Nature’s Natural Antidepressant

Going to the beach may not be a bad idea if proper distancing can be maintained, but this post is about our lovable pets — in and out of the coronavirus quarantine.

I am an unabashed, self-proclaimed Dog Lover. That’s Capital D, Capital L. Still missing my beloved Bess, and more than ever during this pandemic, I long for the phenomenal comfort only a pet can provide. Besides her love and sense of humor, I miss Bessie’s joyfulness for life. Her translation of shelter in place would undoubtedly mean endless adventures, Frisbee and gardening time! I can feel her enthusiasm even in sweet memory, and tears still fall from the tender hole in my heart.

Tendrils of canine yearning began in February when discovering Potcake Place during my Turks & Caicos adventure. Completely run by volunteers, this puppy shelter offers outsiders the opportunity to walk and hold the puppies. People line up before 10AM for the chance to savor some love. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like holding a puppy or puppy breath. (Dog lovers know what I mean. Cat lovers maybe not so much.) The purpose isn’t to entertain tourists but to socialize the pups. What an awesome idea! Of course, Potcake Place also hopes you will courier a pup or better yet, adopt.

I hadn’t actively been seeking Bess’ successor at that time, thinking I’d use the chasm of emptiness to honor her memory and travel more. But, then the coronavirus came along cancelling my spring walking tour in the Cotswolds, and heightening my craving for canine companionship. (I do have a cat but it’s not quite the same to me. Sorry cat lovers.)

Now, friends and I circulate canine videos more often to give our coronavirus spirits a lift. I’ve also learned an abundance of dogs now need adoption or fostering due to the coronavirus. 

Whether you do or don’t have a dog, cat, horse, bird, bunny, or any other pet, may you celebrate the comfort, love and joy these special creatures so generously offer. Support a shelter, adopt or foster if you can, and mark your calendar for National Pet Day on Saturday, April 11th this year.

Here’s more than a dozen places to show the love. Feel free to add your favorites here too:

  1. American Humane COVID Relief Fund – Feed the Hungry Fund for abandoned animals
  2. Stay Home and Foster – 2-6 week emergency fosters needed
  3. The Animal Rescue Siteclick for free to feed
  4. Best Friends Animal Society – national no-kill sanctuary for companion animals
  5. Clear the Shelters – nationwide pet adoption drive
  6. – take the quiz to find a good match for you (and matches of course)
  7. National Mill Dog Rescue – rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes discarded breeding dogs
  8. American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – promotes kind and respectful treatment of animals
  9. Cheltenham Animal Shelter – urgent care appeal in UK due to the corona virus
  10. Borders Pet Rescue – finds loving homes for abandoned and unwanted pets in the UK
  11. Maruthy Dog Shelter – gives handicapped, injured, old and abandoned dogs a home in India
  12. Gouves Animal Shelter – provides care and protection for stray and injured animals in Crete
  13. Rescue Me –  international map of breeds and animals available for adoption

Remember, they never forget us.

Photo of a smiling black/white border collie with the inscription

10 Replies to “Nature’s Natural Antidepressant”

  1. I totally agree, Sue. Our four legged friends are the best — what gifts we have been given…if humanity would only appreciate them enough to realize how much we can learn from them…. I do have a cat who came along a few years after Bess. While it’s not quite the same as having the companionship of a dog, I know it would feel very empty without her.

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  2. Just beautiful Animals are one of the greatest healers and uplift us .. I am petless at the moment but a neighbours cat has taken to visiting us daily, I am sure he has been sent… He has even followed us when we walk to the allotment plot and comes and finds us there… All four legged friends are just the best.. 😀

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  3. And how could you not? Yes, dogs are a bit higher maintenance which has kept me holding back (temporarily at least). On one hand, a dog would be wonderful comfort during these strange times. But, on the other hand, I know it would be a distraction (loving one at that) for all the projects I’ve had on the back burner for too, too long and am finally catching up on in this down time. Still, I can’t imagine never having another dog. I know the one I’m meant to have will come into my life at the right time. 🙂

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  4. I had dogs growing up, and loved them. But they are a bit higher maintenance than my grown up life wanted to tackle. However, I’ve had cats most of my adult life, two sister cats for 191/2 years! I still shed tears over their loss. I then adopted two buddy cats (one boy and one girl). I lost the boy a couple of years ago, but still have the girl cat. She has become highly in need of attention, but my husband is now retired, so it works out well. She is rarely alone, which is good. Long story to say: I love animals! 😊🧡

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  5. Ah, you are better at this than me, Cheryl. Sorry to say I haven’t made friends with snakes. Actually, you could probably hear me let out a blood curdling scream when encountering these creatures. I could probably tell you every place in my yard I’ve ever seen one. Bess, bless her heart, would always let me know when one was in the area. Last year, I knew one was hiding in my front garden which just about put an end to it for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a so called garden snake or otherwise, these slithery creatures startle the heck out of me. Maybe it’s an HSP thing, maybe it’s the remnants of a childhood scare. Whatever it is, I’ll stick to lovin’ the canines and felines! And yes, tragically, the shelters are struggling now too.


  6. So many shelters are struggling during this time. I’m glad you are shining a light on how/where to help. I have 4 cats that I adore and who adore me, so that makes me a cat lover:) But I also love dogs and rabbits and mice and snakes and turtles! Ha! I guess I’m an all-animal lover. They have so much to teach us.


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