Life in Colour Photo Challenge – Orange, Terracotta and Variations in Between


has long been assigned to the color orange and Mother Nature sure knows how to use it. Besides its annual Autumn debut, I learned a lot more about this color when responding to Travel Talk’s Life in Colour monthly blogging challenge calling for terracottas, oranges and shades in between.

For instance, the color orange also means

Aged terracotta stone indicating "Joy is the soul of my garden"


as noted in my aged terracotta garden blockā€¦



like the Robin’s delightful song announcing Spring, or Daffodils jumping up to greet the sun after months of grey and cold.

Terracotta colored chest on Robin
Orange Centered Daffodil

Orange is

stimulating, vibrant and flamboyant

as in showy Dahlias and those tantalizing homegrown tomatoes I can hardly wait to taste.

tomatoes of varying shades of orange on the vine

Terracotta Bricks with Dog

Freedom and expression

are also associated with orange. A neighbor’s message encased with terracotta bricks says it all.

Terrecotta colored sky of heavy clouds

Considered a hot color, orange produces the sensation of


That’s exactly how this sky appeared to me yet there was no fire nearby.

Mother Nature is adept at using shades of orange to announce


Leaf Heart in grass
Terracotta Rockledge


get attention.

Thankfully, she chose this color to easily identify Japanese Beetles.

Terracotta Colored Beetle and Lily

If you want to have some fun with colors, look out for Travel Talks announcement on the first Sunday of the month for a new color to explore!

*The feature image is of a fantastic view I savor during an afternoon walk.

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