Yellow Brick Road of Light

The Other Good News in December

Sunlight arising among dark clouds and mountains

December may contain the darkest night of the year…and these last two years certainly seem like the darkest in the world during my life but…

…ever since I was a wee child, I was soothed when facing tough times with “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

And so life is. So life goes. Night. Day. Dark and light. Again, I am reminded by some truth seekers and truth tellers — light workers filled with love, that we as a humanity are on the brink of something so bright it may feel like the expanding light of the summer solstice instead.

A Not So Blind Faith

Beacon of light

I cherish inspirational thinkers like Alan Cohen and his succoring, down to earth story telling style. I recently received a wonderful message from him. So wonderful, I want to share it with you…and bolster the power of Light against the Evils overshadowing the world. Here’s some tidings from his recent message on the dynamism of positive intention and faith:

His first story featured Dr. Robert Muller, the former Assistant to the Secretary General of the UN. When Muller received his draft notice for the Nazi army he bought some champagne and invited friends to instead celebrate his “getting out of going into the army.” After all, he was a compassionate pacifist. He had absolutely no idea how he would get the necessary paperwork to avoid the draft but had faith it would happen. Miraculous synchronicity pulled through.

My personal experience occurred decades ago. When newlywed and in debt with a new house and vehicles, we transformed the devastating news of my husband’s job loss by sharing a fabulous meal at the most expensive restaurant in town. Ever since then, downfalls are countered with a rather extravagant (and uplifting) meal. I’m not saying we go wild beyond our means or process events in denial per se; we simply don’t allow ourselves to succumb to doom, and skip to celebrating instead.

“At your lowest point, prepare for your greatest good.~ Metaphysical Minister Reverend Ike

That reminds me of other encouragement I’ve received along the way, “When you are down, there is no where to go but UP!”

While fear and uncertainty dominate our times, Cohen reminds us, that just as Dr. Muller did, we can “generate the brightest future by celebrating it even before we see it manifested.”

Sometimes I simply say thank you in advance of an outcome. This has proved successful for everything from surgeries to stalled negotiations.

What You See is What You Get

In a way, I am not surprised at the state of our world. After all, Hollywood’s been projecting violence, cruelty and profanity for decades. Big Tech’s programming and “anti-social” media contribute and strengthen the darkness too. In the Law of Attraction, like invites like. It’s no wonder we are now experiencing worldwide insanity with power overruling compassion, cancel culture vs tolerance, and masses on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds, ramped up immorality, widespread drug use and lawlessness.

But, there is always the other side of the coin (or as I prefer, the Tao’s Taijitu).

“Determine resolutely to expect only what you desire, then you will attract only what you wish for.” ~ Ralph Trine

Acting as If

If humankind wants to feel better, we need to think and act better for humankind. Instead of falling prey to the dark narrative, consciously shift focus to feeling happy, content. Doing so attracts more of the same energy and expands like those ripples in the pond. But, each of us needs to do our part. Cohen offers these questions to help achieve that state:

“If you knew that you would be well taken care of, and the new year would be prosperous and healthy for you and your loved ones, how would you be preparing for 2022?

“How would a person of deep faith proceed?

“What kind of energy would you exude and pass along to fearful people if you knew that a happy outcome to all things is sure?”

Supercharge envisioning these possibilities with feeling the feeling — is it exhilaration? Relief? Joy? A beaming smile…? Then act as if you already feel that way — even before it’s happened.

Hope Through Higher Visions

The second story Cohen relayed was a Star Wars movie scene where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker use hypnotic suggestion to infiltrate the Empire’s command post. When they approach the guards at the gate, Obi-Wan waves his hand and says, “We’re not the ones you’re looking for.” The guard turns to the other guard and says, “They’re not the ones we’re looking for,” and allows the two in. Cohen explains that Obi-Wan’s intention for success was stronger than the guard’s intention to resist them, so his higher vision prevailed.

When the light and the dark meet, light always prevails. ~Alan Cohen

Transcending Darkness

In his last illustration of the power of positive intention, Cohen reiterates a scenario around automobile maverick Preston Tucker. After introducing revolutionary car safety ideas in 1948 (which became standards years later) intimidated competitors filed charges to bring Tucker before a senate committee. However, Tucker didn’t sweat it out during the committee proceedings. Instead he focused on his passions and calmly doodled a revolutionary new refrigerator!

As Cohen sees it, Robert Muller, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Preston Tucker refused to be daunted by apparently adverse circumstances. Instead, they fixated on an outcome that far transcended the predicament they seemed to be in. As a result, they generated the outcome of their choice.

Imagine that life is working in your favor even when it appears to be working against you. ~ Alan Cohen

The Road of Love Leads to Light

To some, all of this sounds too simple, like hocus pokus magic. But I say, be open minded. To gain the clearest answer simply consider how you feel — when filled with fear — or filled with hope and love. Each of has the power to pick and choose what occupies our minds and hearts.

Consider the effects of this worldwide darkened journey of ccp/covid lockdowns. Suicides, break-ups and losses are numerous. More people are isolated and tethered to technology (and MSM’s propaganda) working from home. Perhaps some sleep so soundly they do not realize that by subscribing to the hurtful narrative they are also blindly solidifying that same hate and divisiveness. How many more people are now valuing quality time and appreciation for loved ones and each other?

