How Trump Ruined Your Life

I was recently asked, “How has Trump ruined your life?” Hmmm. Rather thought provoking. Particularly when taking time to honestly answer this question. Particularly when separating personal experience from four years of the media’s day in and day out mantra of hate for this man. Four years of disrespect for the office of our President of the United States.

But, then again, am I really surprised? Particularly when rudeness outweighs manners and civility. Particularly when people willingly hand over their free thought, allowing SM, Big Tech and the nasty media to program their minds. If you did not listen to what the media told you to think, what would be your personal answer to, “How has Trump made your life worse?” If your honest answer is not a wake-up call…

…then ask how the media’s relentless attacks on our President affected your relationships with family and friends…or your own mood and that of the country? Ask how the coercive rhetoric of Black Lives Matter affected your job. How the anarchists’ destruction of your community made your daily life more difficult, or increased your taxes to rebuild it. Ask how the Left’s decay of our cities and their sabotage of our elections affects your freedom.

Stars and stripes of American flag

For the people who smugly thought they were voting for equality while committing reverse racism, for the people who justify violence and ignore looting, for those who voted for Biden only because they hate Trump, “How have Trump’s actions harmed you personally?” Did he ruin your life when the Dems chose not to work with him, instead squandering four years and taxpayer dollars that widened the country divide — then blaming him for it?

Did Trump ruin your life because he attempted to drain The Swamp, not realizing the multitude of vipers on both sides? Did he ruin your life because he calls it like it is without falling prey to political correctness or a false narrative? Have the Far Left’s wicked distortions made you blind, deaf and dumb to Trump’s actual accomplishments?

Don’t regurgitate what the media tells you. Ask instead how you feel about Totalitarians having one set of rules for themselves while demanding lock downs for you, your church, and businesses in your community. How do you feel as an American citizen, when AOC and other leaders suggest you should be punished for your views or vote? Do the words controlled, intimidated, hopeless and helpless come to mind? Is that the new unity?

Stars and stripes of American flag

Some Americans are pathetically rolling over to welcome the malnourishment of the State…allowing propaganda to alter what they actually see with their own eyes…silently watching both overbearing and weak legislators undermine and ruin our country to the core. How do you feel to not have your vote count, to not be allowed to freely worship, to be ostracized for free thought? Has the anti-Trump agenda made your life better — or life in America better?

Donald Trump did nothing to ruin your life. But, if Americans wake up to survive the dark times Biden spoke of, they will realize he was forecasting his own administration. They can no longer blame Trump.

I will not demonize a man for his accomplishments or love of country. I respect the office of our President of the United States, and law abiding Americans. And, yes, I do love America and its patriots.

Girl with tee shirt indicating "made in America" while holding American Flag

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7 Replies to “How Trump Ruined Your Life”

  1. Oh Sue, I certainly don’t want to inundate you. Apologies, that I hadn’t thought ahead of how many messages you must have in your inbox. I was only thinking of how there are some things I would prefer not saying online since we are living in very strange times. Too strange to be completely comfortable being completely open in the open. So, instead of me adding to your time constraints, and truly, I don’t want to overwhelm you, perhaps you will e-mail me whenever you may have a moment. My contact info is on my blog. That way, I’m hoping you won’t feel pressured and I won’t feel like I pressured you, okay? 💖 🙏 🙂

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  2. Sue, you have the uncanny sense of reading my mind…and connecting with me across the miles just when I really need it. Admittedly, witnessing the corruption among our courts, the power mongering control of our legislators, and reading about the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, and probably all in the context of 1984 has me pretty down — even though I disconnected from the msm many years ago. I can’t tell you how much your encouragement and strength means to me. 🙂 ❤ I would like to continue some of our conversations off-line if you are willing and able. If not, I certainly understand.

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  3. I ask the same questions of my UK friends who say they detest the man.. I ask them why? how have you drawn your conclusions… Have you met him.. did he do you any harm… What reasoning is behind your hate…?
    And its all because of what has been put out by the msm… the persona of personality..
    Yes he is not a politician, Yes he has said some stupid things, so do most us within our life time.. yes he is not the best tactician in the world… He is a business man first… A very bright one at that..
    It all comes down to msm and what they have constantly said about him.. And how brain washed we allow ourselves to be by anything the msm puts out there…
    Which is why I do not watch the msm news anymore… The BBC here is particularly bias and a controlling cog in the DS wheels …

    Sending love and well wishes … Keep on Going…. We may at times feel like we are alone in our Consciousness battle but many are rising..
    The truth will set us free… 🙂 ❤

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  4. Great post, you’ve pointed out the situation very clearly. It’s amazing to me how people assume you automatically hate Trump. I always have to slightly smile and nod at those kinds of remarks at work.

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