Earth Day for Our Minds

We make a substantial effort educating each other about environmental pollution and even celebrate Earth Day nationally. We know littering, landfills, and plastics in the ocean are bad, bad, bad for our environment yet at the same time thought pollution runs rampant, easily knocking down doors to take control of our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Knowing ignorance is strength
Ignoring knowledge is sickness.

Only when we are sick of our sickness
shall we cease to be sick.
The sage is not sick but is sick of sickness;
this is the secret of health.

-71st Verse of the Tao Te Ching

Once Upon a Time
Years ago (probably 10 or more) mainstream media (MM) dominated my news sources. The nightly news, 60 Minutes, NPR’s Morning Edition and Fresh Air were staples. Friday Nights I looked forward to the PBS Newshour followed by Washington Week, and on Saturday morning I listened to one NPR show after another. Hard to believe I once wrote to Congress to defend public broadcasting when they wanted to defund it. Now, I wish they did.

Pollution is anything, which, when introduced into an environment, reduces the quality and functionality of that environment.

Opening My Eyes to Turn My Back
My change of heart began with open eyes, or shall I say ears? When the Weather Channel began hyping everyday rainstorms into oncoming tragedies, I became alarmed. Not because I believed I should fear the rain for Heaven’s sake, but because simple forecasts became frenzied energy.

Good time to cut the pricey cable bill since commentators rudely shouted over each other anyway rather than respectfully offer various opinions much less facts.

When the once calm public radio started waking me with catastrophes, I changed the morning channel. Who wants to begin the day that way?

And when all programming began pushing a biased narrative I completely pulled the plug. My moderately liberal views at the time couldn’t value broadcasts consistently skewing reality.

If you truly need to know something, it will find its way to you.

Around this time I heard Qigong teacher Daisy Lee state she avoids the news as much as she can. Her sentiments are valid in that if there is ever something that I truly need to know, it finds its way to me.

Wants and Needs
Still, it’s like walking a mine field when wanting to be aware of what is happening in the world but not falling prey to misinformation and disinformation. Honestly, I struggle with this. Even though infrequent access to independent media helps, discretion is needed there too. Are they projecting fear? Bias? Can I reference the info elsewhere?

It wouldn’t be on anti-social media (SM) that offers more bullying and repugnant commentary than credibility. I love personal connection but avoided SM’s guise of conveniently staying current with loved ones. Why would I support any company undermining America or freedom? Now seeing Big Tech’s involvement in our elections, and rampant censoring of various opinions, I know my decision was true. I don’t need SM or MM. I don’t want it.


People blocking each other out

What I do need, what we all need as evidenced during the ccp/covid lockdowns, is personal interaction. (Sure Zoom came to the rescue in many instances, but being locked indoors with tech, away from sunshine and people is not healthy!) In person connection is critical to our well-being.

As ccp-covid restrictions ease, I’m looking forward to hugging friends, hand drumming, attending concerts, and dining out together. And yes, I’ve kept friends with opposing views because they have other qualities I appreciate.

Never Looking Back
I’ve never looked back to miss MM (actually, I run far away). If waiting somewhere I read a book to relax yet wonder why listeners allow themselves to be bombarded with negative noise from a blaring TV (even though I respect their choice to do so).

Common sense, deep thinking, and discernment are snidely labeled conspiratorial or racist by those choosing to follow a disastrous agenda. Patriots, those who love America, are now branded as domestic terrorists or Nazis while broadcasters commend those tearing our country apart and ignoring the laws. Really?

Symptoms of sickness in our thinking such as fear, anxiety, hatred, anger, worry, impatience, and the stress they create are signals that our thoughts are out of alignment with our Source which is pure love, kindness, patience, contentment…

– Wayne Dyer’s elaboration on the 71st verse of the Tao (above)

A Perspective on Proximity
As Michael S. Tyrrell explains in his book The Sound of Healing: Unveiling the Phenomena of Wholetones:

  • Proximity is defined as nearness in space, time, or relationship; it is where you actually are.
  • Perspective is the way you see something, your point of view; it is where you think you are.
  • A linear thinker looks at something from one point of view.
  • A nonlinear thinker looks at something from several, often unrelated points of view.
Crumpled up paper of ideas

Tyrrel notes that “The biggest game changers have always tried new and innovative approaches for generating ideas, accessing knowledge and discovery.”

Pioneers have the most arrows in their backs.

Staying Stuck
It’s perplexing when some willfully and stubbornly cling to the new negative narrative, refusing to consider other points of view. Another Tao reading helped me understand closed mindedness:

Some use mockery and ridicule in an attempt to cover up a close-minded lack of comprehension. To the ignorant, anything that is unfamiliar or requires too much thought is automatically labeled as strange or weird.

Now that ccp-covid restrictions are easing up I will be meeting friends, hand drumming, attending concerts. For friends farther away, yes, I still handwrite notes and cards. And yes, I've kept friends with opposing views when they have other qualities I still appreciate.

As witnessed with ccp/covid, combative thought policing ramped up with masks to silence voices.

Many who got the shot obstinately refuse to give latitude to those who do not want an experimental injection, and who oppose vaccine passports and continuing to wear mandated masks. Opinionated people have become nasty on community bulletin boards for Heaven’s sake.

Thieving Thoughts
Feeding a PC incorrect data spits out gibberish. Why should it be any different for humanity when divisiveness, hate and intolerance are taught in schools, over 23 millions viewers tune in to MM, and Big Tech programs users 4-5 hours daily on their phones?


Let’s face it. If I am constantly told the world is a bad place, I will eventually begin to believe it. If I am constantly told my country or particular race is evil, I will begin to believe it. It’s called brainwashing. It’s like complete junk food for the mind. And humanity for that matter.

NTD was founded by Chinese-Americans who fled communism and understand that independent media is crucial to a free society.
You didn’t hear this on nightly news because it doesn’t fit MM’s false narrative…

“We often misuse our minds. We go to dark places or we work against ourselves injecting fear into our bodies sometimes by the media. So much of that kind of stress is actually avoidable.” Qigong teacher Daisy Lee

Keeping Out the Robbers
Thankfully, these affirming videos are still on YouTube although some versions have been quickly eliminated (as other videos I’ve previously posted have been too). The fact cancel culture and censorship is rampant in America should be alarming — not the latest rainstorm!


I will not be duped by the false narrative or condone or repeat it. Nor will I avoid the elephant in the room because of political correctness, or pretend something is other than it is. Instead I choose to (kindly) state what I see.

Say what you mean.
Mean what you say. Don’t say it mean.

Lined paper with words hand printed "thought catalog"

What thoughts do you choose? Do you judge others based on their views? Have you disassociated with some because of their differing opinions? How do you want to see your neighbor? Community? Country? The world? With anxiety-ridden fear and suspicion or love and respect? Do you want to laugh again, hug, walk safely down the street, and openly converse to expand your mind?

If freedom is not free, how much is your peace of mind worth?

Leaving Polluted Pathways for a Brighter World

Person with Sphere Over Head

In the end the choice is ALWAYS yours. An ancient Chinese proverb advises have a happy mind. You decide what you willingly allow to enter your haven of home and mind. You can follow the money to propaganda or you can follow the path to peace. And if you’re feeling lost, your heart knows the way.

Image credits in order of appearance:
Featured photo: by Evan McDougall on Unsplash
#2: Jim Wilson on Unsplash

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