The Real iD of the D in the 2020 Democratic Party


Distracting Deceitful Devious Dishonest

Discouraging Degrading Demoralizing Disparaging Dividing Destructive

Disturbed Deranged

While Covid-19 delayed Homeland Security’s Real ID mandate this year, it’s revealing the truth about the current Democratic party. No surprise that the media and Far Left downplay Trump’s valid concerns over the upcoming Presidential election — when they’ve wasted four years and precious taxpayer dollars focusing solely on ousting our rightfully elected President. I underscore rightfully elected.

For the record, I did not celebrate when Trump won in 2016 but I gave respect to the office of the President of the United States that my country deserves — a far cry from the sore losing Democrats who’ve worked tirelessly to impeach the President even before his inauguration, then continually blame him for their negativity.

Dishonesty on Steroids

Definition of the word propaganda

Typical of the Democrats, Harris shouts, “The people need to fight for democracy,” when her party is the one destroying it. Voter fraud is rampant in the US — including in my own small county — and evidenced long before Trump voiced his concerns. I do not support mail in ballots, early voting, poll reporting, or illegal immigrants allowed to vote in US elections yet the Democrats continue bulldozing blatant acts of lawlessness to get their own way.

Trump is relentlessly blamed for everything the Democrats are guilty of themselves.

The scripted media and Big Tech repeat the lies while the lazy willingly drink the poison.

If Harris wins (in reality, any vote for Biden is electing Harris as president) who will the Democrats blame then for the complete destruction of America? Presumably, they will continue their tired rant and blame Trump for that too. Heaven forbid they or their followers should take any responsibility.

Destruction of Democracy

I often wonder how and why Trump would want the job when The Swamp (both Left and Right) care more about their lobbying donations than the lives of Americans. I’ve grown to appreciate this man’s strength, determination, and optimism and am perplexed when he is despised for loving America. Yet that is the Far Left’s mantra.

Trump stated he’ll leave America if he loses the election. Droves would like to follow. (I’m already witnessing an influx of out-of-state license plates from those trying to escape the violent anarchy and dictatorships from Far Left sanctuary cities and states.)

Letter: Thank you, liberals

Thank you, liberals, for creating a world where everyone is a victim, and offended by everything. Thank you for creating an atmosphere where one misspoken word can lead to the end of a career, or worse. Thank you for automatically labeling everything racism when something doesn’t go your way. Thank you for thinking the best way to fight racism is to face it in the opposite direction. Thank you for allowing mob rule to dictate policy and erase history.

Thank you for supporting criminals instead of law enforcement, while making it increasingly difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend their families. Thank you for turning journalism into activism. Thank you for turning public education into indoctrination. Thank you for increasing the homeless population with your “solutions.” Thank you for turning the previously “golden” state into a cesspool of poverty, union corruption, and streets filled with dangerous felons who should be in prison.

I’m old enough to remember a time when California had the best of everything. This is now completely upside down due to liberal “leadership.” How proud you must be to see that your policies have produced the worst schools, worst roads, failing bridges, dams, and levies, the worst poverty rate in the nation, and a disastrous state employee pension system for your criminal union bedfellows. All this while charging the highest taxes, punishing us with the most expensive gasoline and utility costs, and creating one of the worst business climates in the country.

A miserable failure by any measure. I can only hope the rest of the country is paying attention and will not allow the San Francisco plague to spread beyond California’s borders. I hope to be joining the exodus and need a reasonable place to escape to. And quit calling yourselves progressives, because that falsely implies progress.

Written by Dennis Jespersen, Simi Valley and printed in the Ventura County Star newspaper, August 2020

I don’t blame Trump (or any American) for wanting to leave this country if Harris wins the election. Who would want to stay in a country that Pelosi’s regime would quickly debauch into the same cesspool as California?

The Deflected Question

The two basic choices in this election are: hate and destruction of America or optimisim and love of country. The real question is not whether Trump (rightfully) questions the validity of the election but whether the Democrats will contest the results as they did four years ago. And for that I can easily add complete


This is what the Democrats offer America

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Featured Image: by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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#4: by Allef Vinicius
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4 Replies to “The Real iD of the D in the 2020 Democratic Party”

  1. Ah, but you are incorrect. I haven’t been drinking the kool-aid regularly dosed out via CNN, MSNBC, etc. Perhaps you need to leave your lovely plot of land and take a wild ride into SF but, then again, I doubt you appreciate people defacating while you’re dining but, then again, so many long-established restaurants have gone out of business under the CA dictatorship with Covid-19, where would you even dine?

    It is not so much that I am listening to what Trump is saying as that I refuse to be told that what I see and hear is not real. For instance, I have received “3 mail-in ballot applications” when there are not “3” in my household, and I hear numerous residents in my area report similar misdeeds on our local radio station. This election will not be fair and square; I’ve known that long before Trump made any similar statement.

    Given the beautiful photographs you take and share, I am surprised you would support a party that condones violence, spews hate, and continually keeps the country divided through racism and victimization. But, then again, if you are taking in a steady diet of mainstream and social media how else could you think?

    As stated, I’m not a MAGA supporter but all it takes is to open my eyes and see how the beautiful state of California has been destroyed, or the looting, burning and destruction of cities by anarchists that the Dems won’t acknowledge…or the lawless sanctuary cities and states, to convince me the Dems will do nothing but further destroy America — it is not by Trump’s politics.

    There is much I do not like about Trump — but there is more that I do not like about Harris/Biden/media/social media/sheeple who will destroy any shred of democracy we have left. Trump’s optimism and love of America shines through and he is the only buffer Americans have between the further destruction Harris projects and supports for this country.

    I am truly grateful that in America, at least for now, we can openly share our views…and I presume because of the generation we come from, we do not have to hate each other for it.😉😉 Turn on the alarm clock before it’s too too late.


  2. Looks like somebody has been drinking too much of the Trump-ade. Though I’m sure there is some voter fraud going on I highly think It is not rampant and widespread. Mail in voting has been going on for many years with little or no problems. I have done mail in voting for decades. Man y Democrats and Republicans as well as people from other political parties also do mail in voting. Neither party fights fairly. But if you listen more to what Trump is saying it his his same rhetoric that he has been spouting since his initial campaign for presidency. Though I didn’t vote for him the first time and I planned not to vote for him the second time, I gave him the benefit of the doubt but he is shown to be, to me at least, a poor leader and has no interest in the American people as a whole. He is only out for himself and the only thing he knows is to try and use the legal system to his advantage. Trump is failed in dealing with the covid 19 pandemic, continues to be a racist, and continues to lie to the public every chance he gets. I’m not wild about Pelosi and I don’t think either side has American public as it’s main concern, but it shows Trump definitely does not have the American public as a priority. Trump condemns science, except when it benefits him when he needed it to treat himself when he got the virus. Trump acts more and more everyday like the dictator he admires. Our political system is far from perfect and does need reform in many areas along with our judicial system, and even the way that we vote for the president. Trump is doing everything he can to be the dictator he feels he is and we don’t need a dictator. So go easy when you drink that Trump-ade. 😉😉


  3. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, KK. Glad to know the post accomplished exactly what it intended — to be an eye opener to what is really happening in America and buried under the Democratically controlled media and social media outlets.


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