Hearts and Souls

One thing I love about blogging is connecting with others throughout the world. Sharing from my heart and experience, and reading what others share from their hearts and experience offers a kaleidoscope of understanding that can unite hearts and minds. The same holds true when viewing photos captivated by other eyes. Wondrous moments and prismatic encounters often begin with a simple hello, come on in, lets share some ambrosial tea…

“For something in nothing
A voice in the air
A face in the doorway
In wordless prayer
I’m heart and soul boys
Heart and soul
Wonder shining in my eyes
Like I’m three years old

If thoughts preclude feelings,
and the mind
is the road to the heart,
is not the heart
the road to the soul?

Not dead only sleeping
Adrift on the sea
The start of the river
The end of me…

…Where truth ain’t resented
Where love ain’t despised
And misrepresented
And sanitised… “

some Heart and Soul Lyrics by David Gray

Every person wants to be loved.
Why does humanity make this so complicated?
When it’s all so simple.
The answer is love.
Always was.
Always will.

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