Maneuvering the Freedom Trail

Post on YouTube about the Far Left's Communism in America

Look Left. Look Right.
It took me awhile to appreciate Dr. Michael Savage‘s claim that “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” But, standing at the crossroads of freedom I more clearly see their political maneuvering to undermine the basic tenets of American life.

Which path will you take? The road turning far left, crowded with poisoned sheeple from pasture (propaganda) bloat that ram others with what they are guilty of themselves? Pelosi, Schumer, and AOC herd the blind from freedom to imprisonment. Their diabolical rhetoric regurgitated by MSM, and acted out through the violence of BLM and Antifa, while Big Tech censors opposition, and companies oppress to tyrannize American rights, laws and values, is not the road I choose.

Post from a Far Left Person Dishonoring his Patriotic Father's Cremains
This Far Left commentator proudly states he’s dishonored his patriotic father’s cremains. Apparently, this is the politically correct definition of “decency.”

Open Eyes, Open Arms
The path to the right is also arduous, strewn with stones, traps, betrayers and the hunted. But the light of truth through tolerance, love, and compassion for all — not only the ones who subscribe to a particular ideology — allows everyone to walk freely. Respect, open-mindedness, and independent thinking are companion guides to freedom. It matters naught to me what you do or think in your personal life when it doesn’t directly affect me. You are entitled to your opinions and thoughts — but not to take away mine.

“You can’t legislate love. The President of the United States can’t legislate us into liking each other. We have to step forward and ask questions about each other and engage. So, it’s up to us…We live in America and in America we have the freedom to express ourselves. We shouldn’t take that for granted so whatever the movements are, whether you agree with them or don’t, they have the right to express themselves. That’s one of the great things about being in this country, that you do have the right to protest.” Denzel Washington

Walk Away
The sentiments in this video echo my own as well as millions of other Americans witnessing what began as a slow trampling and is accelerating to a full assault on our Bill of Rights and Constitution — particularly the cherished amendments that protect free speech, freedom of the press, free assembly and protest, freedom to worship and bear arms, and the right to privacy.

The WalkAway Campaign is under assault from the Far Left.

Listening to Warning Signs
I heard the early warning signs through political correctness, policed thought, group think, doublespeak, and shouting down. Did you?

Paying attention to twisted words that distort history, abolish rights, keep people enslaved as victims, wrongfully accuse others as racists or white supremacists, and punish those with differing opinions, has strengthened my love for America. Surely our founding fathers and the millions of soldiers who died for our freedom would be horrified today.

Predators in the Dark
Similarly, our current soldiers must feel deceived that while they stayed on alert to protect America, sleeping people crept in who hate our country. (Not to mention the recently disrespectful treatment they received at the Capitol.)

“Many in the community who viewed the unfolding events as travesties remained mute, afraid that they would be punished for raising objections to the proceedings by being accused of witchcraft themselves.” — Encyclopedia Britannica on Salem Witch Trials

Speaking Out
Those who still retain decency and sanity in the midst of radical power mongering and control are often attacked by the Far Left. Courageous and rational leaders like Senators Marjorie Greene, Madison Cawthorn, Josh Hawley, outraged journalists who have had enough of the bullying and stand up for the truth like Candice Owens, Michael Savage, Paul Joseph Watson, and outstanding citizens like Laura Loomer, Robert Unanue, and Mike Lindell are willing to stand up for America because they know she is worth defending.

Freedom is not free and for those who love this country, our payment is due by fearlessly speaking out. We may be attacked with verbal abuse, even job loss, but the alternative loss of liberty is far greater. Remember, even soldiers of the Revolutionary War enduring hardships refused complacency, instead creating America’s renowned fighting spirit.

YouTube removed the original video posted here so this one from Bitchute will have to suffice.

Dead Ends
The CCP does not want America unified. Nor do the supposed leaders in government today who squander time and taxpayer money for their own vengeance rather than working to better the lives of all people and unite all colors, all ethnicities, all ages, all political parties, all geographic locations, etc. Look, listen and learn to understand their language of antonyms.

Mind Monsters Policing the Streets
The radical regiment/CCP (There’s hardly any difference.) alienate with threats and acts of oppression. They intend to control all thoughts, all speech, all activities, all worship, all income, all life (and death). Look at the masks of silence and submission, the cameras and social credit scores in China to see the monster policies immigrating to America.

Wrong Turns
Robotic sheeple have sold their souls (and America’s) while being led into an abyss of quicksand. Once the bait of free government assistance is taken, it’s too late to learn what Satan demands in return.

Stop Signs and Caution Lights
I’ve chosen to bypass social media and especially FB and Twitter which would road block my values, time and thoughts. Big Tech affirms this decision with their increased censorship. I now search with DuckDuckGo and try to find more videos on Bitchute than Google’s Youtube which is also rapidly removing content to allow only their approved point of view. Thankfully, there are still enough of us who recognize these CCP tactics to destroy America through rabid legislators, Big Tech, and MSM.

