Need a Lift? Mother Nature’s Here to Help…

If you need a lift, don’t call a taxi, don’t call Uber. Call Mother Nature. No phone number or text required — just a posy here or a bloom there works wonders to lift the spirits.

Universal Goodwill

Endowed with jaw dropping beauty, one of Mother Nature’s finest virtues is flowers. No wonder they frequent art, architecture, special occasions, apologies and get well wishes — worldwide. Quite simply, they are instantaneous mood lifters.

A half century ago hippies used flowers for demonstrations of peace. More recently, and in similar polarized times, Lewis Miller’s creativity is lifting countless spirits. Titillating me with Miller’s flash flower pics, a New York friend received them from a friend in Rome which I, of course, forwarded on too. ‘Just goes to show that flowers are dynamo no matter where you live. (And I’ll give tech credit for the worldwide share.)

Fervor in all Places

Imagine turning the corner on a shadowy city street and discovering one of Miller’s flash flower displays. Can you feel the excitement? Joy? Your mood immediately brighten? Or, how about when Petal it Forward hands you two bouquets — one for you, and one to give away. Can you feel the dual happiness as both giver and receiver? The smiles widening your heart? I’ve always believed one person can make a difference and these thoughtful acts underscore that what we focus on grows

So, why do flowers boost our mood?

Flowers don’t have to be expensive or on a grand scheme to elevate a mood. A single bloom, or flower in the wild induces the same delight.

Color may also be a factor. Similar to chromotherapy that uses color to balance a person’s energy — be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, some Chinese healers use flower colors to elicit a particular power or emotion. Each color is associated with a different frequency of light waves that help release neurotransmitters to produce feel good chemicals in the brain like melatonin, adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

The Beneficial Rainbow of Flower Colors

ColorBody Area AffectedPower
RedAdrenal glandsBoosts energy
OrangeImmune system, lungsSeasonal allergy relief, aids digestion
YellowBrainAlertness, optimism
GreenNervous systemRelaxation, stress reduction
BlueThyroid glandRelaxation, sleep
IndigoPineal glandSleep regulation, eases worry and fear
VioletPituitary glandCools, suppresses hunger

The Garden State Studies

New Jersey’s Rutgers University completed several studies on the emotional role flowers play. Conducted by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, PhD., professor of psychology at Rutgers, she is an internationally recognized authority who confirmed what many gardeners already know.

Those who enjoy the outdoors and flowers on a regular basis are happier and more satisfied with life.

Eternal Youth?

As a natural and lasting mood enhancer, flowers universally and instantly produce happiness – whether indoors or out, as a gift or not, and regardless of the person’s age. “What’s most exciting about this study,” Haviland-Jones says, “is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way.” Flowers increase contact with family and friends and lessen feelings of anxiousness, agitation, and depression. β€œOur research shows that a small dose of nature, like flowers, can do a world of wonder for our well-being as we age,” said Haviland-Jones.

So why not put a little spring in someone’s step with the delight of a flower? It wouldn’t surprise me if gardening gloves could outdo anti-depressants…

Mother’s Lifetime Love

From the time my Mom gave me posies for my elementary school teacher to receiving surprise bouquets from friends and suitors, I’ve been in love with flowers. To me, they’ve always been better than a box of calorie-laden chocolates or birthday cake.

When relocating from the city to the northeastern mountains, I knew I could have bouquets most any time by planting a garden. What began as one 10′ space grew to two plots totaling 70′ of three-season blooms. Gardening afforded me more hands-on explanations about living life than I could ever get from one book. It’s also how I became entwined with the Tao and more life learning.

Entrance garden flanked by bush of pale pink roses in bloom with backdrop of pink hydrangea waiting to bloom overlooking the pond

When relocating from the city to the northeastern mountains, I knew I could have bouquets most any time by planting a garden. What began as one 10′ space grew to two plots totaling 70′ of three-season blooms. Gardening afforded me more hands-on explanations about living life than I could ever get from one book. It’s also how I became entwined with the Tao and more life learning.

