Nature Teacher: Coexisting in Harmony

Illuminating Darkness

What do you think of if someone is in the dark? Are they without lights? Information? Living in fear? If dark is the absence of light,
is being enlightened having a deeper understanding?

Many talk today of reaching for the light, being the light, and often portray darkness as evil. I’ve said it myself. Yet, Nature teaches all darkness is not evil.

The Light of Understanding
From the sun’s rise to begin a new day to its rest when setting, light to dark and dark to light coexist as do death and life — revolving doors pulling each other through to the other side.

We get messages in the language that speaks to us. For some it is religion. For others it is the Tao or Nature. Perhaps a conversation with a friend, a passage in a book, or a personal awakening experience. Maybe it’s all of those things or maybe they’ve occurred at different times in life.

Pay attention.

Nature wakes when the sun rises. And while it’s just as natural to sleep in the dark, numerous nocturnal creatures do exist.

The person standing on the other side of the world in sunlight is awake while I sleep in the dark, and vice versa. We are seemingly worlds away — geographically and perhaps in our thinking or values.

Yet, if we were on the telephone or internet communicating with each other at this very instant, in the moment of now, it would be true to say both dark and light are occurring simultaneously.

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole.” ― C.G. Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

We coexist in the same world. Nothing is 100%. Have you ever cried tears of joy or laughed nervously when afraid? Forgiven someone for a cruel deed? The Taijitu illustrates this phenomenon perfectly.

Black and white yin and yang symbol
sunset behind wire fence

Yet the cancel culture movement does not understand this, even after experiencing 14 continual months of spirit scorching fear and isolation.

Some prefer the government dictate their lives while others choose personal sovereignty.

Sunrise. Sunset. They naturally co-exist.

Look into the sky when both sun and moon appear harmoniously together (selenelion). Yes, there are times an eclipse occurs momentarily but one does not permanently efface the other.  


Morning easily blends into evening, night into day. In one becoming the other, are we not different but all one?


Look again at the Taijitu. Can you see the natural and gentle flow of give and take?

Even the moon lights up the night.

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