Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Highlights (and Lowlights): Rain

Changing Focus monthly challenge for blogger's interpretation with writing, photos, and/or music

In response to this month’s Changing Focus blogging challenge on rain, Irene captured some of the sweet stillness of rain. See her “Watch a Raindrop” photos in this post on her blog: Heavens Sunshine capturing the beauty of God’s creation through the lens of a camera.

Soaking Rain
As shared in the original post for this blogging challenge, I often associate rain with sorrow. With the forecast for rain, rain, and more rain, I’m not surprised that Mother Nature is crying a flood of tears on this Memorial Day weekend. Feeling the anguish over America’s teetering freedoms personified through numerous thundering storms, I offer these last thoughts on rain.

Threatening Forecast
I reflect more deeply on the state of America since Memorial Day relates to our nation. As dark clouds mount from the ccp/covid virus, ensuing acts of lawlessness, unsustainable national debt, and intensifying rhetoric to divide our citizens and destroy our free society, my concerns heighten.

Rain Drops One by One
I was reminded this week of the 45 Communist goals as read into the U.S. Constitutional Record in 1963. China is making great strides for worldwide domination as evidenced in today’s intolerant and divisive culture.

In this last year we’ve witnessed racial conflict; indoctrinating students in Socialism; using student riots to foment public protests; infiltrating the press, radio, TV and films; violating freedom of religion, speech and freedom of the press; eliminating historic sculptures from parks and buildings; discrediting American culture, the family as an institution, our Founding Fathers; and more.

“You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone.”

The Heavier the Raindrop, the Greater the Speed of its Fall
America, in all her glory, has been a one-of-a-kind beacon throughout the world, accepting all races, ethnic groups and religions, and generously helping those in need. So many flock here to live freely from the oppression they are escaping.

Where else in the world can you speak openly and have the opportunity to make your life whatever you would like it to be? There is no other country like America and perhaps it’s this very characteristic that has weakened us, being open to all and willing to accept all — even those with less savory ideas, clamoring to the helm of her destruction.

Black and white yin and yang symbol

Umbrellas and Parasols
Is America perfect? Hell no. But no country, or person for that matter, is. Utopia does not exist. The Taijitu reiterates that again and again. Just as America has faults, she also has unique qualities that can’t be found elsewhere.

Interesting how the sections of the Taijitu look like raindrops…or shall I say teardrops?)

Pummeling Rain and Being Snowed
Taxpayers are required to pay for private security for some politicians while at the same time the police who protect the public are defunded. The false narrative that is inappropriately and inaccurately taught and regurgitated dictates that anyone not supporting a regressive agenda is an extremist.

Service members are silenced or dismissed when rightfully asking why Antifa and other violent rioters in Portland and Seattle are not labeled as domestic terrorists, and especially while Washington, DC demonstrators on January 6th are (or even Patriots for that matter).

Sundance writes that the armed forces are being deliberately subverted into an instrument to enforce politically correct views against states and regions that don’t subscribe to them. That looks more like China than America to me. So have the masks. From Day One.

The Erosive Power of Driving Rain
China’s civilian and military population outnumbers America. Now that our military is being severely weakened, how well can America defend herself?

Walking in the Rain
I admit, change isn’t always easy for me but changing America from a free society to an enslaved one I can never accept. I love my freedom too much.

I will not buy into the false narrative that America is demonic or racist. I will not kneel to Communism and silently watch her demise. I will not allow her to be pummeled any longer. I stand tall in love for my country and all that our forefathers designed for us to live as a free nation. I reach through the rain to the sun.

How about you? Do you defend America by refusing to accept the false narrative? Do you refuse to participate in the divisiveness that is accomplishing China’s plan to destroy America from the inside? Are you willing to take a stand to deflect the acid rain or will you silently stand by as Heaven rains its tears?

The Sun Eventually Shines
Of course, there is always the other side. (Just as the Taijitu reminds us.) While rain can be gloomy, it also produces glorious flowers and delicious produce, not to mention the delightful feelings when seeing a rainbow magically appear across the sky.

Each raindrop

is a sphere

that scatters light

over an entire circular disc

in the sky.

The radius of the disc


on the wavelength

of light,

with red light being scattered

over a larger angle

than blue light.

Image credit notation: the soldier photo is from – no infringement intended

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