Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Highlights: Sounds of Summer

Changing Focus monthly challenge for blogger's interpretation with writing, photos, and/or music

Here’s some responses to the Changing Focus blogging challenge on Sounds of Summer:

Liz on her One Million Photographs blog posted her photo of the “Rushing Water at Romano Falls in Oregon.”

Irene’s sounds are in her post “Hear the Buzzing?” on her blog Heavens Sunshine – Capturing the beauty of God’s creation through the lens of a camera.

And just to add in a sound that synchronicity led me to this summer, it’s from a song created in 2021. I think of it as the sound of freedom and so apropos for this summer month of America’s birthday.

This song chilled me with truth. See how it rings with you.

For a bit more insight into Billy Falcon and his humanitarian message, listen to this interview.

5 Replies to “Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Highlights: Sounds of Summer”

  1. I liked it too and some of his other songs as well. He generously offers downloads on a pay what you can basis, and is on YouTube also. I hope you will share his song(s) with others too. I find them very encouraging in these strange times. 🙂

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  2. I agree Lisa. That is a strength they have not yet been able to take away, try as they might. God will see us through.

    I took a chance posting the song considering how easily so many are quickly offended anymore but I won’t hide my love for America, or concern too. I am glad you loved it; I hope you’ll share the song with others too. 🙂

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