Communism in America

Post on YouTube about the Far Left's Communism in America

Post on YouTube about the Far Left’s Communism in America

6 Replies to “Communism in America”

  1. True. The difficulty is “we” didn’t keep ourselves educated, didn’t monitor what our children were learning over the past few decades, and didn’t stand on principles when the communist effort was still in it’s infancy. We allowed ourselves to believe in propaganda, believe the two parent (mother and father) home wasn’t necessary, to feel sorry for people with mental illness instead of helping them, and to believe that we shouldn’t be observant. Today, the difficulty is generations miseducated and dum#ed down through the propaganda/education system, taught not to think for themselves, and then not knowing how to raise the next generation, and we’re in the middle of it. But yes, those who understand need to continue striving to truly inform and educate, but these communists do not give up, and so we cannot give in.


  2. These communists do not give up. Every place they try it, it fails, so they have to bring it with them here, thinking they can do it this time. It will fail here, as well, but many will suffer in the mean time. If one looks at what has transpired in the past few decades, it’s right out of their playbook.


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