Messages from Above for Below

Feeling fearful as 2021 hammers at the door? Excited? Weary? Helpless? How are you greeting this New Year?

Like many, I welcome the changes I initiate. It’s the unexpected ones that are often unsettling. How do I minimize the discomfort? I pay attention.

Be an Observation Tower
In gardening, I’m conscious of the outside world. As an HSP, I feel those observations more deeply in my inner world. And as an ACOA, I’ve found that paying attention, noticing slight changes, helps me prepare and feel more comfortable when the unexpected arrives. Are the caterpillars more woolly this season, are the leaves turning upward or the cows reclining because a rainstorm is on the way?


The Most Natural Language
Similarly, what could be more natural than the sun, moon and stars which consistently show up day after day? No surprise then, that I’ve long appreciated the Native American reverence for nature or the eighty percent accuracy of the Farmers Almanac. If we, and all things are truly connected, why wouldn’t the heavens above have their own powerful energy and guidance too?

If it’s Good Enough for Plato and Aristotle, It’s Good Enough for Me
Being open to receiving what is around me — whether it’s a diverse opinion or what nature offers — enriches my life, if not today then down the road of tomorrow. How does someone interpret a particular set of circumstances? What does it mean to them? Sorting through it all, I take what resonates deep within and leave the rest.

The same for astrology. I am fascinated by its uncanny descriptions of personalities and forecasting of events. Originally created to bring order from chaos, this discipline has lasted the test of time…and even through unnecessary marketing fluff.

“Babylonian astrology was introduced to the Greeks early in the 4th century B.C. and, through the studies of Plato, Aristotle, and others, astrology came to be highly regarded as a science. It was soon embraced by the Romans (the Roman names for the zodiacal signs are still used today) and the Arabs and later spread throughout the entire world.” – The American Federation of Astrologers

As the World Turns it Transforms
After the unthinkable events of 2020, who wouldn’t love to have an inkling of insight into this New Year right now? And while I am a great believer in envisioning the world we want to see, I also find messages from the heavens comforting….kind of like if I know what to possibly expect, I won’t be so shocked when it happens.

Eliminating the technical and often confusing jargon of astrological trines, conjunctions, retrogrades, etc., here’s what the heavens indicate is around the corner. Seeing this mirrors how critically important 2020 was in emphasizing what really matters in life, for ourselves and all of humanity. All the more reason to hold a positive vision while witnessing historical transformation this year.


A new 21-year cycle of social/cultural, and economic growth began with the winter solstice on December 21st.

The next 19-months will focus on net worth, self worth, and survival matters. People will rise to a higher level of equality but those in power will resist the change. Money markets will be pressured.

New Initiatives

By late January, people will tune into enlightened new concepts not previously considered. A new structure of consciousness will help people begin to embrace a new reality for everyday living.

Key points for the year
2021 highlights…

Shocking Surprise

Expect the unexpected in the last few days of January as in a life-altering announcement or sudden surprise. But, wait and see. What may appear certain may falter.

Deception and scandals continue. The person sworn in may not finish the term, and divisions in America will continue as if there are two Presidents.

Exposed Secrets

The second wave of the ccp/covid-virus and mutational strains continue through mid February. The cause for this virus may be revealed along with other long-held government secrets.

Communication is distorted and the media will radically change.


Higher, more important energies are influencing the world for the better now. Trust that no matter how it looks, it is all illusion. Tap into these higher vibrations and remain optimistic.

Looking in the Rear View Mirror to See the Road Ahead
Have you contemplated what your freedom means to you? How would you feel without it? The ccp/covid-virus restrictions are only a slight preview.

This 15 minute video succinctly explains many of the concerns I’ve expressed this past year over Big Tech (and Big Pharma), social media, Hollywood’s influence, censorship, America and its freedoms (or loss thereof). This is not about Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals, blacks or whites, men or women. It is about freedom. If you care at all about it, I hope you will be open minded enough to listen, ponder, and act.

Wake Up

America’s impending moment will define whether it still has that fiercely independent can-do spirit or if it has been silenced into submission. The actions you do or don’t choose to take now might never be available again…

Tools to Help See Through the Fog

  • Demand your legislators fight for election integrity.
  • Delete Facebook and Twitter accounts. Freely communicate instead on free speech network Parler.
  • Stop using Google search. Switch to a browser that respects your privacy like Duck Duck Go.
  • Stand in solidarity with other freedom loving Americans in Washington DC on January 6th.
  • Continue praying for the healing and safety of America and the world.

