Changing Focus Blogging Challenge: Pathways

Do you find yourself repeatedly drawn to certain subjects when taking photos? Pathways are one of mine.

For a long time, pathways were simply photos that intrigued me.

My curiosity questioned the story behind the pathway…

Pebbled pathway up or down a green mountainside

is it leading to — or going from?

How many times have you viewed a pathway photo when one time it appears you are approaching, yet another time it appears you are departing?

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Pathways of Life

As life experience continues, my pathways extend beyond photos and into living life through exploring philosophy, nature, career choices, hobbies, relationships…

Internally, pathways are channels of thinking…whether overshadowed beliefs from childhood imprints, well-worn values that captain one’s life, or estuaries from sparks of insight.

Roadway straight or right turn

Pathways also mean choices. For years I thought I had to make the perfect choice. That erroneous belief led to paralyzing indecision, or regret when the destination was less than desired.

Winding roads through Scottish Highlands

Learning I could make a new choice at any time freed me from immobilization. Now, I adapt better to the twists and turns of life — the unforeseen bends, ups, downs and bumpiness. As my understanding expands, I can freely alter the course with options.

The destination may be obscure, but the choices I make — to be a faithful mate, productive employee, or a reliable friend, whatever the choice — color the journey. All choices of thought, behavior, and feeling have individual consequences that also affect the greater good in the world.

This month’s Changing Focus blogging challenge is about pathways. What do they mean to you? Is it a turn you’ve taken in life? A special place you visited? A way of thinking that has brought you to greater understanding or peace?

Interpret this challenge however and in whatever format you prefer – photos, narrative, and/or music. Simply add Changing Focus blogging challenge as a tag and provide a link to your response in a comment on this post or via pingback. I would love to see your pathways in any shape or form and where they have taken you.

icy and snowy drive to clearing

Some pathways are icy and cold

or concealed.

Some offer fairy tale afternoons…

pathway leading to Scotland castle

while others lead to dead ends.

closed gate at end of pathway
pathway along water in Italy

Some pathways stroll through serenity

while others are dark and uncertain.

Some are in the flow…

and more beautiful than we can imagine.

Autumn leaf covered pathway
Tuscany vineyard

Some pathways are straight and narrow

yet others offer challenges

brambled beach pathway

that can alter our course.

On some pathways we find a guide

person walking ahead on lush

and on others we must make our own way

rock strewn pathway along mountains and beach

Some are a pass through history

Dwelling on green Culloden Battlefield

while others lead to the unknown

or take us from what no longer serves us.

Paths connect like rivers flowing to the sea.

pathways looking to a house or mountain village

Seeing beyond to gain clarity

up and down road
pathway in park leading toward people

leads to truth…

sunlight path

and the pathway of divine freedom.

One side of a ridge is cold and foggy,

The other is hot and dry,

Just by choosing where you stand,

You alter your destiny.

“If you went to a certain school, you would be educated differently. If you went into a different profession, it would change your outlook. If you lived in one neighborhood or another, you would be a different person. Every choice you make changes you.” — Deng Ming-Dao in 365 Tao Daily Meditations

All images by Write Gardener

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