Cross Pollinating America

There’s so much to learn, process and catechize with current events. As an HSP this has been daunting. Hopefully this post will not overwhelm you…

Cross Pollination Produces Strength
As previously indicated, I am open-minded to other points of view as it’s an opportunity to learn and cultivate my mind. People listening to each other to gain a deeper understanding use to be common but, of course, that’s also when common sense was common, and journalism was objective. 

It’s a different world today for sure but lessons learned to-date and reading the Tao help me experience the events of life more circumspectly.

As the Taijitu depicts, nothing is 100% anything — good or bad…

there is light in dark, and dark in light…and they exist in harmony

I don’t affiliate with one political party or the other. When the following commentaries found their way to me through the current mass hysteria, I didn’t press delete but decided to listen, read and consider. Sort of like cross pollination you could say. 

Cross Pollination Allows for Diversity in the Species
This enthusiastic video gave me a better understanding of the diverse opinions and experiences among younger black Americans:

(Apologies: I could not delete the 14-second ad no matter how hard I tried…) To me, several of the experiences expressed underscore the adage life will give you not what you want but what you believe. Actually, I see that truth for all of humanity.

And while I don’t share every viewpoint in this video, he offers some thought provoking observations:

This view is from someone who has lived and understands both sides of being black in America. Born in poverty, Carol Swain bettered herself to become a political science and law professor with interests in race relations, and immigration. Her scholarly work has been cited by two associate justices of the US Supreme Court — what an honor and achievement!

Dr. Carol M. Swain was born to school drop out parents and raised in a physically abusive home. She grew up in poverty, living in a shack without running water, and sharing two beds with her 11 siblings.

Dropping out of school in ninth grade, Swain later availed herself of American opportunity by earning a GED then working as a cashier at McDonald’s, a door-to-door salesperson, and an assistant in a retirement facility.

Resolute, Swain went on to earn an associate degree from Virginia Western Community College then a magna cum laude B.A. in criminal justice from Roanoke College and a master’s degree in political science from Virginia Tech. While an undergraduate at Roanoke College, she organized a scholarship fund for black students that by 2002 had an endowment of $350,000. She finished a Ph.D. in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1989, and in 2000, she earned a Master of Legal Studies from Yale Law School.

Without judging this video’s title, please be willing to listen to Swain’s views which are more encompassing than the title and were an eye-opener to me:

Studying Pollination Spans Many Disciplines
Hopefully, you have not crossed your arms in polarity by now and will be open to ruminate the following which also found its way to my inbox:

“Consider this…our President sometimes seems to be an absolute jerk. Too often, he’s crude, he bloviates, he gets his feelings hurt, he seems petty in his verbal retaliations, and he’s a hot head. BUT, as president he is much more than a repulsive ex-casino boss megalomaniac, and please allow me to share with you some of his other qualities that are far more important to have in a president in my view.

Donald Trump demands effective performance, and asks lots of questions. True, his questions aren’t suede gloved or cloaked in fancy academically polished phrases; instead they are “Why the hell…” type of questions. All the while under the duress of biased media and a deep state, Trump:

+ asked, “Why the hell do we permit pillaging our industries, hi-tech and otherwise?” Only Trump has had the principled courage to stand up to China to protect our country’s vital interests and demand some parity, some adjustments at least a bit fairer to our country.

+ has had the courage to do that with our NATO allies too who did not welcome his position but have finally acquiesced given their contractual commitments ignored by leaders in our country for more than a half century. He’s the only President with the principled courage to take on friend and foe alike.

+ ended the big money, Republican orchestrated NAFTA and replaced it with something fairer for our country and its struggling industries. Neither Bush nor Obama did any of these things, despite all the urgent, well-documented, and overwhelming evidence demanding such responsible actions.

+ got military hospital ships readied in one week by the clock, when it would have taken Navy bureaucrats months to get it done in their “normal” work routine.

+ got temporary hospitals built in three days using strategic tough thinking.

+ cut through years of bureaucratic red tape and asks why we aren’t using drugs that clearly indicate they might work on people who are close to dying; what the hell do we have to lose under the circumstances? In spite of all the naysayers, he wants effective action.

+ single handedly and against the advice of senior advisers, shut down travel from China that was flooding large number of Chinese into Washington state when the liberals and media were ascribing xenophobia and racist hatred.

+ ran on securing national borders in the face of a hostile screaming press and media. When he shut down borders in the midst of the coronavirus they were up in arms over such a draconian move. Then much later the thoughtfully responsible countries finally followed suit worldwide, including the European Union and even between member countries that have been borderless for decades.

We live in times when results matter literally as life and death considerations.

