Changing Focus Blogging Challenge: Getting Unplugged (to Plug into Life)

Did You Unplug this Weekend?

Did you take the opportunity to unplug this weekend and disconnect from tech and social media (SM)? If so, I’d love to hear how you felt about it, what you did (or didn’t do), and if this event encouraged you to unplug regularly. If not, it’s never too late to begin.

And if you found your 24-hour respite from SM and tech useful or pleasant, encourage others to try it out. Refer back to the Digital Minimalist for how to make tech work for you rather than be controlled by it. Consider becoming a member of the National Day of Unplugging (NDU) movement — it’s free and easy to sign up.

Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Details

If you’re participating in the Changing Focus blogging challenge on Unplugging, you still have until March 27th for your interpretation of this theme via photos, narrative and/or music. Remember to add Changing Focus as a tag and provide a link to your response via comments.

As I shared last week, I’ve consciously chosen to be unplugged from tech and SM 99% of the time. While I never had to jump out (quit SM, tech gadgets) it’s because I made a conscious decision to not jump in. Here’s an example why:

“I’m thrilled that my smart phone can turn on my oven. How cool is that?”

“Why would you want it to?”

“So I don’t have to get off the couch.”

Ouch! That was a conversation I had with a smartphone user a few years ago. Knowing we have a growing obesity problem in this country, do we really need one more excuse to not exercise or move around? Bottom line for me is if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Alexa will not be a guest in my home nor will my home become smart. I make the effort to think for myself and I try to preserve the English language (no texting for me although I do fall prey to some acronyms). This was my answer to texting when it first became popular:

B4 Human Communication sign by Ohno Techno

While I can still read a map and ask questions, I find people frequently can’t tell me the name of the street or a nearby business but offer to look it up on their phone. Whatever works, I suppose. Which was a cute Woody Allen movie by the way. (I’ve seen more movies during the winter lock down than in most of my life.)

Speaking of, the photos I posted last week were activities I could still maintain during ccp/Covid lock downs. Here’s some photos of activities I can hardly wait to resume after we’re freed from physical distancing restrictions. This is how I more fully plug into life (sans tech and SM):

  • Sign indicating "How I Plug into Life by Unplugging from Tech before (and hopefully after) ccp/Covid
  • Sign that indicates "Sailing" Love those magical Caribbean waters? Paradies doesn't need tech!
  • Sailboat with people on board
  • Two sailboats in the ocean
  • Sailboat in the ocean
  • Sign indicating "City Parks and Gardens...a date iwth Nature's endless colors, textures and scents delight... Heavon on Earth doesn't need tech!"
  • Cherry blossom trees in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • Wild Petunia sign in city garden amidst white flowers
  • City park of Spring blooming trees
  • Sign indicating "Museums and Concerts...A captivating experience with creativity...Tech detracts from in-the-moment appreciation of the art or artists"
  • Colorful painting from Borghese Gallery in Italty
  • Bernini sculpture at the Borghese Museum "Apollo and Daphne"
  • Man playing saxophone
  • Sign indicating "Dining Out with Friends...Savoring tasts and aromas, laughter, hugs and conversation...Genuine live connection sans tech warms the heart"
  • Lanterns at restaurant during sunset
  • grilled Caribbean lobster
  • Sign indicating "Speciality Relaxation...Hands on and nature rejuvenates...No tech alarms, rings or pings here!"
  • Map of route traveled through Scotland
  • White sand and turquoise waters
  • Hiking through Cinque Terre offered breathtaking views
  • Sign indicating "Speciality Relaxation...Hands on and nature rejuvenates...No tech alarms, rings or pings here!"
  • Vastly high scupture with chimes
  • Hammock on the beach overlooking turquoise sea
  • Coral and blue colored building housing Spa Tropique
  • Assorted conga and djembe hand drums
  • Sign indicating "Dog Entertainment is a joyful activity...Alexa and SM virtual friends can't love like a canine does"
  • Border Collie with Red Ball in her mouth
  • Border Collie running with blue Frisbee
  • Border Collie with grey tug toy in her mouth
  • Summer Border Collie Fun in the Pond
  • Border Collie waiting for Frisbee toss in autumn leaves
  • Border Collie with red circle Tug toy in her mouth
  • Border Collie looking in snow covered tree for her Frisbee

Simon Parkes sums it up best: “Technology has outstripped social awareness, consciousness, values. In other words the search and quest for technology has so outstripped our ability to value each other, choose what’s right, support the planet, be of service to others rather than service to self, that we’ve gone down this road…

“…The more we are sucked into this digital stroke artificial intelligence way of life, the more intolerant we are becoming towards our fellow human beings and the more robotic we choose to be. That is extremely dangerous…”

Call me Old School. Call me not with it, but call me happy to stay true to my values…to be a critical thinking human who loves paying attention and interacting with her surrounds and life — that includes with you too.

Image credits in order of appearance:
Original featured image by Write Gardener
Unplugged smartphone by Lukas on Pexels
Slideshow images by Write Gardener

4 Replies to “Changing Focus Blogging Challenge: Getting Unplugged (to Plug into Life)”

  1. Sounds like you have a great handle on handling tech in a healthy way while still staying involved with life and nature — as evidenced also by the awesome photos you share. Kudos to you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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