What is Your Message for America on Her Birthday?

Considering the state of America on her birth date, what would be your message — Get Well? Condolences? Happy Birthday? Congratulations? Apology? As with everything in life, I suppose that depends on your viewpoint and values.

Blind Wisdom
While waiting in an office recently, I saw a framed calligraphy (wisdom repeated below) that was attributed to President Lincoln but still apropos for today. I later discovered that, although Lincoln did express similar sentiments, the postulations in the calligraphy were not his actual words. Still, it didn’t matter to me as I welcome various viewpoints and any reasonable commentary.

Purity of the Message or the Messenger?
Case in point. After my brother passed, I began reading The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying when someone stated that the author (Sogyal Rinpoche) was unsavory. They completely discredited the book and information because of this.

I responded that I focus on the value of the message, and that no matter who or how it is delivered, the content is most important to me. However, in all fairness, that same person gave me a copy of The Five Invitations by Frank Ostaseski which I found to be a better read (for the content…and author too, if that mattered).

Is it not a more pure, unbiased appreciation when the words themselves ring true without knowing the author? Think of yourself as a blind person while hearing this pansophy which is commonly referred to as the “Ten Cannots”:

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.

You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.

You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.

You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

The Unity of Independence
Cultural upheaval and constitutional political crisis have punctuated nearly two-and-a-half centuries of America’s history. It appears to be in our Republic’s DNA. As a successful leader through similar times, Lincoln is on my mind this 4th of July holiday.

“History is a story of multifaceted people and events.” — David Closson

That simple statement, to me, reflects reality and why erasing any portion of history is untruthful. The Taijitu easily explains this. Everything is composed of a complementary, interconnected and interdependent balance that naturally coexists harmoniously. (Good and bad, positive and negative…you cannot have light without darkness.)

“Folks are always fed up with the ideas of conflict while fighting for good over evil and trying to put an end to the dark side…We need to accept the opposite sides of anything to live in harmony.” — Anurag Barman

Lincoln had flaws as all humans (and governments) do. Any individual can freely choose whether to focus on the darkness or the light. Which is more productive? Which feels better? I prefer focusing on the positive aspects such as Lincoln’s accomplishments which do not need to be cancelled. Nor do any other persons and events in history. Period.

Does Cancel Culture want to erase the Proclamation of Emancipation too?

I have no problem with adding statues, but completely disagree with one totalitarian group dictating that America’s leaders be denigrated and our history erased. Frankly, it’s un-American. I do not condone George Floyd’s death but to erect a statute of a drug addict while abolishing Lincoln’s is beyond comprehension.

“George Floyd was a victim – of his drug addiction, self-destructive behavior, and Derek Chauvin’s misconduct…Floyd is not Jesus. He’s not Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or Medgar Evers, black men who died tragically in service of promoting racial fairness….”— sports journalist Jason Whitlock

The truthful narrative

Think of the unity Americans might actually feel today if, rather than victim hood and divisiveness, MSM, Big Tech, educators and political parties supported independence through practicing the Ten Cannots and honoring our flag and Pledge of Allegiance for the freedoms only America provides.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

America was Founded on Unity with God
Contrary to what some would like to eliminate or change, America was founded on God and God’s principles, not communism, socialism, totalitarianism, Allah, or Buddhism, but is tolerant of these religions and other ideologies. Whether or not people believe in God, or how they may refer to God, in America it’s their free choice. It’s the message, not the messenger.

David McCullough’s book 1776, offers a lively account of America’s life-altering fight for independence and how the hand of God (through adverse weather of too light wind and fog) decided America’s fate. Of note during this current time of heated political and cultural climate are the unprecedented heatwaves throughout America now…

America’s revolutionaries founded the American Republic on the principles that all people are created equal and have fundamental rights such as (but not limited to) liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, due process of law, and freedom of assembly. As written in the Declaration of Independence, the Founders declared our rights come from God, not government.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”Declaration of Independence

For 245 years, America’s FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE have illuminated the world. I thank God for our Founders and the Revolutionary War soldiers whose courage and selflessness helped birth America today, for all the men and women of our military who followed in their footsteps, pledging their lives for freedom, and for all the people today who love this country enough to be messengers in standing up and speaking out to uphold the principles America was founded on and which make it unique.

God Bless America. God Bless Humanity. Today and Always.

Unity in its Purest Sense
I realize that some who do not agree with this or diversity of viewpoints will unfollow me but I could never, ever, be untrue to my values or to my country.

