American Spirit – Then and Now

The Tao suggests looking deeply into the ordinary to see the spiritual nature of life. To question, “What are the qualities lying beneath what I see?”


Where is America’s Spirit Today?

Ponder the American flag in the header. What do you see? Feel? It’s one of a smattering of practice photos I took with my smart phone during a recent walk through a cemetery. Although the flag was blowing in the wind at the moment of capture, hung low it appears devalued to me. Perhaps even defeated, stationed among aging leaves in a cemetery — a home for the deceased.

Photo of twisted stars and stripes flag

Instead of waving strong and proud, this contorted flag typifies the demoralized spirit of the pandemic lock-down that is sullied with uncertainty and chaos from confusing and irrational commands. From disbelief and even disgust at reckless behavior and proposals to force us against our will.

Passion and Polarity

Polarity is nothing new to America or life for that matter. It just feels accentuated at this time, like a pounding migraine. While my patriotic parents experienced national unity during World War II and Americans came together shortly after 9/11, most Boomers will remember the Kent State protests and abominable vilification of Vietnam War vets. No matter which side, Americans are spirited.

The Tao encourages me to look beyond adversity to claim the wisdom beyond it.

Current D Days


For several years I’ve witnessed an erosion of American spirit amidst growing apathy, idleness, and indifference. Too often, incumbents in my area’s elections run unopposed. I question how much of this is due to tech’s creation of sheeple and fake news.

Photo of a car headed toward running over an American Flag on a dirty street


Continually run over by out of touch legislators and businesses, and a health, addiction, and education crisis, America’s spirit further weakened when the pandemic ensnared us with fear, mandated inactivity and imposed powerlessness.


Learning that the USA now intends to forcibly remove people from their homes, or forcibly vaccinate, feels like communism to me. How will you feel when a family member is removed from your home to isolate the coronavirus? If I refuse the vaccine, will I be hauled away? Will the Thought Police replicate China’s social score system to further control and confine us?


The answers lie in California’s pilot program slated for nationwide implementation. Their army of 20,000 well-paid disease detectives is under the guise of “for our protection.” Warily I question if the unemployed hungry masses will clamor for these jobs to essentially become the new secret police since marketing so cleverly conceals the truth e.g. convenience/privacy invading, protection/control.


If that sounds too unbelievable, and particularly in freedom loving America, so does isolation, discouraging religious participation, disallowing groups to conjugate, encouraging thought/behavior/activity minders, and proposing forced testing and vaccines. Yet, that’s exactly where we are after brazenly disregarding numerous other laws.

Too closely these protections resemble horrific junctures in world history. Ones that millions of military personnel sacrificed their lives for because they valued our precious rights and freedoms. Whoever thought this couldn’t be happening again needs to pay attention and review the nascency of the holocaust.


The rapid deterioration of our independence and liberties through joblessness, lockdowns, and enslaving our children’s children’s children with enormous debt is alarming. Too quickly, China snatched up our life saving supplies, our farms, our produce, our land. Whoever thought Americans would be required to wear masks as we’ve seen in China for years? Would our deceased military personnel and forefathers, who forfeited their lives for our freedom, be shocked to witness America’s spirit pummeled by communism? (Note: I am not bashing China. I am observing the undoing of America.)

American Resolve

Photo of man wearing shirt depicting American Flag and inscription "We the People"
Looking Back to We the People


As we scramble to regain footing during this pandemic, it is my memory of America’s historical bravery, a willingness to stand up and fight whether against taxation without representation, or civil and women’s rights, that gives me hope. I crave a resurgence of American spirit that once stood for character, enthusiasm, resolution, backbone, grit and guts.



Photo by Rhododendrites of gravesite for Samuel Adams, a signer of America’s Declaration of Independence

Allegiance to America’s Spirited Foundation

And so, on this Memorial Day weekend, when Americans celebrate fallen heroes in the military, I also salute revolutionaries who were not afraid to stand up for what they believed in. I include people like Rosa Parks and Margaret Sanger with my heroes, spirited civic soldiers if you will. (Notation:  My admiration of Sanger is solely for her work in freeing women from enslavement through reproductive rights.)






Note: I am not condoning protesting health care workers nor am I condoning forced vaccinations or being removed from one’s home. I am condoning and supporting American values such as freedom, independence, self-reliance, privacy, diversity, directness, and equality.


10 Replies to “American Spirit – Then and Now”

  1. Indeed, I am familiar with the Tao, and have you heard of the Barefoot Dr? I have lots of his Tao CDs and I am a great believer in the Universal laws and Energy… As I practice Qi Gong and used to practice Energy healing…
    And yes both light, dark, right wrong, left right.. etc.. all opposites are what this experience here in the material duality world is.. Yet when you really understand it all… Its all about balance… No right and no wrong… Just Energy…. Positive and Negative… Experience.. 🙂

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  2. Yes, as they say, you couldn’t write this stuff (the truth). 🙂 Sadly, I’ve had my own personal experiences with unraveling but mostly since 2000. My Mom, however, was a pioneer detective and influenced my interest in this path. Agreed. The journey is not easy but the Tao has helped tremendously in my understanding that we cannot have light without dark (as much as we may prefer otherwise). 🙂

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  3. I hear you..but truth is often stranger than fiction. And if you’ve dived as deep as I have since the nineties. What you unravel can make you physically sick to the’s hard this journey of light because you have to also look at the dark. 🙏💕

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  4. I so agree with you, Sue. Although the reality is sickening, I believe that keeping silent signals agreement to what is happening and keeps us stuck. Awareness is the first step to any possible change. Let’s hope the sleeping awaken…


  5. My own posts have been more loaded of late too in my own subtle ways… I embed links often but I doubt people click them… But there is an agenda going on and I have been aware of it since the nineties of just how ‘deep’ it all goes…
    And other things involved which are sickening …
    If we do not speak up, by keeping our silence we are in a way contributing to those agendas… We can not change people, I wouldn’t wish to, but make them aware, is all we can do, Their choices are then their own.. ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. So glad to hear your comments, Sue. I don’t like to get political on-line (or almost anywhere anymore for that matter) but I do feel we are in such a critical state that we must speak out. FYI, I will soon link to another blogger’s post who explains more deeply my concerns. Thank you for standing by my side. There is indeed strength in numbers.

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  7. Well said my friend… When we unveil this whole episode and discover the truth, we will see there has been a long laid out plan in place… And the more deeper we dig into the Deep!… The more shockingly we discover how ‘All’ on this planet lives have been nothing more than statistics on a fact sheet, long laid in the foundations of their own type of New World.. From the Numbers killed throughout All wars, to the Holocaust, going way back to the genocide of the Native American Indians or First Nation People..

    I stand right by your side in thought my friend, and can only hope others wake up to their Sovereignty
    They say that Truth will set you Free… But one has to be awake to the lies first..

    Sending thoughts and gratitude..
    ❤ Sue

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