Healing His story

And this is why complete history must be taught, why books never burned, information not censored, cruelties not repeated… I found the artist’s commentary as heart wrenching as the artwork, and a necessity for healing the self, and preserving humankind…then, now, always.

His work is on one of my favorite blogs. See how it affects you too:
An Artist’s Story | Holocaust, Family & Art — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Image credits:
Featured photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

4 Replies to “Healing His story”

  1. In New Jersey, some school principals wanted the children to report what “party” their parents belong to. At one of the universities, the professors would fail students if they said they admire President Trump. When he was elected in 2016, one little boy dressed up as the President but the principal marched him out and would not allow him to participate in the Halloween parade. I had no knowledge of this at the time… And without children, I was also unaware, until this year, that children are being indoctrinated to hate their country, hate their parents, etc. Truly, I feel Trump was standing up for values…it’s so hard to be force fed lies about our election, Covid, etc., yet I have regained new strength (much thanks to your encouragement and the videos on your site) to continue marching on in the name of truth. Love to you —


  2. Thank you for your thoughtful response and sharing the very troubling events now taking place in the UK. I wonder what the parents are doing about the “gold stars” and if they are too intimidated to speak up. Another offline conversation…❤

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  3. I have come back to moderate my comments today dear WG… and yes you have hit the nail on its head here… I went along to explore the art and other posts just now… And people should be aware of how that particular period of History began… Censoring, encouraging snitching, pitting one against another, labelling,
    Here in the UK to some parents horrors pupils in some schools who were exempt from wearing masks due to asthma problems were given gold lapel stars to wear to be identified… Ring any bells..?
    The police here now harassing anyone who is speaking up publicly against the narrative… No more than two allowed to gather!
    We are virtually in house arrest… until Dec 2nd and business’s closing, towns ghost towns… Children being conditioned to fear hugging their grandparents… Not allowed to play with friends..
    People should take Note…. its already here..
    Lots of love my friend.. and thank you for sharing ❤ a story from the past that is relevant in the present ❤

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