Has he made mistakes? Yep, and how. Everyone I know — including past Presidents — makes mistakes and certainly would have made big mistakes in this position of vast, mind-boggling sectors of responsibility. Trump is working harder than I’ve ever seen any President work. He isn’t hiding in his office; he’s out front every day giving and doing the best he can, disappointing some, aggravating others, and inspiring still more but always doing the best that he can on and off the set on minimum sleep. And yet to the Democrats, everything that is wrong is all Trump’s fault.

Trump has balanced his approaches, remained flexible, and listened to the experts, when his detractors and distractors said he wouldn’t and couldn’t. To the mass media, when he offers hope, he’s lying, and when he’s realistic with straight talk, he should have been more reassuring and hopeful. It’s a “no win” with the anti-Trump mass media that has forgotten the neutral fact-reporting duty of journalism, but, amazingly, he is not broken or deterred by all of that BS coming from the press and liberals.

I’ll take this kind of action oriented leadership with intuitive, multi dynamic, and multi-faceted decision-making over a nice guy charm that can appear in eloquent speeches that sound good to elitist ears but fall far short in results. We live in times when results matter literally as life and death considerations. Yes, President Trump definitely has his faults, but on balance, I can live with this cowboy logic of results at the bottom line.”

Pollination Requires Consideration of Pollenizers
If you read it in entirety, there may be a point or two or more that you agree with — or not. If nothing else, you may agree that no one is perfect. Nor is life. And we can agree to disagree without hating each other. I appreciated that this person’s view wasn’t all black or white, like life and the Taijitu. Nothing is 100% good or bad — including Trump and both political parties. I prefer giving credit where and when it’s due, and so did the commentator.

The media, sadly, doesn’t. CNN for example, aired Senator Bernie Sanders Mount Rushmore commentary four years ago that, “It really does make one very proud to be an American.” Yet when Trump was at Mount Rushmore this year the CNN reporter stated that he was appearing “in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans.” Whether you support Trump or not, this is not fair reporting.

Similarly, a person was asked to leave my local grocery store because they wore a mask with an American flag while another person wearing a black lives matter mask was allowed to stay. This is not uniting our country.

I prefer finding common ground than silencing those who think differently. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement apparently disagrees. Similar to the Marxist Black Panthers Party, they reject laws and intend to destroy family values and America itself as witnessed through violence, rabid accusations of white supremacy or privilege and systemic racism peppered with undeserved guilt, humiliation and victimization. They are not fighting for equality or against blacks killing blacks.

What sounds more productive — an angry, destructive mob? Biased reporters? People and businesses regurgitating soundbites without thinking them through? Persons willing to listen and openly discuss issues in a thoughtful exchange, or encouraging others to seek the truth? While I agree there are issues needing attention, I believe the increased rhetoric of hate and racism is only serving to strengthen those issues rather than resolve them.

“If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.”
Marcus Aurelius

Cross Pollination Relies on Pollinators
I admit, I love America and have felt profound sorrow to hear Americans and other countries express their vitriolic hatred for our nation, and to witness the blatant disregard of civil rights for all Americans. I am not ashamed to love my country but disapprove of my government (and many others).

For today, offering this post as a pondering is my small step toward understanding and healing our country. And your willingness to ponder it is another. Thank you. As Lao Tzu says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” We may not change our minds but we can allow our hearts to open them.

Black and white circles of polarity at a standstill...uniting in understanding from the heart

Pollen Must be Transferred to become Fruitful
Here’s one last thought to consider which is from Vera Nazarian’s The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration:

“It’s a fact—everyone is ignorant in some way or another. Ignorance is our deepest secret. And it is one of the scariest things out there, because those of us who are most ignorant are also the ones who often don’t know it or don’t want to admit it.

Here is a quick test:

If you have never changed your mind about some fundamental tenet of your belief, if you have never questioned the basics, and if you have no wish to do so, then you are likely ignorant.

Before it is too late, go out there and find someone who, in your opinion, believes, assumes, or considers certain things very strongly and very differently from you, and just have a basic honest conversation.

It will do both of you good.”







26 Replies to “Cross Pollinating America”

  1. Most of my reading of late seems to revolve around that very concept — that we are ONE. In many ways I find it a soothing concept…and it’s contributed to my no longer fearing death which is simply an opening into another consciousness… Wish you lived closer, Sue. I’d love to drum with you and share an afternoon of that deep conversation I so love. Big smiles and big hug coming your way. 💖🙏🌈


