No Words Necessary

“I hope this will bring us all together and reveal how connected we are…even though we are each in our own little world!” — Cadyluck Leedy

While dipping my toes in the world of the blogging challenge, I recently discovered the Just One Person From Around the World challenge hosted by That Travel Lady In Her Shoes. Considering how much I love connecting with others, and it’s something humanity desperately needs to preserve worldwide, this challenge spoke directly to my heart.

Jamaican man playing hand drum

Hard to believe it was 10 years ago already that I met Rainbow Main in Falmouth, Jamaica.

I had just begun hand drumming in 2009 and hoped to return home with a drum. Rather than tchotchke souvenirs, I intentionally seek out more memorable local treasures. (On this trip I also took home a dozen CDs that the local children made for me of their favorite Jamaican musicians which I still love listening to today.)

Rainbow Man happily demonstrated this drum for me. And could he play! When I asked permission to take his photo that appears as the feature of this post, he responded with that wonderful broad smile and stylish hat!

The Universal Language of Hand Drumming
Hand drumming to me is a universal language like a smile. No words are necessary for hearts to speak to each other through the rhythm of the drums.

While recovering from a chronic illness led me to try Afro-Cuban hand drumming (mostly on conga drums), the benefits were more far reaching than anticipated. Besides increasing energy levels, it connects with others on a deeper level, and is my preferred mode of meditation.

Proven positive effects of hand drumming/recreational music making (RMM) include reducing symptoms of stress, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illness, addiction, and cancer.

The beat can vary from relaxing…
…to a lively conversation of individual voices in a circle!

I can hardly wait to drum again since ccp/Covid restrictions and lockdowns nixed our get togethers…and it certainly would have been an activity to keep the spirits up this past year.

The Universal Language of Photos
In the meantime, while awaiting physical restrictions to be lifted, I’ve found blogging challenges add a little pizzazz and fun to life (especially while avoiding single digit temps and mountains of snow). Interesting to see what attracts the camera, and the varied interpretations of photos shared, or even the challenge themes for that matter.

Here’s a few other challenges I’ve been drawn to already:

One word of caution though. Blogging challenges are so addictive I ended up starting my own. It’s a monthly challenge called Changing Focus. If you are so inclined, please join in!

Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Details

21 Replies to “No Words Necessary”

  1. Thanks for sharing the video, Amy. I just finished watching/listening. All very worthy info. I pray every morning to be assured of the path I am on and indeed, I receive confirmation that I am where I need to be. I have also found that my greatest growth has been through my greatest pain and hope that is the same for the Universe right now. Lastly, I’ve been fortunate, that when I was about 5 years old, I serendipitously received the message that “With God all things are possible.” That has been my guiding light all of my life. And now my dear friend, I am going out doors to savor Mother Nature’s glorious sunshine and warmer temps today! Hopefully, you will be able to do the same! 🙂 Big Hugs to you —

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  2. Yes, when the mask mandates arrived, my immediate feeling was that they were the sign of silencing and submission. I found myself isolating more so that I would not have to endure wearing one more than necessary. Thankfully, I have also been able to walk about freely (sans mask) with my walking partner. And while she is pro-vaccine and I am not, we still love and appreciate each other. How I have always loved choice and individual freedom and will fearlessly stand up for it. Love and light to you —

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  3. I respect open-minded relationships as well, WG. My sensitive nature has become so acute I can feel if someone is not who they claim they are. My Inner Guidance has become so so strong. Yes in NY if you want admittance into a store you have to wear a mask. I’m staying patient for many states are reopening and dropping masks mandates. And yes I do know about the damages masks are doing…. I warned my GP last year when all this started for I knew then. As for the vaccine …. we all have our choices. I know what mine is and what is true for me. Fear is lifting little by little, WG. I see it, I feel it. There will be those however who will still cling to fear regardless. For now, we are the example as we go about fearlessly without a mask where we can. BIG HUGS!!! xo

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  4. Yes, while I try not to judge, the masks easily identify those who are fear based versus those who are not. Sadly, many places still require them and have limits to the amount of people indoors at one time. It looked so strange to see a line of people waiting to get in to a Verizon store… Or for a NYC store to limit 2 persons/time when their population is so great.

    While my reason to visit NYC was purely medical, and I was required to undergo the temperature check and sign the inquiring document of my ccp/covid exposure, I was affirmed when the doctor stated that masks are causing other health problems (sinus, breathing and dental to be specific). I have treated with and respected this physician for nearly 30 years. While he touted the Pfizer RNA vaccine as a miracle, I expressed my opposing opinion while telling him I appreciated our ability to have a discussion and that I loved him all the same. Those are the types of open-minded relationships I have known all my life and continue to promote. 🙂

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  5. I happened to be in NYC yesterday and it was wonderful just to see people out and about. Being cooped up for so long, the energy of freedom was contagious, feeling like life was more “normal,” although many still wore masks (not me).

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  6. Yes, I understand what you say about solo drumming and have received the same advice from others but after a year of confinement, I am craving to reconnect with the members of our group. The energy is exactly what I need now. And coupled with Spring, my heart is skipping in leaps and bounds with possibilities. (I do not have crocuses but my dwarf irises which usually appear first, are still buried under a mound of snow. I am confident, though, that they will appear at exactly the right time.) Love and warm wishes to you —

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  7. Good for you, WG, finding means to connect which bring you fulfillment and joy. Music is very healing and I myself in fact am discovering that very thing returning to dancing. Just drumming on my laptop is intoxicating. Lots of surfaces to drum no matter where you are. Drumming in a group yes I understand brings so much more of everything but I encourage you to drum by yourself. Empowering!!! Happy Spring! xo

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  8. Drums have played a huge part in my own life too WG… beautiful post… Not up for the challenge But so good to be back here and beat my drum back with you all.. Much love and many thanks dear WG… Love Sue ❤

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  9. The other person to ask for is a Rasta named Roc. Really nice guy and I think he may have been the one to put us in touch with Rainbow Man…or try at one of the shack shops along the public beach. I’m a big believer in synchronicity so yes, you never know! 🙂

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  10. I am listening to the drums as I write! I really like the relaxing ones! Wow, who knew you could meditate to this! Thanks for joining in this week! Your post was very uplifting! Cady
    PS May I use that quote? Ha ha!

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