Changing the Channel

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. – Lao Tzu

This simple but profound quote mirrors 2020 for me. Covid restrictions too easily resemble China’s encroaching powers with masks of submission and silence, locking up healthy people to dishearten the psyche, shutting down local businesses to rob citizens of their independent livelihoods, then anarchists and BLM destroying family values, public statues, our history, communities, and demeaning national pride…oh let’s add in election tampering, corrupt courts, and now children and neighbors asked to rat on family gatherings.

Acronyms and Titles Concealing the Truth
Power mongering legislators and tyrannical world leaders weaponize fear to control the masses through the news. First, remember that the news is not the news but an hour of sophisticated brainwashing — telling only what they want the public to know or not know…effectively blinding viewers with rage and fear amidst divisiveness so they cannot see clearly.

In a time of increased censorship, it’s time to turn the tables and censor what we are being told.

A Clearer Picture
Call me suspicious. Call me a warrior. (It’s in my genes; my ancestors fought with General Washington in the Revolutionary War.) Call me a critical thinker when you want to say conspiracy theorist. Or tenacious, while stumbling in disbelief over the Orwellian hammer’s attempts to pound common sense into submission.

It seems hard to change direction when the ones steering it are crooked, but there is relief from universal distress. Stop the craziness by noting how you feel after absorbing MSM’s relentless sensationalized reports of distress. Then seek healthier guidance than what you are being fed. Change the channel.

Fear weakens the immune system.

The Truth for Us is Different than the Truth for Them
Ask why the elitists have a different set of rules than what they impose on you.

Question why Covid restrictions conveniently do not apply to the legislators mandating them…
Question why elitists do not comply with covid mandates…question the effects of living in fear…

Who’s Controlling You?
Have you been publicly shamed for not wearing a mask, stating you are irresponsible, infecting others, or unpatriotic by not complying? Perhaps you have been arrested, or maybe a minder turned you in for including all loved ones in your home for Thanksgiving.

Quarantine is isolating sick people. Tyranny is isolating healthy people.

I am not suggesting putting others in harms way. I am asking you to consider how you feel with a steady diet of anxiety, guilt or despair. If you do not change direction, do you want to end up like the woman losing her hair in the Cuomo video above?

Being Awake is Not Being Woke
Government, tech, MSM and educators don’t have our best interests at heart and will attack anyone who disagrees to discredit them. Another reason to think for yourself. Decades ago, I learned through a personal wake-up call, that the CDC is a political, and not a medical entity. Same for the NIH and WHO. Don’t rely on the government to take good care of you, and certainly not the WEF or WHO.

You Don’t Need a Puzzle to Connect the Dots…
Always, always follow the money. Big Tech has a financial interest in controlling you. The longer the lock downs, the more Amazon profits by delivering to your door. Big Pharma will make billions on vaccines. And here’s a mind-blowing in-depth post on using the virus to engineer worldwide economic depression so the billionaires can become multi-billionaires.

The anarchists targeted the wrong group.

Instead of allowing the smart phone to program your thoughts and opinions, use your own reasoning. Try a different browser than Google to see what you are missing although many browsers now censor. Don’t just swallow what you are told. Don’t accept there is only one answer. Question everything

– How is it that in October 2019 The John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the WEF and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted a pandemic simulation “Event 201″…just months before Covid was named a global pandemic? (And comments have been turned off censored for this video?)

– What is the conflict of interest with Christine Grady (Anthony Fauci’s wife) serving as the chief of the NIH’s department of bioethics?

– Where will you be able to go, what liberties will you loose by refusing a vaccination containing rapid verification of your vaccine history — biometrics technology — that is heavily funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and other elitist organizations?

“The internet is growing less free around the world, and democracy itself is withering under its influence…a cohort of countries is moving toward digital authoritarianism by embracing the Chinese model of extensive censorship and automated surveillance systems.” – Adrian Shahbaz from The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism

Do as the Elites Do — Choose Freedom over Submission
You do have a choice. A healthier choice. But for Heaven’s sake you must stop allowing Big Tech and MSM to program you with disinformation. Turn off all propaganda. Better yet, don’t turn it on. The only thing you’ll miss is disquietude. Trust me, whatever you truly need to know will find its way to you.

