Give Mother Nature a Gift Today

I could not let today go by without honoring Mother Earth. It’s sort of like remembering the birthday of a dear friend.

A fellow blogger’s repost inspires me to continue passing the message along. Perhaps you will too. It’s from which is an international movement working toward ending fossil fuels and building a world of renewable energy for all. There’s no better time to unite our momentum toward healing — the planet and ourselves.

We cannot go back to the old normal.  It’s broken.

If you love Mother Nature as much as I do, give her a gift. Unite with thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide by signing this open letter in support of the five COVID-19 #JustRecovery principles:

    1. Put people’s health first, no exceptions.
    2. Provide economic relief directly to the people.
    3. Help our workers and communities, not corporate executives.
    4. Create resilience for future crises.
    5. Build solidarity and community across borders – do not empower authoritarians.

It’s a tall order I’ll admit but one worthy of working toward.

6 Replies to “Give Mother Nature a Gift Today”

  1. All good news, Sue. Thank you for sharing. Gardens do take dedication but it’s worth the wisdom gained…if one takes time to be cognizant and nurturing. Hopefully, the newbies will stick with it long after shelter in place is no longer mandated…

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  2. I totally agree… Which more thought along these lines.. But I am hopeful as I see more people whom I have never seen walking near our home.. appreciating Nature.. Seeds have been in a short supply as people have been buying and obviously starting to grow their own.. Allotment plots are being taken up more on our plots, Though some I feel do not know yet just what they have taken on… I see them digging a small patch and leaving it for days only to return to see weeds grown LOL… Gardens take dedication.. But at least they are trying, while others I see are embracing their new plots with enthusiasm and making really good jobs of them which is wonderful to see.. 🙂

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  3. So nice to see you back into blogging, Sue, but totally understand the need to get away from tech for awhile. I find Mother Nature to be so wholesome and rewarding, especially in challenging times such as these. Unity in staying positive for healing the planet is so important right now. Keep your light and love shining. 🙂

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  4. Like you even though I was away from feeling like blogging as I was just too busy in the garden and just wanted to switch off from all things technical for a while… I couldn’t let Earth Day go without honouring her.. Especially this year.. Just so loved those 5 principles.. I have high hopes that WE will turn this around to become Positive.. ❤
    Again thank you… Much love WG.. ❤

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