It Just so Happens…All Roads Lead to Home

The Elements as Allies — hmm, I wondered what I was getting into this week when serendipitously participating in this formal discussion. Uncertain where this topic would lead, my curiosity surfed the wave of energy surging through my life lately. Opening commentary — how critical Mother Nature’s elements are to our life force. Earth, fire, water, air — are our life force. I was on board. ‘Sounds like a simple natural law but sadly forsaken. (To be continued…perhaps on Earth Day.)

We meditated on merging with water. I could see an all-encompassing bluest of blue sea, feel its massaging push and pull, and the color, that exquisitely pure turquoise that mesmerizes my eyes and pierces my soul. Quickly, I felt its far reaching capacity had no beginning or end, that each body of water — oceans, seas, bays, rivers, streams merge with each other until its vastness becomes   one. There is no end. It is no different in humanity (or life). Each may appear different or separate but whether warmed in daylight sun or glistening in dazzling moonlight, both are beautiful. Both are one.

Mother Nature and the Tao teach me “oneness” — as seasons merge from one into the other or taijitu depicts two opposing yet complementary halves not as two halves, but as one.

Learning the group’s discussion was based on Sandra Ingerman‘s work with  strong ties to hand drumming and reconnecting with nature, was no surprise her information found its way to me. There is no doubt in my mind that all paths I’ve traveled thus far led me here.

Likewise, the natural beauty of the Turks & Caicos has allured me for years.

When many people see photos of the beaches and lagoons of the Turks and Caicos, they believe that the water in the images must have been edited. In actuality the ocean is typically far more vivid when seen in person.

When finally making travel plans to this long-awaited destination, I hadn’t forecasted the trip would morph into a winter ebb, a spiritual retreat you could say. Since the bookend deaths of Bess and my brother I’ve longed for quiet solitude where I can more deeply process six months of profound change. Hopefully the magically soothing turquoise waters will fit the bill when I arrive today.

In the fascinating beauty of nature I feel the sacredness of oneness.  And as with the Tao, and as with the vast oceans and seas, there is no beginning and there is no end.

Globe sitting on the sand in front of the ocean reflecting the clouds and sand (upside down)
Original photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Feature photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels

9 Replies to “It Just so Happens…All Roads Lead to Home”

  1. Oh I know someone called Tao, nice chap, lives in Lammas. As for the word proponent, you’re learning me, as I had to look the word up (and now I know). Underneath it all, I believe that people are innately kind, but that worryingly, the media and violent games and “popular” opinions are programming them.

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  2. Not sure my phone is a smart one, it’s probably got the potential, but that I bought it second hand and use it like it’s a (wait for it and till you hear the end of the drum roll) phone.

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  3. Ah, but to clarify for me, going with the flow is not about popular opinion. It is the flow of the Tao, or Universe, or God, or Love, or whatever you may choose to call a power greater than yourself. It is a positive energy. Heaven forbid, I should ever go with “popular” opinion…I detest social media (group think) and am not a proponent of the “smart”phone.

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  4. Gulp! I’m not keen on the saying “Go with the flow” in fact I personally find it a bit upsetting. For I see my beloved niece holding up a placard she made for a protest against climate change, that reads [Only dead fish go with the flow]. Sometime we have to be the elders that show the newbies how to be salmon, to go against the currents of what is popular opinion. Love swims upstream.

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  5. The boiled down definition of serendipity or even synchronicity for me is a guiding hand from the Universe, or God, or whatever you may want to call a power greater than yourself. It’s all quite magical when I live consciously and go with the flow of what is presented to me. The saying I like is “There are no coincidences.” 🙂

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  6. Sometimes word people take for granted and the combinations of them capture me in thought. As yes I’ve heard of the word serendipity, listened to a TED talk all about it and get the understanding of it, but now to process and think upon the combination of ‘serendipitously participating’. Sounds like the [Yes Man] film or the time of being last minute invited to participate in a small gathering of “Reclaim Love” in a small town centre, giving out [FREE HUGS] and enjoying the experience. Thank you for these inspiring words ‘serendipitously participating’ (and an interesting read of the rest).

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  7. Thank you, kind friend. FYI, I also began reading The Year of Magical Thinking on the plane. Thanks for recommending it to me. We’ll see what the group discussion brings when I return. For the record, Ingerman’s drumming is vastly different than the Afro-Cuban rhythms my drum circle is based upon…but I believe they both journey to the heart.

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