Undeniably loving my country, I ponder the current discord, deterioration, and intended destruction of America’s principles.

Prior Warnings Against the Perils of Communism in the USA

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – paraphrased from Abraham Lincoln’s speech at the Springfield Young Men’s Lyceum, January 1838.

“As one of our outstanding historical figures once said, ‘When a great democracy is destroyed, it will not be because of enemies from without, but rather because of enemies from within.’ The truth of this statement is becoming terrifyingly clear as we see this country each day losing on every front …” – Senator Joseph McCarthy in a U.S. Senate speech on Lincoln Day, February 20, 1950.

Lincoln and McCarthy forewarned of freedoms taken for granted. Yet we’ve forgotten that freedom is not free as the Korean War Veterans Memorial indicates. Would this memorial in Washington, DC have also been destroyed without imposing the 10-year penalty?

No Religion Allowed

George Floyd’s murder and nationwide anarchy set churches ablaze, destroyed public statues, and looted and vandalized cities.

Prior to the DNC, at another Democratic convention, the word “God” was nearly absent from their platform, and at least two caucuses at the 2020 DNC intentionally removed the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. (This was checked on Snopes but scrutinize if the facts compare exact verbiage or not.)

Some may see the loss of God as inconsequential. But, I see it as one more spoor toward the tomb of Communism.

When God was in America

America’s founders included God in the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Together, with the U.S. Constitution, these core documents declare that the people’s rights are divine in origin, sacred and unalienable, while governments are human in origin, answerable to the people and dependent entirely on their consent. The powers of the governors were delimited, not the rights of the people.

What America Looks Like Today

Power mongering government officials refuse to uphold our laws, instead demanding people give up their rights to free speech, free thought, free trade, free assembly…with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness trailing close behind.

As God and religion are shunned so are values of civility, personal responsibility and patriotism. While I do not practice organized religion in my adult life, I am a spiritual person who appreciates the moral compass religion provides.

Unlike the foresight, courage and strength of our founders, many of today’s Americans willingly allow mainstream and social media to program their minds and opinions with censored reality. And the more hate and violence Hollywood portrays, the more desensitized people become.

Demoniac mobs now commonly shout death threats as vile as “stab the mother ****** in the heart,” to those who do not share their beliefs, and “we hope they die” outside the California hospital of the ambushed deputy police officers (one of which is a young mother, not that it should make a difference in valuing any life).

Young radical legislators such as Cortez and Hunt unapologetically call for violence and intimidation to get their way — including pushing a veteran to commit suicide.

All of these acts are what an absence of God looks like to me.

Read the Writing on the Wall and Compare the Presentation Before Swallowing…

I stopped trusting mainstream media when more objective reporting became a biased distraction from the truth. Their MO of misrepresenting or omitting information (aka censorship) only serves to keep American divided. Here’s a few examples of media truth twisting:

  • MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow disparaged Trump while showing a photo of immigrant children at the border. However, the truth was exposed when the Associated Press (AP) stated they actually took the photo in 2014 depicting Obama’s treatment of immigrant children.
  • Mainstream media reported the Minneapolis City Council voted to defund its police force, yet omitted that the same Council also spent $152,400 of taxpayer money on private security to protect themselves.

As America is undermined through irresponsible reporting and regurgitation of propaganda, I encourage you to use your own thinking capabilities to reason and seek the truth. Gather information from various sources. Consult fact check sites such as Media Bias/Fact Check to confirm the slant. I am sans political party usually voting on issues but this November it’s prioritized core values.

God’s Place in Communism

There is no place for God in Communism. The only pledge allowed is to the Communist government. They eradicate God by repressing religion, confiscating religious property and literature, harassing believers — often to the extent of imprisonment or killing, teaching atheism in schools, and destroying religious buildings. Sound familiar?

Are You Ready for This Type of Change in America?

While variations exist between Marxism and Communism, they both blame all societal problems on the conflict between the working class and capitalists who employ them. Communists believe that social revolution is the only solution to put the working class in power. Marx emphasized the need for violent revolution and revolutionary terror to complete these three phases to Communism:

The Three Phases of Communism

  1. A revolution must totally destroy and overthrow the existing government.
  2. A dictator/elite leader(s) must gain absolute control over the proletariat, property and wealth, and all of the common citizen’s personal choices including education, religion, and employment. By controlling all production, the government maintains a one-class system and eliminates middle class citizens rising back to the top.
  3. All non-communists must be destroyed for the Communist Party to reign supreme.

What far-left followers don’t realize is that this utopia never becomes reality, because as George Orwell writes in Animal Farm, “Some animals are more equal than others.” Government officials declaring “defund the police” while using taxpayer dollars to pay for their own private security detail is a current example.

Socialism becomes communism when the socioeconomic order deepens through common ownership and distribution based on need, negating a humane society. Compare Marx’s essentials with activities introduced through Covid, Black Lives Matter, and the far-left agenda including the Green New Deal:

Marx’s 10 Essentials

  1. Central banking system
  2. Government controlled education
  3. Government controlled labor
  4. Government ownership of transportation and communication vehicles
  5. Government ownership of agricultural means and factories
  6. Total abolition of private property
  7. Property rights confiscation
  8. Heavily tax everyone
  9. Elimination of rights of inheritance
  10. Regional planning

Communism is Death to More than America’s Ideology

The Communist agenda pushed by the far-left does NOT produce a thriving nation as they would like others to believe. A poison from the past, Communism has metastasized millions of deaths throughout history — the history they do not know or wish to erase:

Wherever Communism exists murder exists.

20+Million Dead

Russia 1929-1953
Joseph Stalin’s range of Soviet regime terrors including the Great Purge, Gulag, Terror Famine, Katyn Massacre

18-45 Million Dead

China 1958-1962
Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward

1.5-2 Million Dead

Cambodia 1975-1979
Pol Pot Khmer Rouge

Endless field of tombstones marked by American flags

America’s values far outweigh her liabilities yet a Marxist revolution is currently underway. Is this what you want to see? Do you want more violence in America?

The only two choices in the 2020 Presidential election: American freedom or Communism

Image credits in order of appearance:
Featured image: Pixabay
US soldier with Holy Bible: Sharefaith on Pexels
American Graves: Justin Casey on Unsplash
Field of American flags: Ludovic Cauthier on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Forewarnings”

  1. They say there are “no coincidences,” and I’m actually grateful to another blogger who suggested I check out your site because I, too, have found your content resonates greatly with me. It’s refreshing to communicate with someone who can actually see what is happening in America and as you said, worldwide. And yes, the entertainment media is just one more avenue pushing through the sickening far left agenda to make us believe this is “normal” and “acceptable.” Presumably, you are familiar with Brave New World, Animal Farm and 1984…


  2. Your writing resonates so much with me, it’s wonderful to read your blog. Everyone wants a utopian society but too often a dystopian society is what’s formed. I think we have to listen to the real experience of people that escaped socialism and communist countries, history does repeat especially when lessons haven’t been learned. I always wondered how fascism and Hitler rose to power, how could so many good people be brainwashed—but now I can see that MSM/propaganda is such a powerful tool and I think it’s happening now on a worldwide scale, Globalism/Marxism/Communism. I briefly read that Marx was a Satanist. If true, that explains a lot.
    I can relate to and I appreciate your respect for spirituality and a belief in God, it’s something that seems almost dead in our society. So much depressing and negative focus in entertainment/media, I think it’s to purposefully condition people to be desensitized to violence/horror and psychopathic behavior. Vampires/Witches/Werewolves used to be villains but now they’re portrayed as the heroes. Upside world. Social Engineering and brainwash surrounds us.

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