Germinating Invidious Seeds: Part 1 of 3

Seed Selection
I’ve been wondering lately, are the answers more simple to the problems America faces than the media, domestic terrorists or politicians purport? For me, I only need to get quiet and ask myself:  do I feel better focusing on hate or love? What unifies a country — hate or love? Is the world better with more hate or love? That simple answer directs my attention and my efforts.

Stress Susceptible Varieties
Viewing a Harvard grad’s melt down after she first posted a video claiming she would stab people who supported all lives matter…and then, after her intended employer rescinded the job offer she posted another video crying and blaming others for her situation, I questioned, and perhaps her potential employer did as well — her mental stability — and particularly someone with a degree in government and psychology.  Actually, I also question her GoFundMe support (and more recently for the 25-year old who beat a man unconscious)…and maybe that entire generation.

Do Old Seeds Produce Weeds?
Growing up in the peace and love hippie era, I support truly peaceful protests and seek productive dialogue in understanding current events. Some say the protestors inflict pain because they are in pain. I slightly understand that concept as in the abused often become the abusers. Still, that reasoning sounds like trying to make a right from two wrongs.

With this summer’s intensified hateful rhetoric and actions, I began wondering where did all this come from?

I contemplate parents whose offspring are violently working to destroy America. I wonder if they are the angry soccer moms who suggest their children fight dirty…or the dads who threaten the school board with a lawsuit instead of requiring their child to take responsibility. I wonder how we produced a generation of hate. Were they all abused?

Centrifugal Spreaders
One parent explained, “Many of these kids can’t find work and their school loans are crazy. Some just don’t have a work ethic. Not working — for whatever reason — is their world. Parents — feeling bad for them — pick up the slack, paying their bills and allowing them to sit home playing video games rather than contributing. They’re not even asked to be responsible.”

Spiny shell encasing an achene

When mainstream media lost its objectivity and increasingly spread sensationalized propaganda, I sought other sources. Knowing how easily social media casts hate, I chose to not be involved. Yet, I wonder, do social media devotees realize the censored information is reshaping their thoughts and opinions? And probably directing their future?

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” – Charles R. Swindoll

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Last: by Artur Łuczka on Unsplash

3 Replies to “Germinating Invidious Seeds: Part 1 of 3”

  1. I doubt very much many people realise the Mind Controlling that is ongoing on a daily basis.. One only had to look at the beginning of the lockdown of the Virus to understand the constant 24/7 repetitive barrage fear mongering and mind control going on… You had to give it to the MSM and if you were to switch channels on the mainstream news the narrative was almost the same word for word…
    Physiological programming at its best..

    I grew up in a poor family there were five of us children and we made ends meet… I was at full time work in a factory aged 15 the age back then we left school if you were not clever enough to go to college or university… But it didnt matter even if we were clever, if you had no money to send your children to Uni, even in Britain… You went to work…

    Now when My children grew up… Yes they were bought things and treated to things I never had a child… I remember had a pair of school shoes that lasted me nearly four years… YES …. They were miles to big, stuffed with cotton wool when I started my Secondary school aged 11 and they were pinching my toes when I left aged 15… I looked like Mini Mouse aged 11 lol…. I always made sure my children had good shoes and they cost the earth when back then too. No made in China back then.. 🙂
    But my daughter filled shelves in a local store to bring in pocket money on a Saturday and my son did a paper round.. They were taught respect.. and values …
    So many today think the world owes them a living …. Instead of working and achieving and being proud of those achievements… And having self worth and pride in contributing helping and build something of value..

    Keep planting those seeds WG….
    Love and Blessings…
    Sue ❤

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