Two Better Candidates!

Wouldn’t you love it if all political candidates were so outstanding, that you had a hard time choosing…rather than voting for the lesser of two evils…or only because you didn’t want the other party to win? I can’t recall if I’ve ever felt that way although I do remember when political ads were more civil and not as incessant.

Now here’s a change I’d love to seeā€¦

Anything really is possible…

I found this ad jaw-dropping inspiring rather than the usual months of mud slinging nonsense that are wearying — for everyone involved, including the candidates.

Of course, I am not surprised that both of the candidates in this ad have a strong religious life. Our nation as a whole, and certainly the political system, could learn a lot from them. You know, Let it begin with me.

4 Replies to “Two Better Candidates!”

  1. I think all of the mud slinging has precluded more good people from running for office. And perhaps the ones that do run with good intentions, end up becoming corrupt once there due to lobbying, etc. I wish the rules would change (like when doctors and lawyers were not allowed to advertise) and only allow so many ads per day…so many days prior to the election…and debates only on topic… but then again, that would probably be censorship so here we go again back to having to have decency to begin with. šŸ˜®


  2. Agreed. The operative word being “should” but sadly decency seems to be becoming almost as antiquated as common sense anymore. I find it interesting that the two candidates who have made the effort to offer a worthy and decent political campaign happen to have a religious and obviously moral background… Hopefully, others will follow their cue. I do think Americans have longed for such a campaign that focuses on the real issues of concern.


  3. Interesting video, maybe those two candidates are both not corrupt? :), yes it seems like we always have to choose the lesser of two evils. I often think Red vs Blue is just another political game. I wish there were good people in office.

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