Aerating Ideas

I welcome healthy discussion and a non-hostile open exchange of ideas…something almost antiquated with contemporary versions of communication such as shouting down, propaganda, fake news, and trolling.

This makes me think of the importance of aeration. Compacted soil, like hateful rhetoric or one-sided Group Think with a buried agenda, prevents circulation and nourishment thereby starving the roots (of our independence, freedom and democracy). Aerating the soil, aka open discussion and negotiation, on the other hand, promotes a stronger and more vigorous population.

Here’s a very interesting take from a fellow blogger on Covid, comparing torture practices, the hypocrisy of mask wearing (or not), and the number of deaths from Covid versus other causes: Mask Mandates are a Fraud and so is Fauci/Pelosi (Tanka poem + articles and videos) — Seoul Sister I hope you will be open minded enough to consider her views, many of which I share…

“Mandatory masks remind me of: burkas, muzzles, censorship, oppression, anarchists and thievery. I want us all to take off: the masks, the costumes, the propaganda and see each other’s faces, we need to see each other smile and laugh again. Smiling and laughing are uniquely human abilities, they’re essential to our humanity.

“Yesterday walking back home from work, I was relieved to see several groups of young people sitting by the lake on blankets, laughing together and socializing without masks on. I see it as a sign of sanity, it gives me hope that people are aware of the mask hoax.

– Seoul Sister

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Featured photo: by Nanny Kuilboer on Unsplash

4 Replies to “Aerating Ideas”

  1. I updated the original post because YouTube censorship is rampant and they deleted the Amazing Polly video clip, I added a new link to her Bitchute channel. I highly recommend her videos, much in-depth research there, she’s truly amazing.

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  2. You are very welcome. I was so moved by it, how could I not repost? BTW, after more than 6 months of near total isolation, I met up with some drumming buds to share the beauty of an evening sunset together. They and their children were sans masks. When we touched on this topic and how 2020 has ill affected so many, both couples told me how happy they’ve been through 2020, that they practice good hygiene, take vitamins, get rest, good nutrition, exercise and fresh air, etc. Similar to the young people you saw at the lake, it was refreshing to hear they did not fall prey to mass hysteria but instead chose common sense measures and continued loving life. 🙂


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