Nature Teacher: Equality

Nature teaches…

A rose is not a sunflower

Boxwood is not a Dogwood tree

Even grass is not a lawn.

Yet scurrility


on resisting

inherent differences.

Locked up wilted red rose on metal fence
Photo by John Sabo on Unsplash

Tao teachings celebrate the diversity of all things.  And it is these very differences that make for a colorful, interesting life. Wouldn’t it be bland if everyone was exactly the same as you?  There is a reason you are sui generis, that there is absolutely no one else exactly like you.

“You are absolutely unique, and the many differences between you and others are there for you to explore, embrace and enjoy.” – Derek Lin from The Tao of Joy Every Day: 365 Days of Tao Living

Featured photo by Fraizer Dunleavy on Unsplash

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