Life in Colour Photo Challenge – Blues

I can hardly wait each month for Travel Words to announce her new color for the Life in Colour blogging challenge, and this month it’s blue!

Here’s some varying blues that caught my eye for one reason or another

5 Replies to “Life in Colour Photo Challenge – Blues”

  1. WG, truthfully, I’m not sure where I am lately. Life itself feels so strange and just going for a walk I’ve noticed the clouds are different and seem closer to Earth, (their formations have my mouth dropping in awe!) the Energy itself feels feminine and soft, the Sun’s Energy too softer and more feminine. And as I look, as I live, time is merging together so that only NOW exists. It’s disorientating. Confusing. I’m constantly asking …. where am I exactly? As for living …. we all have to do that when we are ready. We’ve all been through so much and still are. Are you convinced you’re not alone in the “feeling odd” category? LOL

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  2. So glad you loved my very amateur photos but they are smiles in memory and heart. I must be honest and let you know they are all from the archives…so does that mean I am not actually living again? All kidding aside, I’m not sure if I am living or wandering. So much feels so odd right now. 🙂

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  3. Isn’t it something when you have a concrete idea in your head and then you see that wherever you go? With that in mind, imagine how much we are not seeing. LOVED your pictures and I can tell by them that you have decided to live again. I say good for you!! xo

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