back to the Wicked Witch scene in the Wizard of Oz with her toes curling under the house. Shudder.

    It’s taken me nearly 6 years since my Mom’s death to begin any clearing out. Knowing I would also like to downsize in home and property, it will still be a formidable task no matter when it occurs. So, I am at least attempting little by little, like a day at a time, to let go, but still saving the best of memories for now…

    Best of luck in your efforts. It seems when it’s out of sight — via attic or basement, it accumulates more easily. 🙂

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  2. Those shoes! How cool are they?!? I can see how they look like Wicked Witch shoes. I have so much stuff tucked/packed away everywhere. We’ve been cleaning our attic for years now. I wonder why I feel compelled to keep it all, but then I know—like your post—each thing holds a memory. And memories are all I have of some. It’s hard to let go. Still, little by little, I am. Because—it’s just too much stuff.

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