  2. Oh I am certain we do WG.. I am sure our hearts, lives, and souls are linked.. WE are ONE.. which many find so hard to comprehend… But we incarnate in our unique moments of time body suits for our particular unique experiences.. With our choices along our journey..
    And we meet and greet many whom our souls have known before, even though our present experiences may not remember.. I knew straight away our energies connected WG.. 🙂 Big smiles…
    Sending love your way 💖🙏🌈💕🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, wholeheartedly, Sue, for taking time to read, listen, consider, and thoughtfully respond. From your comment, it appears we have even more in common than I care to share on the internet but, apparently, our hearts and past are linked. Warm wishes to you! 😉😁🥰💕🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have been back to listen to both points of view WG. And agree with what the first male commentator said, about others being just as much disadvantaged.
    The lady professor, yes totally agree, Commonsense!!!! YES!. Is needed and we have been indoctrinated! But people don’t see it. We are still blinded by labels.. compartmentalizing, and pointing fingers of blame every where.
    Instead we ALL need to look in the mirrors of our own actions, judgements, prejudices, we all have them.
    It’s way past time we overcame and got over ourselves, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, It’s time to work together, unite and work together to help each other, regardless if we are purple with yellow spots.
    Suffering is an emotion we have all carried, I’ve been black in a previous life, I’ve also been a native American. I’ve also done in previous lives ill to others.
    We are on this journey to learn what love really means, and not just the romantic kind. But to love each other unconditionally.
    Lessons we still are learning, as we see the collective now doing their shadow work in the space if a few months which takes many years in shedding their skins, layers of karma, guilt, shame, anger, injustice. All now in the melting pot of humanity bubbling over on the streets.
    And we have seen nothing yet.😭 Unless we start to see this Game we are being played with. This is a war on consciousness. And we all have to up our game through love, compassion, unity, and courage to speak out in our Truth.
    Thanking you again WG.
    Now I will step off my soap box, and disappear back down the rabbit hole 😉😁🥰💕🙏

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  5. I completely understand, Sue. Knowing the maintstream media is not accurately portraying America, I hoped it would give you a better view but, believe me, I do understand. And brain overload seems easy to achieve right now. Self care is #1 priority. Relax and enjoy your down time. 🙏💖

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  6. Hope to let you know as soon as I’ve watched. I’m trying not to spend alot of time on there at the moment. Taking time out from the Net. 🤔 Brain overloads sometimes and I just need to get my own balance back.
    I’m on phone just checking back on pending comments.
    Hope your week is going well. Will be back! 🙏💖

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  7. Thanks for confirming the narrative and sound look okay on this post. I think a fellow blogger figured it out. I do hope you will have time to check out the videos as I would welcome your commentary.

    And yes, something tells me the road will be long when we can finally see a united world… Love and blessings to you too!🙂 🙏💚

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  8. Your post and narrative both look and sound ok to me WG.. And I will save your page to view the videos later… Its midnight here.. Just wanted to catch up with you a little..
    And oh for the time when we see ourselves as whole and not separated by colour, creed, or nationalities…. I know a tall order and wishful thought…When we stop labelling and judging we will have made a huge leap forward..
    Stay blessed..
    Much love your way 🙂 🙏💚

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  9. Thanks again! I’m glad you found the narrative worthy but if you have only a few minutes, the videos are definitely worth a watch and particularly if you are unfamiliar with Carol Swain.

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  10. I like your perspective and tend to be in agreement with you. I want to see action, results. I may not always like some of the commentary and language, but I want a leader who has the nation’s best interest at heart. And I want my freedoms protected. Thank you for this post.

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  11. Oh, interesting! I was viewing it on my phone through the WordPress app. Right now I just pulled it up in chrome on my phone and it looks fine. It must be something in the WordPress app then… I’m going to have to keep that in mind next time something looks funny!!!

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  12. Hi Nicole, I really appreciate your trying to help me out. I did ask another blogger to take a look since it looks okay on my end and this is what he said: “I read it earlier and had no problems viewing it. And I looked on my phone just now and have no problems viewing it. It could be something with their setup. Sometimes if you’re viewing posts on a phone it doesn’t always come through right sometimes. Also if they’re viewing it on a tablet sometimes it doesn’t come over right some blogs posts for some reason. I just know that sometimes when I do a post with a photo that I have copy and pasted into the post sometimes people can’t see it if they’re using a phone or a tablet. Even though I can see it on my tablet and phone. Sometimes it just takes refreshing the page or something. I don’t know why it happens it’s probably some sort of glitch in using certain phones and whatever software they’re using. So, while I am a little relieved that it is readable for some, it seems I still need to see if WP tech support can help me avoid this in the future. I don’t know if you are more tech savvy than me but perhaps we are both learning something (kind of). 🙂 Thank you again, Nicole. So kind of you to stay with it and try to help me toward some resolution. Write Gardener



  13. Are you able to view it on the computer to see how other people see it? Maybe that would help to figure out how to fix it. I’m viewing it on my phone.


  14. It’s also possible that it has something to do with dark mode but I don’t think I purposefully turned that on but maybe it automatically went on. But that wouldn’t explain why the other section of your post is showing up correctly…


  15. Thanks for trying to help me out, Nicole. I have an inquiry into WP tech support now… Hopefully, I can get it straightened out soon. I’m thinking of unposting it until then.


  16. It still looks black on black. Then it goes into a grayish background that is easier to read, then it’s white font on black.

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