Changing Focus Starting with the Colour Brown Challenge

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m weary from the events of 2020 through now and I’d guess you are too. Practicing self-care, I know I must change my focus. This doesn’t mean giving up or becoming dispassionate about what I care about most. It means turning more attention and efforts to what lights up my life (while still praying and envisioning love and unity in the world I hope to see).

From Loss…
This change in focus is especially important while still facing CCP/covid lockdowns which sterilized in-person interaction worldwide. For me, this culture loss means no concerts, museums, dining out, public markets, hand drumming, poetry gatherings, discussing the Tao with friends, visits with relatives in other states, and of course, international travel. It’s also precluded getting another dog after the death of my beloved border collie, Bess.) Having so many sources of joy evaporate at once left a gaping, grieving hole.

…To Fulfillment…
Thankfully, writing and photography are two activities that fill me up and nourish my spirit. Although I am an inexperienced photographer it doesn’t mean I don’t see beauty in the world. Gardening helps me foster it and photos memorialize snippets of sights treasured deep within. Photos, it seems, are another language entirely that speak to my heart.

With that feeling in mind I’ve decided now is the time to venture into the realm of the photo challenge. While this new world may be even more challenging for this self-proclaimed neo-Luddite and Gutenberg newbie, I think it will be a fun diversion. Here’s my first attempt via the Travel Words blog monthly Colour Challenge for January’s color of brown:

…And Fun!
I hadn’t realized the color brown appears in so many varied places. Meeting this challenge was certainly a pleasant diversion to current events. Perhaps you’ll try it too!

13 Replies to “Changing Focus Starting with the Colour Brown Challenge”

  1. Yes, gardening has been my savior for sure. And I am sure you will see me in your next color challenge, Jude — what great fun, particularly while the garden is resting and it’s snowing like crazy! I’ll be looking forward to it!


  2. Thanks for joining me this month. It is true there are so many browns out there, but it is a colour that we tend to ignore. In fact when you look it is practically everywhere in our lives. As you say it has been a tough year, but blogging and gardening keep me sane, although the garden has taken something of a backseat these past few months – roll on spring – I hope to see you again with my next colour challenge.
    Jude xx

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  3. Thank you, Lisa. Yes, what would we do without photos and nature?

    That’s courageous of you to continue traveling during the pandemic…I don’t have the same confidence and have primarily limited my travels to back country roads. Still, I am grateful for the reprieve and change of scenery. Will look forward to hearing about your road trips… πŸ™‚

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  4. Just lovely! Photography has saved me this past year. That and blogging, because what else would I do with the thousands of photos I’ve taken! Fortunately we have been able to take two road trips, with one more in the works. All primarily outdoors, but awesome for refreshing the soul, and snapping photos! I look forward to seeing more photos on your posts 😊

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  5. Ah, must be telepathy…you’ve answered my question before I just asked it on your site. πŸ™‚ And yes, thank goodness for gardening and blogging. Being in nature always makes the world seem AOK. πŸ™‚

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