Are You a Giver or a Taker?

We often hear the praises of generous, charitable humanitarians who are givers, while takers are usually defined as more self-serving than altruistic. BUT, as with any interpretation of life, there is another perspective to contemplate:

Care Givers and Care Takers

“…traditionally, givers and takers, have a polar opposite meaning, yet when connected with the word caretaker and giver, become, synonymous!

So when it comes to caring, giving and taking equals…love.

Whatever you are taking care of, people, animals, land, it is a huge responsibility, and, an honor.”

Michael S. Tyrrell, the Sounds of Healing

“For it is in giving that we receive.”St. Francis of Assisi

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Featured photo: by Evan McDougall on Unsplash
#2: Jim Wilson on Unsplash

8 Replies to “Are You a Giver or a Taker?”

  1. Yes, the lock downs and other restrictions have had a devastating effect on people. The suicide and depression rates are information we can believe. Connecting, hugging, laughing I think are far better at protecting us than what the government and some businesses want to mandate. A healthy immune system is stellar and social connection strengthens it.

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  2. I totally believe all of the lock down and decreased social interaction has had a very negative effect. I’ve had increased work interactions lately and it is so refreshing to talk with people!

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  3. Thanks for offering your thoughtful comment, Lisa. Yes, I have heard that too…that being of service, volunteering, helping others is a balm to the spirit — the receive and the giver. I sometimes wonder if the lack of church participation, and decrease in volunteering activities is in direct correlation to the increase in depression, and use of anti-anxiety, anti-depressants. The ccp/covid restrictions to not gather or make contact don’t help either…

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  4. I have heard that if we are feeling down, depressed, or going through a rough time, that we need to focus on others needs rather than our own. When we reach out and help others, we think less of our own problems. So while we help someone else, or help out in a situation of need, it comes back on us in a positive way to help us heal or push through a hard or sad time. I like your thought above, that it equals love ❤❤

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