America Under Threat

How Much Do You Love Living with Freedom?
America is being called to unite right now —not in January, after the inauguration. This isn’t about Trump or Biden. This is about keeping our cherished freedom, which so many sadly take for granted. Whether Independent, Democrat, Republican, or non-affiliated, you are an American and live in what is still a free country.

Foreign governments and those hating America have planned, organized and censored information to interfere with our elections. The meaning and effects of this are more far reaching than any freedom loving American could conceive…and mainstream media will not show you. (It’s time to remember the news is not news but propaganda.) Our democracy — the reason we love this country and so many flock to the USA — teeters on the edge. You can do your part to help.

Unite America Now
If our election is not legitimized, half of America will always question the results. If you are truly tired of the divisiveness in our country, you will care enough to act now.

In Georgia alone…
2,000 persons over the age of 100 voted
200 persons ages 105-110 voted
27,000 persons ages 90-100 voted

For those who can still think for themselves, it’s questionable how all of these very elderly people voted… or that some want to move to Georgia simply to cheat the system. Fair is fair. Now and in the future. But, if you do nothing now, the foundation of our democracy will crumble.

Siding for Truth and Justice
Please access the quick links now listed below (and preferably before November 23 and by December 1) to contact GOP leaders in legislatures for those states with questionable election results — Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin. You do not have to be politically affiliated or a resident of these states, only an American.

Insist they DO NOT CERTIFY electors or the election results until their states audit the results with a full recount and:

  1. Verify every signature and date on ballots.
  2. Allow GOP representatives to view the recount no more than three feet away so they can actually see the ballots.
  3. Cross reference rolls of the living and deceased to only count votes of legitimate and legally registered voters.

There is nothing partisan about this request. It is for the integrity of our cherished American freedoms.

No Voice No Choice
“Do you think it really matters?” my walking partner asked as I told her I contacted these legislators, asking for a fair recount of election ballots.

“I’m already receiving personal responses so, yes, it makes a difference,” I replied. “Taking action gives me hope. To do nothing, to be apathetic, I would feel hopeless.”

“It’s a small thing to ask,” she agreed.

I take my civic duty seriously and have always stood up for what I believe in. “I can’t turn my back on America now…and neither should you.”

“Send me the info and I’ll contact them today.”

Time is of the essence. Please, contact these state legislatures now!

Contact David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives

Contact Mike Dugan, Georgia Senate Majority Leader

Contact Bryan Cutler (R), Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact Jake Corman (R), Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader

Contact Russell Bowers (R), Arizona Speaker of the House of Representatives

Contact Rick Gray (R), Arizona Senate Majority Leader

Contact Lee Chatfield (R), Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives

Contact Mike Shirkey (R), Michigan Senate Majority Leader

Contact Mr. Robin Vos (R), Wisconsin Speaker of the State Assembly

Contact Scott Fitzgerald (R), Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader*

*Scott Fitzgerald was just elected to a Congressional seat on Nov. 3rd. He is still current Senate Majority Leader.

Contact Devin Le Mahieu (R), The newly-elected Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader

Share this with others to help preserve America.

Communist Interference
China and Venezuela have interfered in our elections (also in 2018) and would like nothing more than to take America down. It doesn’t matter whether you voted for Trump or Biden, only that you are an American who wants to preserve our democracy.

Finding the Gifts in the Gore?
Wouldn’t it be something if the interference in our election is exactly the thing that unifies all Americans? You can do your part. Contact those legislatures and share this information with your contacts today. Please for the sake of our country. I’ve provided links to make it easy for you but I can’t make you care…

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Featured photo by Emily-Jo Sutcliffe on Unsplash

10 Replies to “America Under Threat”

  1. I am reminded of this quote when reading dearest WG.. “The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it.” Source – Unknown
    And soon when the real truth is released people will be shocked… Sending love your way my friend hope you are well..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have no idea what being a Veteran or where I live has anything to do with what you refer to as my “dramatic reaction.” And the “great divide” is only being perpetuated by those in the political party belonging to the links you listed.


  3. I can’t imagine what foundation you could not find as most info is links to legislators. I am surprised and not surprised of your dramatic reaction given you served in the US military but also live in California. Sadly, it appears you choose to stay on the side of the great divide but I wish you well.


  4. i have read this post several times. i have fact checked as much as i could and i feel there is no foundation to your claims. i will just leave it as that and consider me as an unfollower.


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