Those of us who remain are weary of the incessant dark energy, but continue striving toward the truth filled-light. Some truth seekers and truth tellers are signaling the light is brightening. And soon.

Red slippered feet on yellow road lines

As a child, Dorothy’s challenging journey to the world of Oz perplexed me. Why did she have to endure hardships only to discover the answer was simple and she had it all the time? We, as humanity, have also had the answer all the time. As became crystal clear to me this morning, our yellow brick road of light IS simply loving each other…

The Pre-Party

Cohen suggests that “those who prepare for greater things can offset much of the dark energy and tilt the balance of destiny. Even if things don’t turn out exactly as you expect, one thing is for sure: When you prepare for the best, you dramatically increase the likelihood of the best coming about. Sometimes having the party before the victory paves the way for the victory.”

Are you ready to celebrate? I sure as Heaven am! Let’s illuminate the way to glory with Love. It is the only answer.

Image credits in order of appearance:
Featured image: Akshay Nanavati on Unsplash
#2: John Jennings on Unsplash
#3: Pablo Orcaray on Unsplash
#4: Pixabay
#5: Nick Fewings on Unsplash

8 Replies to “Yellow Brick Road of Light”

  1. Last ditched efforts of confusion and control… Hold the line… all is soon to be revealed.. ❤ Presumably it will be a large jolt but will it be enough to wake the sleeping? I’ll hold the vision — perhaps a worldwide alarm clock! 🙂


  2. Now, if we could only get MSM and governments to stop the fear mongering…or if the asleep would stop listening to them but it seems they have ramped up their efforts here…especially with info on the jab. Sending hugs across the miles —

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Exactly.. love is far more powerful all we have to do is let go of the fear .. The light is here and is going to forge a new way of being, once the wizards are exposed for the pathetic puppets they have become.. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your deep insights always amaze me, Sue. The craziness of the world today reminds me of the bizarre events on Dorothy’s journey where so much didn’t make sense either. How creatively the Wizard of Oz offered life lessons that so many ignored. And now it appears we are living the contemporary version with those who allow their devices to think for them, the cruel elitists without compassion who abuse power to control, and those who have no courage to speak out. But, just as there was an Evil Witch and a Good Witch (I always loved Glenda) I am assured by the truth seekers and tellers who think for themselves and are unafraid to speak out. Love is lighter but stronger. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ Much love to you!


  5. So kind of you to take the time and offer such a thoughtful response, Lisa. Truly it is appreciated. I am also saddened by those who have nothing to believe in and reject the concept of God (in whatever form they choose). I could not imagine living without having faith either as I think I would feel so absolutely alone and probably depressed. (How can one have hope without any faith? I often wonder if so much of the depression and darkness is a product of the God-less.) Thankfully, from my youngest age I’ve believed in a loving and protective God and that “With God all things are possible.” Love and light filled wishes to you! ❤🤗

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  6. Excellent!
    The Law of Attraction is exactly what is occurring, has occurred and will continue to occur// What we Think is what we create..
    And you are so right in that Hollywood has done a very good job for the most part in generating fear, violence etc as the norm..
    If one looks deeper at the Wizard of Oz… He turned out not to be so big and fearful and it took little dog Toto to discover his tricks… Toto was not fearful, didn’t lack courage, and was all heart in his unconditional Love..
    When one looks deeper into the meaning behind the Yellow Brick Road we can see so, so much more hidden meaning behind the story..

    I can give you another saying .. Every Cloud has a silver Lining…. Gold roads and silver clouds .. 🙂
    Remember too Dorothy was able to defeat the witches and she remembered right at the end that the way to find her way home was always held in her own power as she clicked her heals… Saying there’s No place Like Home…

    Home is where the heart is… Love will always overcome .. And the Laws of attraction/Karma will always eventually catch up and expose the dark energy..

    The Future holds promise when we believe…. And that is what the story was about… The Lion, was searching for courage to stand up for himself.. The Scarecrow needed a brain to think for himself to and the Tinman needed a heart he longed for…
    The Heart is where our Home is.. The heart is looking inward towards our self.. That is also where we find our true gold… Our connection to source… When we have the Courage to go within look at ourselves, and use our own brains, not be told what and how to think.. and when we each connect back within our hearts in love and Unity.. We then find that No Evil Wizard or Dark Energies can ever defeat our Light…

    Now that dear WG is a Happen Ending for Humanity… Now all we need do is THINK it into being and the Law of attraction will do the rest..
    The choice has always been ours…. But we got Lost, Like Dorothy… Along our road…. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  7. I do agree with you on a lot of this. I believe in heaven and hell, so I believe there is something better waiting for me on the other side (heaven of course 😊). My faith in God helps me de-stress a bit. I try and look on the positive side of things. And quite frankly, my life has been good regardless of the insanity around me. My stresses come from what might be (so I need to up my faith level), and my sadness for all of those who suffer, worry, feel lost and sad, and can not call upon their faith to help get them through. We do need to focus on our attitude, and trust that we will get through what is ahead. I believe it is those who have nothing else to believe in at all, who really suffer. To believe that this is all there is 😢 That we have to look out for ourselves because no one else will.
    Rather, I prefer to trust God, and love others the best I can.
    I love your final sentence above!! ❤🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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