About 10 years ago I began photographing the flowers in my garden. Their beauty and diversity overwhelm me with awe and gratitude each time I see them. I hope they will bring you as much love, lightheartedness and joy —

26 Replies to “Need a Lift? Mother Nature’s Here to Help…”

  1. Hopefully writegardener, I am with you for that. πŸ™πŸΌ And I hope in all the worlds too. We all need love! ❀️ I’m touched with the video. I’ve done givings flowers (in hospital’s patients & staffs) few years back and it’s happiness! Happiness in both the giver & the receiver.

    We can do it! I’m inspired by your post, thank you!

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  2. I completely agree Sue. There is something to be said for “that breath of fresh air and the natural rhythm of life.” In fact, I’m going out shortly to plant some herbs for the summer garden… πŸ™‚

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  3. Agreed,….. When one is in tune with nature, all anger dissolves.. At least that is what I find… And why I spend as much time in it as possible.. ❀ It brings about balance and harmony at least to my soul… πŸ™‚

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  4. P.S. from me… since flowers do have so much feel good power, perhaps instead of rioting and even marching in the streets, people should be gardening and nurturing (the flowers and each other)…seems it might benefit all involved, but I’m afraid the anger is too heightened at the moment for the power of flowers to get through…

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  5. Ah, a dreamer is wonderful and much better than nightmares wouldn’t you say? I have given surprise bouquets to doctors or staff having a tough day — and the lift is always doubly enjoyed! Perhaps flowers were placed on earth to remind us about the power of a smile, kindness, love and respect…

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  6. We definitely seem to be on the same page, Sue. No coincidences we found each other. Flowers are indeed a huge gift. I just picked a lovely bouquet this evening and feel so darned grateful to see and appreciate their beauty. Big Hugs to you too! And BTW, the new WP seems to be wreaking some havoc with my site which I haven’t figured out yet but glad to have caught your comments!

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  7. PS…. Just watched the video…. Lovely share…. If only we could all pay it forward .. And we don’t even need flowers.. Just a smile, kindness and love in our hearts to respect and love each other… ( Am I Dreamer?? Yes… )

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  8. Beautiful uplifting post WG… Flowers are with us all our lives… Their gift of Life is precious.. The moment they are plucked their life is ending…. To give us beauty and love and joy..
    They are at our birth, our birthdays our wedding, our anniversaries, the moments of joy the moments of sorrow, they come to say thank you and they come to say sorry.. They come just to make us smile..
    And they are with us when we are not well, and they are there at our final parting..
    What a GIFT Flowers bring… Which is why I So adore their gifts..
    Beautiful photos too…. So enjoyed..
    I used to do colour readings and flower readings some years ago now… But its amazing when someone picks a flower just what you can tell from it.. πŸ™‚

    Sending HUGE hugs your way…. Glad I spotted your post this late evening here..
    Much love Sue ❀

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  9. I think it has some very helpful info, and it was fun. Especially when noticing the different comments I’d receive when wearing different colors, and the ones meant for me. Like I said, notice how you feel too around different colors, and if you are drawn to different colors on different days.


  10. funny I love khaki olive type colours yes I need to look into this stuff about earth tones etc. never done much reading but I know that they say it’s knowledge. I will check that book out.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. I wouldn’t buy a bright yellow car and don’t like standing out either. πŸ™‚ However, you can still have those colors in your life (and the happiness they bring to you) through flowers.

    BTW, many years ago I wore mostly earth tones (khaki, olive, browns, tans, greys) until someone gifted me with a periwinkle colored piece of clothing. I received so many complements wearing it that I had my colors done. No surprise, periwinkle was in the palette best for my skin tone, etc. I then bought a book called Color Me Beautiful that furthered my understanding and helped when shopping. My wardrobe soon represented the best colors for me which also made me feel better. You may want to peruse the book if you are so interested…

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  12. you know I have never thought like that but I do like bright colours as I feel they make you feel happy yet I wouldn’t buy a bright yellow car :-0 funny enough I’m looking at all my jackets and a lot are dark yet I prefer bright colours. how strange. I think maybe I don’t like standing out so don’t wear loud colours. also I find certain colours don’t suit me like pink or yellow so choose not to buy them

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Glad you found it of interest. Isn’t that the gift of sharing info?

    Have you ever experienced being drawn to different colors on different days? Sometimes I may be drawn to pink…other days blue or green, maybe grey, etc. I often find I dress by color so it doesn’t surprise me that flower colors would also have an affect on us. πŸ™‚

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