Giving through a Day to Years of Infamy

Days of Infamy

Have you noticed that Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th) and Giving Tuesday (November 30th) are exactly one week apart? Consider the extraordinary giving in both of these infamous times — from the 2,403 military and civilian personnel who gave up their lives in the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack in Oahu, Hawaii, to 80 years later when millions of people worldwide broke records by generously giving their time, money or goods on Giving Tuesday.

Offering a simple smile or helping an elderly neighbor can be as impactful to some as donations of food, clothing, money or supplies to others. Heartfelt giving focused on need and at any time of year optimizes the benefits of generosity for both giver and receiver.

The 21st Century’s Decade of Infamy

The events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, worldwide ccp/covid lockdowns, presidential election fraud, and January 6th set-up and arrests blatantly ignore Constitutional rights and radically impede the cherished freedoms that generations of our military fought to protect. Still, I believe (and pray) that Good will prevail over Evil as in prior World Wars.

“September 11 motivated me to do whatever I could to serve and protect my country.”Mark Lalli

I think of the powerful patriotism that united Americans during World War II. How our can do attitude and service made the world a better, safer, kinder place. (We did not need signs to tell people to be kind. Morally, it was a given.) Remember how people came together in caring too in the aftermath of 9/11? Hopefully, these last two years of intolerance and divisiveness are the impetus for growing numbers to unite against the current tyrannical infamy such as the Great Reset or Building Communism Back Better agendas. There are always rays of light…

Lives of Giving and Infamy

Many service personnel proudly continue the military service legacy of their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, not knowing if they will return home alive or permanently wounded. I have the utmost respect for these courageous and generous people who love our country and are willing to serve and protect it rather than the unappreciative ones trying to destroy it by stomping on our laws, rewriting history, and removing statues and traditional values like love of country, faith and family.

soldier hugging dog

Many of my charitable donations center around veterans and dogs because I could never adequately repay either of them for the self-less service they generously and tirelessly give.

Will you show your support and gratitude for the difference they’ve made in our lives by donating via any of these buttons?

Veterans Served for Us, Now We Serve for Them

The mission of K9s For Warriors is ending veteran suicide and returning Warriors to a life of dignity and independence.

K9s For Warriors provides highly-trained Service Dogs to military veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma. With the majority of dogs coming from high-kill rescue shelters, this innovative program allows the K9/Warrior team to build an unwavering bond that facilitates their collective healing and recovery.

K9 Hero Haven is dedicated to serving the military, veterans, and first responders  by providing working dogs a home for retirement.  The K-9s employed with the military and first responders are the best at what they do.

Giving Our K9 Heroes the Homecoming They Deserve

Supporting Our Vets and Their K9 Companions…Helping Two at Once

They are expected to work in the toughest environments and face the harshest conditions.  At any moment, they are expected to selflessly give their life to save ours.

Serving Those Who Have Served

Patriot Paws Service Dogs trains and provides service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“After working with these veterans and visiting the VA Hospital in Dallas, I realized just how many of our disabled veterans are in desperate need of assistance dogs and I knew I had to help…Working with our volunteer puppy raisers and our innovative Prison Training program at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, we are able to train an additional 45 dogs in other locations and place about 35-41 Patriot PAWS Service Dogs with disabled veterans each year…But with over 50 disabled American veterans waiting for a Patriot PAWS Service Dog, there is still much work to be done and we need your help.” — Lori Stevens, Founder and Executive Director of Patriot PAWS Service Dogs

There is no greater sacrifice than that offered by our service personnel.

Valor, Sacrifice and Peace

Valor, Sacrifice and Peace is the theme for this year’s Pearl Harbor Day commemoration yet it is a daily mantra for those choosing to serve.

Disfigured person missing one arm

I was particularly saddened by the disfigured face of this young Marine whose truck was blown up by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. No, let me correct that. His disfigured yet youthful face still haunts me…

Anthony Villarreal‘s continued commitment to country and appreciation for the support and care he’s received after his tremendous sacrifice for peace astounds me.

