Decency 2.0-2.0

Two Faces of Decency
Driving out of town this week, a Biden billboard suggested voting for “Decency.” I found this curious and pondered what the Democrats consider decent.

Is it Biden’s shady political influence with the Ukraine and China through his son, Hunter? Is it his past relationship with the KKK and documented derogatory statements against Blacks? Maybe it’s pulling down his Covid-19 mask to cough while shaming Trump about mask wearing. Presumably, decency is not considered with Biden’s historically frequent plagiarism since law school.

Plagiarism is considered a violation of academic integrity and a breach of journalistic ethics yet attorney and Swamp senator Biden claims to teach law. Who’s law? His version of the truth? Have you considered that neither lawyer on the Dem ticket upholds the laws — personally or publicly? That hardly sounds decent to me.

Harris’s Senate bio plays the Race Card, falsely describing her as “the second African-American woman and first South Asian-American senator in history.” In reality, Harris’ mother was Indian and her father Jamaican…

Besides Harris’ affair with a married man to climb the political ladder, her public acts of decency are contrary. Harris refused to pursue the death penalty against a cop killer while defending California’s death penalty. She fought to keep non-violent prisoners locked up, even after the US Supreme Court determined that overcrowding in California prisons was cruel, unusual and unconstitutional punishment. Is that Democrat decency?

The chronicled facts on both of these candidates say enough about the decency they want me to vote for. The front man Biden looks like a soft spoken, tongue-twisted grandpa while Harris is the smiling BLM advocate who will not condemn violence or shooting police officers. Hmm, so she’s a former DA who refuses to uphold our laws…salivating for the presidency once Biden quickly becomes completely unstable.

Inconvenient Truths Are Not Just for Al Gore
To think any US President (or human being) is 100% without fault is naive. Even Ronald Regan (beloved by many, not me) had his scandals. Have our standards fallen so low that decency is based solely on a candidate’s wide smile? Each of us must judge the importance of varying degrees of morals and values when deciding who has America’s best interests at heart.

Gigantic scupture of two faces

Which Version of Decency Can America Survive?
Sure, Trump has had his own personal scandals but what is my vote based on? Do I want hypocritical leaders manipulated by entrenched bureaucrats making behind the scenes deals…or a leader who is strong, and even aggressive in his style, but loves the country and unabashedly takes on The Swamp for all Americans?

As the Far Left’s behavior pushed me Right, I’ve grown to like Trump’s no-nonsense approach. I appreciate his strength and courage to not back down. He tells it like it is and calls it as he sees it, without cowering to deceptively confusing political correctness. Calling Covid-19 the China virus is fine by me — because it undeniably originated there. He calls erroneous reporting Fake News — because it’s twisted propaganda — fine by me. So do I want a leader who is a confirmed plagiarist or someone who rips off the icing of sugar-coated lies?

Joe Knows Plagiarism Like No One Knows Plagiarism
The DNC had nothing positive to say for our country, offering a shaming platform on defeating Trump. But, after an inspiring RNC, and Trump optimistically promoting his love for America, how quickly the Democrats tried to portray loving America too. (This was not the first time, and probably won’t be the last, Biden will be the poster boy for plagiarism.)

Hearing ads that mimick Trump’s consistent message, I am surprised it’s Biden/Harris stating this election is for the soul of our nation…yet they will not condemn the anarchists’ burning, looting, lawlessness (because they are behind the burning, looting, lawlessness). The headline on the Biden/Harris website indicates Together we will beat Trump.

Really? Is that all they have to offer? Obviously, they have no positive vision or will not reveal their true intentions (to destroy America). Several prominent subheads on their site are all about Trump. Every Democrat message is about beating Trump. I suppose that is the best they can do when that’s all they have focused on for the last four years.

When Loving America Became Indecent
Trump has accomplished more for all Americans in four years, even while under the Far Left’s constant attack, than Biden has in 47 years in government office. Trump has created more policy for Blacks than many other presidents, yet the Dems continually damn him, and the media will not acknowledge his achievements. Is that the kind of decency I want leading our country?

Just a Few Facts, Not the False Narratives,
Americans Need to Determine Their Vote

  • Trump created “opportunity zones” to help marginalized communities…while the Obama administration, to which Biden was a part, removed a program that annually funded $85 million directly to black colleges and universities.T
  • Trump released thousands of people from jail (90% Blacks) via his First Step Act.
  • Trump is the only president who has taken on China’s stealing from America (while Biden makes furtive deals with them).
  • Unlike past administrations, Trump’s helped establish relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and created new dynamics in conflicts between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir border, and North and South Korea.
  • Trump is the only president who has attempted to drain The Swamp of which Biden has been a part for nearly half a decade. So much money is involved behind the scenes in our obese government that both political parties have made life difficult for him (at best) while undermining America.

Let’s face the truth. A Biden vote is actually making Harris President. Biden does not have the mental or physical stamina for the demanding office of President of the United States. Trump, on the other hand is strong, a negotiator, and someone who undeniably loves America.

Colorful poster of American soldiers in major wars fought for liberty

Trump never gives up. He works tirelessly with that determined American fighting spirit I so love.

Will Decency Become Totally Extinct in the Next Four Years?
I’ve seen the ugliness of the Democrats grasping at straws because they are sore losers. Instead of working for the people, they have wasted four years of time and taxpayer money. Pelosi’s roller-coaster tsunamis solely to thwart Trump’s re-election are pathetic.

If voters cannot see through the power mongering manipulation and realize a decrepit Biden will quickly be replaced with a radically Left Harris who is in bed with Wall Street and Big Tech, the rot gut hangover will last a lifetime.

Growing weary of my musings on loving America? No worries, the election is around the corner, and unlike the Dems in the last election I will acknowledge the President as the President.

Image credits in order of appearance:
Featured image by Monica Volpin from Pixabay
#2: by Mike from Pexels
#3: by Carlos Aguilar from Pixabay
#4: from Boston Public Library on Unsplash
#5: by Thiago Miranda from Pexels

4 Replies to “Decency 2.0-2.0”

  1. Isn’t it great that we can live in the same country and openly express different opinions without hatred? At least until the election, we still have free speech. As you know, I do disagree as Biden’s health is not up to the job; and I prefer Trump’s optimism and true love of America vs the shaming and damning rhetoric of our country from the Biden camp. Well wishes to you —


  2. I hear you loud and clear (except I don’t know what TDS is). 😮 A vote for Biden, though, I think is really a vote for Harris as President and God help us all if that happens. Yes, I’ve often said I think corruption is a prerequisite to be a politician.


  3. The inconvenient fact is that for all of Biden’s flaws, he is still better than Donald Trump. Trump acknowledges no standards, and abides by no principles. Where Biden fails, Trump willfully disregards. He has no sense of decency, and makes little effort to pretend otherwise.


  4. Very good summary of what’s going on politically. Unfortunately I think so many people have TDS, I often think the Red vs Blue fight is a show and they’re all corrupt. I can’t vote for Biden though, he’s brainless.

    Liked by 1 person

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