Nature Teacher: Forgiveness

Rainy day in lush green countryside of Aberdeenshire Scotland

Summer rain

relieves the heat

to wash away

hurts, slights

and begin anew.

White puffy and breezy streaked clouds

Breathe in and deeply

then let go.

Feel free.

Stop the frazzled

frenzied heat.


Bring it down

Lealt Falls flourishing after rain storm on Isle of Skye, Scotland

to cool.

14 Replies to “Nature Teacher: Forgiveness”

  1. Ah, we but only need to listen and be aware in Nature to learn. Loved your commentary too on your site about Mother Nature’s reactions to our abusive treatment of her… ❀


  2. Beautifully said… And loved your images… here too this week high temperatures we are not used to the heat.. And then flash floods and huge thunderstorms with hail… Nature is always teaching us.. ❀

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  3. A year or so ago we were deluged with rain. This year, none. Hoping the skies open up soon. So glad you love the photo. It was from a bucket list trip to Scotland last year and although there were plenty of rainy days, it’s a majestic place without a doubt. That photo happens to be from the lush green countryside of Scotland. πŸ™‚

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