Transposing Darkness

Translating 2020’s overwhelming drama without feeling crushed by the heavy energy is challenging — and that’s from an HSP without a diet of sensationalized, biased, censored or fake news from mainstream and social media. I’ve waffled over whether to blog about what’s ensuing or not but to avoid it feels like denial. And isn’t that what part of the violence and rage is about? I suppose that depends on who you talk to and how you view these events.

As an ongoing student in this school of life, I’ve learned some things that reframe my thinking to live more salubriously:

Solo person walking uphill through darkened forest toward rays of light
  • Being grateful for three things every day
  • Remembering tidbits like our emotions are the result of our thoughts
  • Contemplating translations of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and other enlightening literature

Making a conscious effort to do these things helps inhibit disquieting thoughts. So, while America — a country I dearly love — tries to find her way through the darkness, I’ll be sharing some rays of light.

A missing link on a broken pathway toward illuminated forest

Destruction or Construction?

Seeing the destruction of cities and statutes marking America’s history, I refer to Derek Lin’s comment in his book The Tao of Joy Every Day:  365 Days of Tao Living“Too many people expend too much energy being dramatic, as if every failure is a devastating tragedy. That energy can be better channeled into constructive work instead.”

Replacing the word failure with challenge, I have felt this way about most of 2020’s outrageous events. Instead of feeling frantic over COVID-19, I opted to learn about it (difficult with contrary information I know), put safeguards in place, and envision the best possible outcome.

As first, every morning I checked the number of infections and deaths worldwide, in America, my state, then county. Quickly realizing this was not a positive way to begin the day, I stopped. At some point, I checked the numbers every few days, and as I write this I cannot tell you the last time I looked. Is it because the next tragedy of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement rushed in, or because I let go?

Too easily I can become consumed by mass hysteria if I allow it.

A few fingers exposed from under the covers

Honestly, it’s tough balancing a love for America and wanting to stay abreast with unbelievable events that make it difficult to remain unaffected (and especially with that HSP disposition).

Over and over I must remind myself that I have a choice in where I use my energies. And COVID-19 restrictions do make this more challenging. I mean I sure could use a hug right now, couldn’t you? If my beloved border collie Bess was still with me, her high energy was transformational but…

I can choose other constructive efforts like contacting legislators, reading, listening to diverse reputable sources, and engaging in activities that have a more lasting effect on my affect like gardening, taking photos or a walk, blogging, and writing to friends (yes, I still send handwritten letters and cards ). And when that deafening insanity begins creeping in, I reach again for the Tao.

Tao Te Ching Verse 22 translated by William Martin in Walking the Tao

What is, is!
What is not, is not!
This is the way to contentment.
Only when we know the truth of “what is now,”
will we know the step toward “what is next.”
No need to mask our imperfections.
No need to triumph over others.
No need to lead the crowd.
No need to control a thing.
No need even to stay alive.
Only when we are content with “what is”
will we know what might come next.

This wisdom encourages me to live in the moment, rather than hang on to the past — be it mistakes or regrets, or fear the future. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s interpretation of this verse centers around “weathering a storm by allowing it to blow through without resistance.” He speaks of letting go of beliefs and having to be right or winning an argument and instead remaining open to all possibilities. That approach sustains me especially in times like this.

“By being open to all possibilities, everyone’s ideas are valuable and there is no need for conflict. Relax rigidity because there is no need to prove oneself or make others wrong.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life:  Living the Wisdom of the Tao”

Wooden keyhole arch framing a sunlit path into a garden

So uncomfortable with conflict, I wish all of the hateful, shouting, angry, power grab narratives would stop and everyone would begin to listen rather than shame and blame each other. Remembering the Tao, this is usually the point where I walk into the tranquility of the garden.

Strive to see the truth, no matter how disagreeable, and name it what it is. ∼ Anonymous

How are you processing 2020’s monumental changes? Have you shutdown? Is there anything in particular that helps you stay afloat?

13 Replies to “Transposing Darkness”

  1. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for the link WG, I’ll definitely visit there. I know there are few people in the medias/sites who are trying to be better & wants change. I hope they’ll succeed.
    Yes, we are. I love this verse as well “With God All Things Are Possible” – Matthew 19:26. 🙏🏼
    Enjoy WG & GOD bless you more!
    Thank you ❤️

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  3. Thank you for the link WG, I’ll definitely visit there. I know there are few people in the medias/sites who are trying to be better & wants change. I hope they’ll succeed.

    Yes, we are. I love this verse as well “With God All Things Are Possible” – Matthew 19:26. 🙏🏼

    Enjoy WG & GOD bless you more!

    Thank you ❤️


  4. Thank you for sharing your sentiments, MisaeMich. Sorry to hear that your media are also reporting dark news. Think how great people would feel worldwide if the media cooperated but sadly, their agenda is not for the benefit of humanity. Here’s a positive site, however, that I recently found and will probably be promoting on my blog:

    You and I must be on the same page as I love many of the quotes you have shared with me. Norman Vincent Peale’s books were some of the earliest on my path, but “With God All Things Are Possible” – Matthew 19:26 was the very first.

    I am off to do some long overdue hand drumming with a friend and living today as if it is my last.

    Warm wishes to you and may God keep you and your loved ones safe. 💕

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  5. Great insights WG. Great to be back in your garden.

    Sad to hear news for the US nowadays. Yeah it is true, I see media exaggerate events in their news. Even in my country too. Media didn’t dwell much on good news. They let us think that negativity is the majority in the world which is not. Here’s a good video for this > & here’s the advise >

    Truly being grateful leads to happiness.

    Here’s to share my guide quotes & verses for you:
    “Change your thoughts & you can change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale
    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
    “How to stop worrying & start living” – Dale Carnegie book & audio here >
    “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” – Psalm 23:1 & the parable of a “Good Samaritan” Luke 10
    “Live each day as if it was your last.” – Steve Jobs

    Stay safe & GOD bless 💕
    Misae 🤗

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  6. A wonderful post, and yes so much information and disinformation how to discern it all as we intuitively feel our way thought the mire of blame and shame.

    The choices you have made show themselves to be the right ones WG.. As we traverse this period of shedding of skins. They layers of which are so firmly entrenched within the systems we have been taught and indoctrinated into over hundreds of years not just a few decades..

    We are witnessing the pain, the sorrow, the guilt, and the grief of so many who are just on their journey of learning to let go.. And what we resist persists as they say…. So I too dear WG, am always grateful for that which i am blessed with.
    Seeing the beauty and also understanding without the dark we would not appreciate the light…
    This is a phase within our Human time line history where we will witness many changes…
    The choice of those changes and how we move forward within our future time line is up to each and every one of us…
    We had better choose and soon..

    Love and Blessings dear friend… Loved your layout too of your post…
    Hugs your way .. 🙏💚

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