“There is research support for both the claim that unhappy people are drawn to watching TV, and the claim that watching television causes unhappiness…very happy people, in comparison with unhappy ones, spend more time socializing and significantly less time watching TV.” – Psychology Today

What do you think TV watching and socializing only via tech — the two allowed activities during lock down — are doing to your frame of mind? Are these Technocrat supplied distractions drowning out the quiet inner voice trying to guide you to the light?

Thriving with Common Sense or Dying from Propaganda – You Get to Choose
There are plenty of other studies, and scientists opposed to masks and lock downs who want the community and you to thrive. Simply ask yourself if you would rather be filled with light and love? Joy? Freedom? Then stand up. Speak out. Push back.

The most courageous act is to still think for yourself. Aloud. – Coco Chanel

For the record, I have worn a mask and gloves when getting groceries. I’ve ceased most other shopping and will not support undermining America or its values. I do not wear a mask when walking outside with others or gardening. And for Heaven’s sake, I do not wear a mask when alone in my house or car. I see the harm of isolation. So do a growing number of others who can see through what is really happening and are punching holes in the smokescreens.

Extraordinary action by extraordinary people standing up for truth to remain in control of their bodies.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. But, I am against the use of deception and force — be it destruction of communities, falsifying ballots, discriminating mandates. If you want a vaccine, get a vaccine but do not force me against my will because I want autonomy over my own body and health.

People need to follow in this man’s courageous footsteps of using common sense. Enough is enough.

Finding Courage to Move Past Fear
Choose to use your own power right now. Do not become enslaved and imprisoned with fear and sickness. Live in this exact moment and know you are well. Listen to your inner voice. Pay attention to how you feel. Practice healthy health care. Buy local; support your community. Help your neighbors. Hug your family.

Do not be afraid. Wake up and live the life God intends for you — to be joyous, healthy and free. To love others and be loved. If you don’t like where you’re headed, change the channel. Stand up and walk out of the darkness toward the light. You are not alone. You are never alone. My guiding verse throughout my entire life has been

“With God All Things Are Possible.” Believe. It’s true.

Feature photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

7 Replies to “Changing the Channel”

  1. Hmmm…mine has been acting strangely too. Not wanting to be suspicious, it has made me wonder about hackers or even those at WP who disagree with content…it’s such a strange world anymore with so much deviousness that nothing would surprise me. Thanks for responding. 🙂


  2. My WP account is acting strangely, it doesn’t show me any responses to my comments on blogs. Sorry I haven’t been able to see your responses. Also, I accidentally turned off my comments but it’s back on again. Have a great day my friend, Judy.

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  3. Thank you. I feel the same about yours and have suggested to those I trust to visit your blog as I find you are also unwilling to accept being programed. 🙂 I do believe we must stand in unity to speak the truth.

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  4. Thank you for your affirmation and appreciation, Lisa. My conscience would not allow me to remain silent while evil forces are at work. We must unite our voices and prayers for the sake of humanity. Love and warm wishes to you —

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  5. It is a scary world. Evil forces are at work here. We need to stand up for our rights, support those who do the same, and pray like crazy! Blessings to you for boldly posting this information and your perspective! 🙏🏻😥

    Liked by 1 person

  6. “Always, always follow the money. Big Tech has a financial interest in controlling you. The longer the lockdowns, the more Amazon profits by delivering to your door. Big Pharma will make billions on vaccines. And here’s a mind-blowing in-depth post on using the virus to engineer worldwide economic depression so the billionaires can become multi-billionaires.”

    Very true. About 8,000 people want complete control of those they intend to allow to survive. It is not a question of ‘billionaires becoming multi-billionaires’; it is an unquantifiable desire of the few to take and own it all.

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