The Politically Correct Twist on Democracy

No surprise, that America is tipping over at odds — so much distrust after four years of relentless attempts to oust the President. I’m as worn out as you after the bizarre events of 2020 — and now this.

I’d readily accept the results of a fair election but that is not what is happening. I was opposed to mail in ballots before Trump echoed my concerns. I’ve witnessed fraud in my own county. Bottom line: if votes have not been tampered with, there is no reason not to allow transparency. Period.

Missed Opportunity?
Biden states he is for all the people, and will unite all the people. He states he will work hard for everyone who did and didn’t vote for him. Well, show us now, Joe.

American flag and open hand

Biden has the perfect opportunity to unite the country right now.

All he has to do is be willing to help prove the votes are legit. But will he, or more accurately, can he?

If Biden is truly sincere, and someone who works across the aisle as he proudly proclaims, then why not reach out to Trump in the best interest of our country to agree on an easy solution (to the problem the Democratically controlled mail-in ballots created)?

Why Wait til the Election is Over to be Inclusive?
The solution is simple if everyone wants it to be. And if there is nothing to hide. Why not have both Republican and Democrat representatives witness the vote counting together? It doesn’t matter if it takes days or weeks. Everyone has already agreed that this is the most important election ever.

Wide open doors

The vote counting needs to be done properly to ensure legitimacy, not behind closed doors by one party or behind windows blocked from public view.

The excuse that “voter information could be wrongfully revealed to the public,” is insulting to those of us who can still think for ourselves. If we are to unite as a country and stop the anger over what may be unjust, we need to look at reality (actual votes) together. Plain and simple.

Election Epiphanies
I now understand why both Republican and Democrat politicians are asking the President to back down from questioning voter fraud. I now understand why they both comment on how un-presidential Trump is.

Trump is not presidential because Trump IS the voice of the people — not a hack for Wall Street or China or Big Tech or any other lobbying group. His attempt to drain The Swamp has angered both parties in The Swamp who fear losing their perks and power.

Sign in rural America indicating "Don't Give Up"

I strongly believe in standing up for one’s values. Contrary to what some deem a sore loser

Trump IS standing up for the people and America’s democracy.

Trump may be brash in telling it like it is, but he’s courageously willing to do it. And if he sounds angry so are the voices of patriotic Americans. After witnessing the Democrats blatant disregard for the lawlessness throughout our country this year, how can the public possibly believe the vote count is virtuous?

I now agree that Trump has divided our country. He has separated the politically correct from those who still have common sense. There is no reason why the vote count cannot be transparent or to include witnesses from both parties. When is this uniting of the country going to start, if not now, Joe?

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Featured Image by Gage Walker on Unsplash
#2: by Samuel Schneider on Unsplash
#3: by Phillip Berndt on Unsplash
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