For Better or for Worse

Until Death do Part

Let’s face it, the coronavirus stopped everything in its tracks. Closing businesses, schools, communities and entire countries shattered the world into millions of individualized personal universes. But, viewing this tragic pandemic through the paradoxical Tao, I see our rapidly moving globe suddenly falling apart to slow us down and turn our attention to what truly matters.

In Sickness and in Health

While I, too, grow weary of monotonous and lengthy confinement, I also see this time of sans distraction as optimal for looking within. The choice is simple. Do I feel better when my thoughts reside in devastation, or as the Chinese do in seeing opportunity in chaos? Shifting the focus from worse to better, this virus offers a prodigious gift. Besides the benefits of families making dinner together again, reading more books, and savoring nature, I’m talking about something extraordinary — a universal gift for humanity’s overall well-being and that of our planet.

Thinking and reality

According to Holy Ordinance

Reading this Abraham-Hicks sentiment some time ago, it was hard for me to believe. Quite honestly, I didn’t feel that powerful. But, since this message keeps popping up in my life and I can see the monumental effects from humanity’s darkness, I’m revisiting this concept, and largely out of hope.

“Each and every single person makes a difference,” Covid-19 tells us. So, why not use this time wisely to envision the post-virus world we wish to see?

To Love and to Cherish

The pandemic is a call to stop talking about the problems and to act, become directors of life post-pandemic. There’s a productive exercise in creatively envisioning the best that Dr. Elaine Aron calls an exercise in Big Reality. Big Reality is a pathway to global change and participating is easy:

  1. Alter your focus right now.
  2. Turn off the media’s fear mantra.
  3. Clear the virus from your mind and any troubles tainting your day.
  4. Take a few deep breaths.
  5. Make a list. Not the usual “to do” or “gratitude” list but one of a different type. Make a list of all the things that may end up better because of the coronavirus.

Neale Donald Walsch further explains. Think of life as a “huge, blank sheet of paper.” Let your thoughts, words and prayers be the instruments you use to color that sheet of paper. Is it dark or filled with light?

Torn paper revealing what you create with inscription "Director - You, Screenwriters - You, Producer - You, Cast - You"Think big. Universal, if you will. Create more than one blank page and make a new page at any time. Use your imagination to join a universal mind that can create a positive outcome from this pandemic. You may be skeptically asking, “Sure, sure, how is this going to make a difference?” But, is there any good reason not to try? We can’t say we don’t have the time…

As John Lennon sang in 1971, “Imagine.” Imagine the coronavirus eradicated. Imagine vibrant health for you, your loved ones, and community. Use your imagination to create your best self. The best planet. Best community and life. Imagination is the power of the mind to form images – positive, loving, indifferent, negative, funny, sad, or happy. How do you feel? What do you choose? What will you contribute to your spirit and to the health of our planet?

Here’s some of my Big Reality:

Palm with wedding ring opened toward spring branch of buds
Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash
  • Clear skies, vibrant waters and pristine lands
  • Governments worldwide immediately sharing vital health information
  • Politicians working and serving the people
  • Corporate and personal responsibility as the norm
  • Closed loopholes so corporations will pay their fair share
  • Violent films, videos and games will become passé
  • Spamming, computer hacking, and junk mail evaporating
  • Healthier people devoid of Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, anxiety and depression
  • Hot water in all public restrooms

    Wedding ring on dirty hands
    Photo by Jesse Orrico on Unsplash
  • Caring outdoing selfishness; simplicity and generosity replacing greed and hoarding; personal pride of “can do” instead of a helpless “I can’t” attitude; kindness and acceptance (tolerance at the very least) replacing hate. Oh, and common sense will be King!

It’s a tall order but why not? Why not think big?

From this Day Forward

The coronavirus gives us downtime. If I focus on the positive, the extra time is a gift. Will we recognize it and act on it, or quickly kick it aside as we have with Mother Earth? Will we engage with each other and nature?  Will a unified positive focus create a better world? Why not try? Isn’t it worth it?

Old world map with wedding rings and flower blossoms
Original photo by Luana Azevedo on Unsplash

I understand the coronavirus may end life as we’ve known it, but I must believe it is the transformation to something much better. What do you want to see as our world transforms?

To Have and to Hold

When I hear talk about oneness, I prefer to think of it as a collective energy for the betterment of humanity and the world, not as a melting pot erasing geographical boundaries, individuality and ethnicity. What color will you bring to this universal canvas?

Two hands joined (one with a diamond ring) while facing the path ahead
Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash



2 Replies to “For Better or for Worse”

  1. So good to hear from you Cheryl! Thank you for sharing your Big Reality of the beautiful world you can see. I’ll be adding to my list many of your sentiments. Let’s hold our focus on the light and what a wonderful world it can be. 🙂

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  2. Thoughtful post. Thanks for pointing me to the Elaine Arons exercise. I was rereading her classic book earlier today. I also believe life as we’ve known it has changed. And I believe it could transform the world for the better. I would like to see a kinder, gentler world. Less toxic masculinity. Less greed. More accountability. Leaders that aren’t in love with power, but who truly care about the planet and her inhabitants. Humans working together to create a more just and equal society. No racism, or any -isms. Folks who care more about nature and less about reality tv. More patience and love. Children who know where their food comes from. There’s more I’d like to see, but that’s a start. Thanks for making me think.

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