“You can only imagine a warrior’s disappointment to come home after sacrificing so much for their country, for people worldwide, and feel like they aren’t supported. I’m here to tell you, there are people who care. I joined the military because I wanted to give back. What amazes me is how many have given back to me – their time, emotions, and wisdom – all because they want to show thanks for my service and sacrifice. We’re all in this together. It makes me want to help my country even more.” – Anthony Villarreal

person wrapped in American flag

Our service personnel freely give for us… it’s time we give them their freedom

“I didn’t serve, but I wanted a way to recognize the sacrifices of the veterans who did. I feel like I get more from my interactions with them than they benefit from my time. I’ve built relationships with veterans, and I look forward to seeing them when they need me. It’s rewarding, and I can tell it’s a meaningful contribution I can make. The DAV Transportation Network gives me a tangible connection to the veteran community.” —Patty Davis, DAV transportation coordinator, Zablocki VA Medical Center, Milwaukee

Years of Generous Giving Turned Scant

Americans have long been considered very generous and quick to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever needed. This notable friendly collective spirit use to easily reach across differences to find common ground. Common ground. I’ve been wondering if any remains when we can no longer rationally discuss politics, vaccines, education, religion or sex which are interwoven in today’s climate. Oh yes, climate change too is another no-no politicized topic.

So, what can we agree on? Can we agree that we are all Americans? That we are weary of the divisiveness, of fighting for basic inalienable rights? Can we agree that we are all humans needing food, water, shelter, safety and love? That we crave peace? Can we be generously tolerant of each other…and live and let live? Once again?

Government Infamy and God’s Rule

I often say I love America yet it is not my government I love but the attitude that birthed our nation. The nation that was created as one, under God with liberty and justice for all — not just the tyrannical few in power who want to control our independence and freedom, the inalienable rights given by God, not the state.

American flag flying over water

Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th

Information on live streaming for this year’s Pearl Harbor Remembrance ceremonies will be available at:   

To update President Roosevelt’s words of four score ago:

I can only hope, and continue to pray, that with the unbounding power of God and determination of the good-willed people, we will gain inevitable triumph and return to a sane and caring society.

Image credits in order of appearance:

Featured image: Pexels
#2: CCO Public Domain
#3: Wounded Warrior Project
#4: Zack Marshall on Unsplash
#5: CCO Public Domain

11 Replies to “Giving through a Day to Years of Infamy”

  1. Your optimism, insights and encouragement are always welcomed, Sue! Although patience has never been my greatest gift I do believe that all is unfolding exactly as it is meant to be (and not necessarily on my timetable). Hopefully, we will live to see the unfolding of the truth and the deprogramming before exiting this time. There is definitely strength in faith and uniting with those such as yourself. So glad you have returned to WP! ❤


  2. Nature has her own way of evolving and its not always in the direction man has within his own elite plans.

    Programs can be unprogrammed.. And I am hopeful that once Truth is truly revealed we will see a restructuring of our education systems and how those programmes have been indoctrinated and infiltrated.. And how our true history is nothing like what is in history books..

    I have every faith the Source of All creation has everything divinely timed… I am ever the optimist… Know Good will now prevail as we enter this particular cycle of our Earths own evolution..
    Hold faith… Keep Strong.. ❤


  3. Sue, I so appreciate your thoughtful commentary. And am happy for your return to the blogging world! So much of what you share is true…so much we can learn from the animal kingdom about being non-judgemental yet they also have their own pecking order, traits of dominance. and even cruel acts for survival (the horrific scene of a lion taking down a zebra comes to mind). Still, in some odd way I think it is the balance of life and nature.