This year appears to be a tsunami of unexpected, radical change. Knowing this, I will hang on to my hat, tighten my seat belt, prepare and hunker down to do whatever necessary to protect all aspects of my health and sovereignty. Happy New Year?

Image credits in order of appearance:
Featured photo by: Kartik Gada on Unsplash
#2: by Nicole Avagliano from Pexels

8 Replies to “Messages from Above for Below”

  1. K. What a small small world. I know Sue and not only that I started a small email group and Sue is part of the group. Sue is the biggest contributor of information. What she comes up with is outstanding. Don’t know Simon Parkes. I’ll have to
    check him out. I will contact you on your contact page for I do NOT give out my email here. At least not the one I will be giving you.
    One of my hats is to encourage and send light and love through my blog and in so doing I get a lot of comments. Lots. Then my life. BIG. LOL Interpretation ….. my time here is limited. I’ll be sending you an email, WG.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I can tell, we do understand each other. A saying I’ve found so true is “My greatest growth has been through my greatest pain.” (I can be a tough learner.) 😮 Presumably, that is also where humanity is right now…

    Considering your commentary, I think you may also like listening to Simon Parkes on You Tube (if you haven’t already). I find him extremely calming and reassuring during these strange times. Another truth seeking blogger Sue Dreamwalker introduced me to his updates and I am so grateful. May all of us continue finding each other to unify our energy of revealing truth, light and love. 🙂 God Bless All.

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  3. God bless you. I like you have suffered major losses which all put me through hell. Yet that hell is where I grew even more. I’m learning as an HSP and Empath to recognize what is mine and what is not. NOT easy. To FEEL the yuck of this sludge energy is horrible and for years I did. I was placed in NY to break up that sludge with light and with love. NOT easy. But I’ve done it and continue to do so. I have not compromised my integrity and I LOVE my Country with all my heart, the Country I envision it to be. The agenda is evil which I saw about 2 weeks after our first lockdown. And from there I dove into rabbit holes looking for truth. And boy did I get truth. I’m still learning and the more I learn the more I am in AWE of what those behind the scenes have done for years and are still doing. If it were not for these people, we would have ended up either dead or in FEMA camps. What this evil had planned for us is beyond nightmares. I am SO SO grateful to God that He truly has His hand on this nation. I have fought so hard and I will continue to do so until every evil is uprooted! We mirror each other. It is just a privilege to know that there are those who live like I do. GOD BLESS YOU!! xo

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  4. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment. We are on the same path. While 2020 was not my worst year ever, I had hoped for better days after 2019 when I lost more than a dozen loved ones including my beloved Border Collie of 14.5 years and my only sibling. As an HSP, it is a continual challenge to process without letting it deeply affect me while still staying true to my personal integrity. I gave up cable many years ago when the weather became a tragedy. I gave up NPR when the narrative became so distorted it was sickening. I refuse to follow the new agenda and remain true to my love of America, God, common sense, and all other life.

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  5. Well, certain aspects anyway. I am very concerned when it talks about “radical change” because, well, that’s what a Harris presidency looks like to me… Keep praying. 🙂


  6. As always I listen to my Inner Guidance which has told me not to listen to the outer world or predictions but instead to only listen to what my heart tells me. All I know is what is coming will rock this world. Global peace is the goal and it shall be! I am an Empath and yes, 2020 was the most difficult year of my life. However, that being said, I am more solid now in facing conflict, facing dire circumstances and overcoming them by insisting on living according to me. I’ve been guided to keep my energy high and clear of the chaos that is raging about. Prayer is another that I am being guided to do. I have for more years than I can tell you NOT watched MSM for I saw the lies and the propaganda. I have maintained my mind and my soul and no one will take those from me! I have come to my own conclusions regarding what is transpiring and have had those conclusions confirmed time and time again by those who know how to walk the Higher Way. I am done red-pilling others. If they do not know by now something horribly wrong is going on, it is futile to even try and waste my energy to wake them up. What is coming will. I know where I stand and I can say in all honesty I have not compromised my integrity. Keep on the path you have chosen for yourself and know you are doing your very best to stay above the cesspool pit. I say good for you!!!

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