What Color is in Your Heart Today?

“There is no energy greater than the power of Love.
Once I finally embraced this concept, I realized that the path to Ascension always begins with the heart, and the color Pink.”

― Eleyne-Mari Sharp, Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color

Pink always gives my heart a lift. No wonder that in floriography pink roses symbolize happiness. Whether it’s pink flowers, pink sunsets, or pink puppy dog bellies, pink makes me smile.

Thinking pink, I’ve lucked out this month for two blogging challenges: Travel Words Life in Colour, and Cee’s flower of the day (FOTD) challenge. As the key player in my garden, pink appears everywhere. Here’s some favorites:

Pink makes me feel a little silly at times too…

Remember that playful Pink Panther cartoon?

Color the light in my heart pink when interacting with beloved pets. While there is no energy greater than the power of love, there is no love like that of a pet. Here’s a tad more pink to make your heart smile today. After all, it is National Pet Day —

Please give your pet some extra lovin’ today!

And remember, you still have until April 24th to honor your pet in this month’s blogging challenge…

Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Details

All still images by Write Gardener

14 Replies to “What Color is in Your Heart Today?”

  1. Thank you, Sue, for sharing that experience…something I hope to remember to try when in a similar situation. The garden is indeed my refuge, and particularly over the last year. Thanks for taking a stroll through. Love and sunshine to you dear friend. ❤

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  2. When I was working with a rather obnoxious boss, I would surround her mentally in Pink…. It often I found calmed her mood… If not hers then it certainly helped me cope with hers.. lol..

    Loved your post and all of your images WG….. We need LOVE in our hearts….. Sending love and hugs your way WG….. Your garden flowers beautiful my friend ❤

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  3. It took me many years and many tries to get the pink Dogwoods to take. I also have natural white ones in the woods but have learned they must be distanced from the pink ones for them to thrive. Glad you liked them. 🙂


  4. Sister in Law. WG, she and my brother are on a journey far removed from mine. I remember the days I was “blind”. So when I do talk with her, I remain kind. As for praise ….. I know some who expect it and believe me it is irritating. That only mirrors a lack of self confidence and love. Much love to yoU! xo

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  5. Thanks for taking time to share your kind sentiments, Amy. I’m guessing you wear pink often — if not in attire than in your heart. Please do educate this self-proclaimed Neo-Luddite: what is a SIL? Oh, and as far as the superiority crew, well, I’ve known for a long time that if someone has to “tell me” how wonderful “they” are, then something isn’t quite right with that picture… 🙂 xo

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  6. I recently came across one of my SIL’s in a conversation where she put down some who believed a certain way and made out that she and her husband were superior due to how they believe and act. My response was love, WG. I told her this world needs unifying and no matter where I am, I do not judge and I spread love, loving in word, thought and action. Yes love is the answer and yes oh yes, pink most definitely is associated with love and pink. Great post!! xo

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