The Solution for Unity is Simple (and Free)

We know







But what








Love Heals
Closed minds, closed hearts, closed arms will not bring us together. If people sincerely want to unite there is no room for hate, no room for blame, no room for dishonest doublespeak.

A Musical Awakening
Pre-ccp/covid, I’d frequently travel from my home in the mountains to music concerts a few hours away. While a minority at some genres, I’ve never felt unwelcomed or out of place because we’re all there for love of the music. But, it was the emcee at a smooth jazz event that astounded me two years ago.

When he looked into the audience and said, “Don’t pay attention to what the media is saying. We come together in love. We are not against each other in hate,” I felt perplexed. I had no enmity, nor had I discriminated against anyone or felt prejudiced. 

Why was he saying this, I wondered. I considered myself a moderate liberal at that time but had already disassociated myself from MSM’s sensationalized, opinionated reporting. I hadn’t realized the false narrative had already begun. But, what I learned during that encounter was that I didn’t feel hate or prejudice because I wasn’t swallowing what was being promoted. I hadn’t allowed hate to color my world…

Music is the Universal Language of Mankind”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The New Allergy: People
And then, the fiery events of 2020 and explosive rhetoric answered my question. The cancerous false narrative distracting and dividing America with hostility, undeserved guilt, and fear began poisoning my own tolerance. Suddenly, I felt more divided than ever. It was the most anger I felt since fighting natural gas pipelines, protesting for Women’s rights, or rebelling against the Vietnam War. Sadly, I haven’t been to a single music concert since the ccp/covid restrictions took hold.

As an HSP, I feel a heavy universal energy from one-sided oppression and submission eroding tolerance and understanding. As an HSP, I am more mindful of others’ feelings and reactions, and see our overly hypersensitive culture making us allergic to each other. (Of course, physical distancing and fear are emphasizing the adverse reaction. How many people have jumped out of your path now that the ccp/covid virus is running loose?)

Free Will to Choose Love
To allow current culture to control me, I would have to become intolerant, shaming and blaming others for views different than my own. I would have to reject my own values of showing others consideration, respect, and kindness.

When relying on common sense and compassion, there is no need to legislate anyone’s thoughts or opinions. There is no place for censorship or shouting down when choosing instead to look at another as a brother or sister of humanity. I do not want others to make me dependent. Thinking for myself, I can choose love over hate and know that violence isn’t the answer. Love heals. Love IS the answer.

Choosing Love IS Available to Anyone at Anytime
So is tolerance. So is kindness. They have stood the tests of time. This video gives me chills, encouragement and hope that more will turn away from the current darkened narrative to one lighted with love. I’m all in for a heart-based revoluton, are you?

There IS an alternative to violent protests destroying life, community and each other.

May you Choose a Happy Heart Today and going forward!

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