10 Replies to “What is Your Message for America on Her Birthday?”

  1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment, Amy. Yes, this cancel culture must stop before the insanity erases all of humanity. As a journey begins with a thousand steps, I believe preserving America must begin with each voice, no matter how soft or trembling (at first). Sadly, the hateful are silencing some voices out of fear. But, as you know, fear is not the answer. I believe, when each voice bands together we will promote, and become, a chorus of harmony. Continue standing tall in the light which is the truth, Amy. The truth, as you know, will set us free. Love and warm wishes for continued strength — xo 🙂


  2. A well needed post, WG, and I applaud you for posting it. This cancel culture has to stop and rewriting history also has to stop. Respect does work both ways but if both parties are not willing to respect one another with one insisting that their way is right, America as was founded on God principals, will be lost. It also does not matter if others don’t agree with you … you have the right to express yourself in your truth. Bless you for seeing truth. xo

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  3. The more of us that will stand up against the narrative, the more things can change (I hope). I think msm programming is embedded in a lot of gullible people, it seems like they truly are blind, deaf and (figuratively and literally) dumb.

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  4. Oh MisaeMich, how America and the world need more kind souls like you. I so appreciate your taking the time to offer a thoughtful comment, and expressing how our leaders have been a positive influence in your life. It is sad, though, that someone who does not even live in America (like you) appreciates and honors our country more than some of the citizens seeking to destroy it. Truly, your message was heartfelt. And if you ever do visit the US, know you are welcome in my home anytime. Sincerely! 🙂 ♥️

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  5. Thanks Judy. Admittedly, I can’t and won’t pretend to go along with the false narrative. I can only pray others will find the courage to do so as well. Thankfully, you already have it and do! 🙂

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  6. I remember WG you mentioned to me before about removing statues from great leaders who build the US. It is sad indeed even from me who is not a citizen or even visited there. I read Abe’s story and some other US leaders in my childhood and I became their fan. Their stories were part of me and my inspirations. Hopefully it will not push through. 🙏🏼 And wish someday (GOD’s time) if I can visit the US (or some states) I still can see & touch their statues. 😊

    I sometimes can say, there are too much rights nowadays (anywhere) and some abused these rights. This post of yours indeed is impressive, made me think too. 🤓

    My message: GOD bless the USA!! 💕 Happy Independence 🇺🇸

    GOD bless you too WG & TC! ♥️

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  7. I agree, Lisa. At times, seeing what is happening across and throughout America is disheartening and appears evil is taking over. But, like you, I continue to stand for truth and wholesomeness and greatly believe in the power of prayer and envisioning a restoration to sanity, kindness, respect… God was so instrumental in the creation of our nation, I cannot believe He will turn His back on us now. Blessings to you and America! 🙂 Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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  8. Evil appears to be triumphing over good right now. People are believing a false message. I believe we can only stand for what is right, pray for our entire nation and leaders, and trust God’s timing. I honestly believe he has a plan. But prayer does have power, and he has for many years blessed this nation. So, Happy Birthday America! May God Bless you and all who dwell here 🙏❤🤍💙


  9. I come back into WordPress this weekend dear WG, and read your most excellent post…. Today when I heard that statues of those who contributed into building America had been voted to be removed… Hummmm… Seems our world is not only upside down, but inside out too..
    I also watch an excellent video on the meaning of July 4th… And as a citizen of the UK, wasn’t surprised in its education..

    WG, it matters not what others my think.. Each are entitled to their view point.. But it seems in the mad world of ours, Political correctness, and cancel culture has other ideas on the freedoms of speech and the freedom to think independently. As they ram their own ideas with their own labels to give credence to their own views above anyone else..

    As I said to a friend in a comment today, as she spoke about respect.. I said
    “……So the middle ground is a two way thing…
    We can step up to ask respect, and expect to be respected… and visa versa.. … Which is why we are seeing such conflict at the moment.. Because many are stuck within their Ego’s of I am right… You are wrong.. No compromise… So division… Such is the energetics at the moment as we are shifting within our vibrational frequencies of harmonics… We are learning to harmonise, but we do that through being able to see our differences… And within that acceptance we grow and mature……..”

    Sadly WG many do not wish to see another’s point of view or listen to an alternative opinion. The world sometimes has to implode in within itself to be shown the error of its thinking and actions, Only through experience can we learn and grow….

    Like our gardens WG….. We have to nurture, tend, and weed out that which is no longer serving us… We have to dig deep and turn over the earth, add to it nutrients and rotate our crops…
    We are now weeding out that which no longer serves… And those who can see our future garden, knows what seeds is required to make it true and whole..

    So when we see these principles being adhered to as stated here:
    “America’s revolutionaries founded the American Republic on the principles that all people are created equal and have fundamental rights such as (but not limited to) liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, due process of law, and freedom of assembly. As written in the Declaration of Independence, the Founders declared our rights come from God, not government.”,,,

    Then those principles need to be heard and followed not just in the USA, but throughout the world… Gods law, Sovereignty for all Humans..

    Much love my friend… and a great write, from your friend in the UK… ❤

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