Life in Colour Photo Challenge – Blacks and Greys

Travel Talk’s Life in Colour blogging challenge is calling for blacks and greys in our environment this month.

At first thought, blacks and greys may sound uninteresting but Mother Nature’s achromatic palette creates intriguing textures, fascinating shapes and glowing silhouettes…

Grey and White Peeling Bark
Grey brown and white cave rocks
Jurassic Fossil
White and grey tree bark
Pink Flowers in White and Grey Rock
Black leaf amidst pine needles
Black sky with moon shining on clouds
Heirloom Grey Pumpkins
Sun lighting snow filled trees amidst blue sky

that are just as alluring as her striking wildlife…

Human fabricated blacks and various greys appear yesteryear, today and in all shades, shapes and forms…

And I can’t forget my black and grey pets that always warm my heart with unbounded love and joy!

Grey/White Border Collie Smiling on His Back
Grey/White Cat on Pavers

Aging Border Collie

All images by Write Gardener

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