    Apologies…sometimes I forget how big the blogging world is…and in retrospect should have asked if we can “all agree we are humans?” However, your pinpoint understanding has broadened mine…while I realize this is a spiritual war between Good and Evil…I hadn’t contemplated more deeply exactly what that Evil entails…beyond the elites who want complete power and control…I hadn’t considered that by making us transhuman that would be the complete enslavement. You have further opened my eyes, Sue, and as horrific as the information is, I so appreciate your sharing. I will take this a step further and presuppose that indeed, love is the answer and the only answer…particularly since machines can not love. We are already experiencing this horrific reality as doctors and hospitals are allowing people to die rather than give them Ivermectin. It clearly indicates how the heart and compassionate decision making are being eliminated. I can only pray that enough of the masses will awaken to this reality and stop it by loving more but, admittedly, wonder if this is even possible when toddlers (and how many generations now) are already addicted to and programmed by devices…

    Thank you for sending love and light. I return a heart full of it to you as well. ❤ ❤ ❤❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Such a powerful post WG… One that stirs the heartstrings in so many ways.. As we see the sacrifice others have given.. Veterans who have given their all in their giving of their lives and those have been so traumatised and disabled in so many ways…

    We see also the loyalty of those in our animal kingdom who also give selflessly to serve.. Who live in their now, who do not judge or hold grudges who do not care if you are disabled or not.. They give of themselves unconditionally..

    Mankind has a lot of catching up to do to be on par with those loving creatures who give their love unconditionally..
    We humans always have conditions attached… Expectations attached, Rewards are often attached as our Ego’s rise to feel our own importance or our own superior levels of dominance over others… As many make rules for their benefits..

    Your words here caught my attention WG..
    “So, what can we agree on? Can we agree that we are all Americans? That we are weary of the divisiveness, of fighting for basic inalienable rights? Can we agree that we are all humans needing food, water, shelter, safety and love? That we crave peace? Can we be generously tolerant of each other…and live and let live? Once again? “…
    pushed left right and centre, that pits humans against humans…

    What people should also know, is that right now we are in a worse war than back when those atrocities were committed in Pear Harbour… We are as a world right now in the battle of our Rights to be Human… Some may not as yet understand this.. But in the not too distant future they will…
    As we shall shortly see the structure of these divisive controlling systems be taken down. as the truth of our reality is exposed…

    May we all be given the grace to to share our hearts and learn to unite in love, compassion and respect.. Instead of those dates in WW2 which many cannot see the parallels of how neighbour was pitted against neighbour because of the fear instilled by another system of control that crept in to segregate people and put them in boxes on a train..

    Love and light dear WG…. always a pleasure to read you and happy to reconnect here again..
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. What a post, WG! Living with a disabled Vet I know how valuable an animal becomes for I have seen with my own eyes how our cats have helped my husband understand what love is and in those moments, he forgets his fears. Your collection of charities I was very impressed with. Thank you for posting them. I like you know know know that somehow we the world shall be united and this evil regime will fall. Has fallen. Victory shall be sweet for those of us who have stood tall and strong unwilling to compromise our freedom and integrity. God bless you for shining this long. I believe The End is almost here. (((HUGS)))!! xo

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  6. Yes, America is to be (was) the “leader” of the free world but now we are so weak China and Russia stand licking their chops…
    🙏 There are no coincidences. I am certain we were to meet and stand united, dear friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You’re welcome, my friend. America is supposed to be the leader of the free world, I’m saddened at the extreme changes, reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. United we stand divided we fall. We will Hold the Line until the end. God bless you, WG 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you for taking time to comment, Judy. It is so appreciated and especially during these divisive times, to know there are others who still believe in (and want to continue) the America we’ve known as founded. The evil agenda being pushed through, I do believe is paving the wave for Communism…but I also believe that you, I, and others who are awake will stand to the very end for love of God and country. 🙂

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  9. A worthy cause, service dogs to help service men. Dogs are four-legged angels they help to heal on many levels.

    I love and agree with this 100% “The nation that was created as one, under God with liberty and justice for all — not just the tyrannical few in power who want to control our independence and freedom, the inalienable rights given by God, not the state.”

    They are trying to ignore the laws and usurp our connection to God, delete our conscience and reasoning, erase our ability to discern and practice dissent. Totalitarian tactics

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