Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Highlights: Reflections

I love the various ways different people view things — whether it’s viewpoints or through the camera lens. Here’s a versatile mix of responses to this month’s blogging challenge on Reflections:

One Million Photographs offered shadows and reflections at cloud cap overlook, crater lake

A nice sunset in the salt field with soft light is a colorful painting-like photo from An Bui Photography

Experience Writing combined a written and oral version of her poem “Focus on Reflections

Two versions of the River Avon at Christchurch in Dorset appear fairy-tale like from Brashley Photography

TBL captured an interesting perspective of a sunset through sunglasses

Lisa’s Everyday Life offered a photo reflecting trees and a contemplative quote by Genesis P-Orridge: “Change comes from reflection”

Parallel Worlds is the title of a gallery of reflections from HeavensSunshine

ExperienceWriting shared her interpretation of Reflections in a multimedia response

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their creativity!

Changing Focus Blogging Challenge Details

Check back tomorrow
for the next blogging challenge theme
running September 26-October 30th

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