Taking the High Road
America means freedom. It always has. The valiant will not be silenced even while unfairly assaulted (by the left’s version of “unity” that equates to stomping out the right). If you are one of the millions of true Americans who love this country, be unwilling to support those working to destroy America — politicians, Hollywood, MSM, Big Tech, radical individuals, and these companies:

Adidas, AirBnB, Amazon, Apple, Allstate, Anastasia Beverly Hills, AT&T, Atlantic Records, Aritzia, Autodesk, A16z, Bank United, Inc., Bed, Bath & Beyond, Biossance, Billie, BJs, BMW, Bumble, Bungie, CNet, Cisco, Citibank, ColourPop, Cos

Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Telekom, Devolver Digital, Discord, Docusign, DoorDash, Dropbox, Drew Houston, Deciem, EA Games, Eaze, Eileen Fisher, E.L.F., Etsy, Facebook, FashionNova, Fitbit, For Love and Lemons

Ganni, Gap Family (Old Navy, Gap, Athleta), Garth Brooks, Gatorade, Glossier, Grindr, GrubHub, H.E.B., Honest Beauty, Hourglass Cosmetics, HP Inc., HSN (Home shopping Network), IBM, Intel, Ilia Beauty

J.P. Morgan Chase, Jennifer Lopez, Jordan, Kosas, Kellogg’s, Kohl’s, Kroger, Lady Gaga, Lenovo, LinkedIn, LipSlut, Lululemon, Lyft

Matchstick Ventures, Microsoft, Nabisco companies (Ritz, Oreo, Triden, Chips Ahoy!), Nest, Netflix, NFL, Niantic, PayPal, Peloton, Pepsi, Petty Little Thing from its At Home with Saweetie Collection, Pokemon, Professional Bank, Pusheen the Cat

Reddit, RobinHood, Salesforce, Savage X Fenty, Shopify, Shop HQ, Signature Bank, Simon & Schuster, Snap, Square Enix, Spanx, Sunday Riley, Tamko Building Products, Target, Techtonic, That Game Co., The Shopping Channel, Tinder, Toms, Twitter

Uber, Ugg, Ubisoft, United Airlines, Unilever’s Axe and Unilever’s Degree, Visa, Vimeo, Walmart, Warby Parker, Warner Records, Wayfair, 23 and Me

Brave the Journey
For most of our lives we’ve been able to take our freedoms for granted but now stand at the crossroads. Continued silence is a deteriorated course as witnessed by events this past year. The road may be long and hard. Only the brave start the journey, the weak fall along the way, and only the strong survive! Don’t stop believing. America’s freedom is worth it. Stay strong. Keep the faith. And if you never had it, get it.

4 Replies to “Maneuvering the Freedom Trail”

  1. WG, what I have been hearing gives me reason to celebrate. You do what your heart urges you to do and I shall do what mine does as we both very soon enter a brand new world free from slavery and corruption. Glory!!! We have so much to be grateful for and the respect and awe I feel right now for our rightful President gives me the goosebumps. When all is revealed we all will be blown away by his brilliant mind. Much love to you! xo

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  2. Thanks for taking the time and courage to reply. It’s unbelievably sad how many are still asleep…and will probably still not wake up when others in the Far Left come for them for whatever trivial slight has been determined to be offensive.

    I have only been slightly involved in politics in my life and have never taken my right to vote for granted. However, after the major corruption of 2020, I might never vote again unless a new party is created like the Patriot Party for instance.

    In the end, I cannot sit idly by without speaking the truth. That just isn’t me. I couldn’t live with myself because I cherish the freedoms I’ve been granted in America…you know, “No voice, no choice.”

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  3. Not surprising hardly anyone is here, WG. However as events unfold in “DC”, those who have blindly ignored the signs, or those who have supported the Left, or those who think all this has nothing to do with them, well ….. the drama continues and it will shortly be crystal clear how Dems/Radical Lefts hate America. The Walk Away movement has been taken off FB. All of it. I pray they backed up their work, I really do. It is horrifying what is happening. Anyone who has NOT been paying attention, they are in for the shocks of their lives. Believe me, it is even upsetting with me when I see what is happening even though I know it is not real. So I stay away and focus on LOVE and my life. Once red-pilled, there is no going back.
    I say BRAVA to you for your courage speaking the truth. How sad too many yet do not care. I had no place for politics in my life up until last year when suddenly our Country stopped. That is when I figured out what this virus represented and from there I dove down rabbit holes. Thank you, WG!!! Your efforts will not go unnoticed even if only a few come here. God bless you!! xo

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